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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
No. But the silliness is of the right kind to get you there. Different fen, and different, erm, bones.
See now you've got me thinking of Finrod's honour-guard at Serech.

For these it was, the chosen men
of Beor's house, who in the fen
of reedy Serech stood at bay
about King Inglor in the day
of his defeat, and with their swords
thus saved of all the Elven-lords
the fairest; and his love they earned.

The Lay implies that Barahir's outlaws were the last survivors of Serech, which makes it a brutal winnowing indeed.

... oh heck, Huor died at Serech during the Nirnaeth, along with 'all the valiant Men of Hador'. That's two of the Houses of the Edain practically wiped out in the same sodden marsh. o.O And apparently Celegorm destroyed a massive orc-host there, too... place must have been hecka haunted.

Oh, there's the Dead Marshes, too; but I think you said I'd already found the right fen.

(Why does Tolkien like covering marshes in bodies so much?)

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