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1. Food storage source, albeit deep? So long!
INN: Palindromic dwarf? Different nasal and a shuffle produces a place of mirth.
RISING: Wax lyrical, grain! One hopes it’s happening to bread.
SHINY: Glistening part of a leg – wherefore, we hear?
5. Song comes between article and element for him.
LORIEN: A well-governed Dashwood is nonetheless in turmoil here.
7. Press this substance.
NOSE: Organ of negative direction.
9. Pluralise a palindrome that sounds like another. They’ll stare you in the face.
SUN: Oswald Alving craved it. The last thing he ever craved.

The theme isn't the sun or moon or anything particularly shiny, I'm afraid.

My advice: ignore 'shiny' and 'nose' for now, and look carefully at the letters you have guessed so far.
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