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Letting the dead lie for a moment, and going on to #9: could this be ERYN LASGALEN (or 'Wood of Green Leaves')? It's the new name of the Greenwood after it was restored ('resurrected') from being Mirkwood.

#1: 'cano' is a Quenya/Telerin word ('commander' or 'herald') but I don't think that's very useful. I suppose it could always be CANON...

#4: purely based on the possible straight clue ('tower over the valley'), this could be CIRITH UNGOL. 'Cirith' is pretty close to 'cirth', which brings in the reading connection.

It's taken me embarassingly long to realise that the Downs puts serifs on 'I', and so clue #7 ends with a lowercase L instead. The structure of the clue suggests it could be LIKE (or LUST, if you're feeling slashy), but more literally, what you need in the dark land is LIGHT.

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