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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
The Shadow is passing. The ice is melting. The flowers are budding. The Eagles are coming. The Eagles are coming? The Eagles are coming??? And who am I kidding about ice melting, it's still -15 and just the other day I almost got stuck in a snowbank.

But I am sufficiently recovered from the experience that was The Last Two Months to again pick up the 2-bars-a-day tradition. Plus, having online lectures is a blast, and I was totally paying my utmost attention in all of them, of course. So I think it's high time for an update, it's certainly been long enough. I am back to bouncing along with Quarrel - and as always, any comments on speed, mood, or whatever are very welcome. I expect I'd be able to do a recording of Minions at some point in the next week, but that requires more dedicated time than computer music typing and is still a step in the future.
Aaaaaaaaaa it's back! I can't remember where the Quarrel was up to before, but this is just amazingly bouncy fun throughout. I'm still fiddling with the precise wording of the 'do you wanna fight me?' sequence, but I think it actually sounds better sung than written down, so I'm not worried.

I think I had the video for this one set up (it starts with Nargothrond becoming Dark Nargothrond); I'll go chase it down tonight and make sure.

aaaaaaaaaaaa ^_^

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