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northernlight has just left Hobbiton.

hey zippo i know how you feel...even though i don't have to live w/a 'cheerleader,' as i call them, our school hallways are teeming with them!!! aaaah!!! and they do think they know everything...well they do if its about clothes and guys lol but they don't seem to know anything useful! <P>when school reconvened after winter break i told this one girl who asked what i did that i went to see lord of the rings...and all she could say was 'oh that really long weird movie...oh wait isn't elijah wood in it?...he's soooo cute!' so then i asked if she had heard of the books and that they were by tolkien and she said 'tol-who?? are those new books, like harry potter?' i gave up at that point...i didn't even want to hear what she did over break...probably went and got some thousand dollar manicure or something
ash on my tomatoes!
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