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Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Galadriel55 is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
And now I realize that I was misspelling Gonnhirrim, I thought there was only one N. Oops.


1. JEWELS OF FEANOR "Choose a fair more!" - you hear from the corners of the world. (the Silmaril stones)
2. HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN: Pinnacle organ on the far side is a cause for quarrel. (the Arkenstone)
3. BRIDGE OF STONEBOWS: Sits across two drinks, skips two starts, and skipped on the greatest start. (a stone bridge)
4. TROLLS: They party at night, like in most Rolls-Royce incidents. (frozen in the sunlight)
5. SARN ATHRAD: Ford ran threads, but note difference when they tangled. (stony ford)
6. THREE FARTHING STONE: Measure money or weight, but do so thrice! (well... it's a stone)
7. ORTHANC: Tower alternatively compares to the sea, it seems. (both a stone and a rock!)
8. N A king in reverse is an element mixed with itself. (Ellessar, the Elfstone)
9. ERECH: There you may hear a confused cheer. (Stone of Erech, brought by Isildur)
10. THORIN: By the sound of it, dying's son. (also known as Stonehelm)
11. HORNROCK: Not a car sound, nor the music, but the site of a stronghold. (a big outcropping of stone)
12. GIANTS: Step up! The gutsy insects grew enormous! (Stone giants of the Misty Mountains)
13. PALANTIR: Sphere in the middle of a messed up plan and a broken off tiara. (seeing stone)
14. GONNHIRRIM: Note riders exchange directions with reluctant riders. (the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone)
15. SECOND GATE OF GONDOLIN: Comes after the initial entrance into the city. (Gate of Stone)

Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
I don't get how Thorin sounds like dying. To me it only sounds like defrosting! (Thawing).
Thorin III Stonehelm's father is Dain. Thorin is "dying's son".

Tbh, my pronounciation of the 'Ains is not so much from the accents as from the Russian translation, where the vowels are more explicit. So it's by coincidence of exposure too I suppose that I pronounce it as "dying".

Last clue to go. And you already know the identity of the subject.

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