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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
I totally missed this post, as I've cross-posted my reply to Pervinca! The Valiant Men of Hador are the correct answer, but by a different term, found in the same paragraph. The reason for that is two-fold: for the letter, and for the somewhat frivolous reason it belongs in the theme.
They're the REMNANT OF HITHLUM in that same passage, which I think is a direct synonym of 'remainder of the northmen'. Other than that, they're 'a heap', which seems a bit blunt.

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Good thought, but you're looking for a different green land and resurrection.
Well, I mean, technically...

Originally Posted by Silm
They buried the body of Felagund upon the hill-top of his own isle, and it was clean again; and the green grave of Finrod Finarfin's son, fairest of all the princes of the Elves, remained inviolate, until the land was changed and broken, and foundered under destroying seas. But Finrod walks with Finarfin his father beneath the trees in Eldamar.
But that sparks a further thought, which points me down to TOL GALEN, the Green Isle of the Land of the Dead-that-Live.

(The Lay must be the most resurrection-y story in all of Tolkien...)

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