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Marileangorifurnimaluim has just left Hobbiton.

Mr. Underhill - Oh, that's good to hear. I hadn't seen her post, so I assumed when she said she was leaving, she actually did. Retreated to the movie forum, did she?

True, I've seen a few other non-Tolkien forums recently, and Barrow-Downs is head and shoulders above them, there's a definite lack of sphincter control out there.

Obloquoy - Point taken on the adventures vs. quiet Shire life. But the same closeness did not occur between say, Frodo and Pippin, though they shared many of the same mishaps. The friendship between Frodo and Sam was rather formal though, Master-Employee, before their adventures. While Sam respected and cared a great deal for 'Mr. Frodo,' I'm afraid early Frodo was more boss than friend. Class difference. It seems Sam is the one responsible for the change, by showing he was more than he seemed, time and time again.

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