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Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.

1. JEWELS OF FEANOR "Choose a fair more!" - you hear from the corners of the world. (the Silmaril stones)
2. HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN: Pinnacle organ on the far side is a cause for quarrel. (the Arkenstone)
3. BRIDGE OF STONEBOWS: Sits across two drinks, skips two starts, and skipped on the greatest start. (a stone bridge)
4. TROLLS: They party at night, like in most Rolls-Royce incidents. (frozen in the sunlight)
5. SARN ATHRAD: Ford ran threads, but note difference when they tangled. (stony ford)
6. THREE FARTHING STONE: Measure money or weight, but do so thrice! (well... it's a stone)
7. ORTHANC: Tower alternatively compares to the sea, it seems. (both a stone and a rock!)
8. N A king in reverse is an element mixed with itself. (Ellessar, the Elfstone)
9. ERECH: There you may hear a confused cheer. (Stone of Erech, brought by Isildur)
10. THORIN: By the sound of it, dying's son. (also known as Stonehelm)
11. HORNROCK: Not a car sound, nor the music, but the site of a stronghold. (a big outcropping of stone)
12. GIANTS: Step up! The gutsy insects grew enormous! (Stone giants of the Misty Mountains)
13. PALANTIR: Sphere in the middle of a messed up plan and a broken off tiara. (seeing stone)
14. G Note riders exchange directions with reluctant riders.
15. SECOND GATE OF GONDOLIN: Comes after the initial entrance into the city. (Gate of Stone)

Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
Well for my part, I'm still feeling dull and worn, actually not to dissimilar to butter scraped over too much Bilbo. I don't think it's so much difficult clues as difficult time.
I cannot relate more. I've been feeling more and more like Frodo on the final trek to the mountain, or perhaps like too little nutrition scaped over too mucb sleep deprivation. Hence no updates on the Mirth threads from me (but soon... maybe). The 5 minutes of Downs a day has been keeping me sane.

So... based purely on the elaborated clue, Thor + In = THORIN for #10. I admit I'd forgotten Stonehelm even existed, but even so I'd rhyme Dain with Pain, so it was a bit far off from dying in my accent. (I see it does have an accent on the A, so you're probably quite right, but I never flagged that.)
Ah, that explains it. I thought Dying=Dain would be the easiest one to get, and then you just look up who his son is. I pronounce all the -ain Dwarf names that way, Dain, Nain, Thrain... Do you say them all like Pain?

Originally Posted by Hui
It's got to be Elessar the Elfstone, right? As you say, he is the King of the title... he's got a few names ending in N, including the obvious, but none leap out as including "an element mixed with itself". I'll guess DUNADAN, which can be parsed as U[ranium] + AND + AND: 'mixed with itself' could just about mean 'and, with another and'.
Yes, and no. It is an obvious name, so don't go looking for obscurities. And you want an element moxed with the same element for the cryptic part.

Originally Posted by Hui
Eorlingas/Rohirrim/Eotheod, possibly. The G would be the note, giving Georlingas/Grohirrim/Geotheod, which at least parse as English words (Gnorthmen doesn't). Then change one or more direction letters to reach... either dwarves or hobbits.

I mean, hobbits don't have much of a stone connection, so dwarves? There doesn't seem to be a group name starting with G for dwarves, but either Gundabad or Gabilgathol (Belegost) could work. But I can't get there from the first half, so I remain stumped.
You are right it is Dwarves. And in this name, particularly connected to stone, even more so than in general concept.

Work with Rohirrim. See if there is a very similar-sounding name for Dwarves, starting with G.
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