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Just thought I'd add a quick comment to this discussion, as I'm skipping merrily through the Barrow-Downs! In my mind, I see wisdom and intelligence as being two different things. To me, intelligence is the "smarts" that you are born with, which refers to the ability to thinking logically, mathematically, etc. Wisdom, on the other hand, refers more to that which is gained by experience, and ones ability to relate and respond to the world around him or her. You can be really intelligent, and "on paper" know how to do math equations, etc, but not be really wise when it comes to the affairs of life. Likewise, one may not have "school-smarts", but may be a very wise person. So in a sense, there is a greater opportunity for older people having more wisdom, having had more experiences, and yet, there are many young people who have much wisdom as well. How does one become wise? A final thought from the Old Testament Scriptures of the Bible - "He who walks with the wise will become wise." If you hang around wise people, you will grow in wisdom as well!

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