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Let me repeat myself: we are no longer on the "gay" subject. Eve's long gone from this thread and you have no one left to discuss it with, unless you should find her posting elsewhere. Please read the more recent posts.

We are now on a different tangent as to the cause of the depth of the friendship of Frodo and Sam, is it simply circumstancial or is it based on the personalities of the two? This was brought up by the very subject you mention, the fact Eve stretched the definition of gay to include any kind of close non-physical (same sex) relationships. I brought it around to say that, while there's no evidence of sensuality, her point that they were close is true, and predated the trip into Mordor. I say the depth of it was far beyond even that war buddies.

Was it due to the nature of the sacrifice both were making, so brought about circumstances? Or was it their remarkable personalities, and how they got on? And if one or the other, how so? Obloquoy pointed out that Sam and Frodo were fast friends long before they 'hit the trail' but they were not, there was all evidence that while Sam knew Frodo well, Frodo did not know Sam very well at all. Ignore the title, this is no longer about gay anything.
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