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I would like to commend the posters on this thread who, by and large, have toned things down nicely. Again, merely because you don't agree with a position taken does not justify posting anything derogatory about another member.

Hobbitmom, I think that it is safe to say that almost no one here agrees with the "controversial" theory which drew so much attention to this thread. Also, the personal attacks, express or implied, which took place here are looked upon poorly, both by the admins as well as the general membership. Thus the locking down of this thread on friday. But deleting a thread because we don't agree....? We walk a fine line here, though few threads ever come close to crossing it. I am of the "I disagree with what you say but will defend your right to say it..." school. We delete posts/threads which clearly cross the line only. References or links to pornography are deleted. Posts made solely for the purpose of offending or insulting members may be deleted. Otherwise, we prefer to caution members, either publicly, as here, or privately via e-mail to fly straight (no pun intended). The banning of members, whether temporarily or permanently, also is done only after warnings except in the most extreme circumstances. If this thread is not to your taste, and many here would agree with you I think, we apologize.
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