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Okay, I haven't read all the posts on this thread because its like 2-3 pages long, but I was just wondering if anyone has read Anne Rice's The Vampier Chronicles, with the books Interview With A Vampier, and The Vampier Lestat(wich i'm in the middle of at the momment). If you haven't, then you should! Going back to what Eve posted in the very begining of this thread, im mentioning Anne Rice's books becase the characters in them also have male-bonding relationships(except Louie in Interview With a Vampier who falls in love with a very young vampier named Claudia), but in The Vampier Lestat, you see a great love between Lestat and the vampier that created him. And in Interview With a Vampier(wich Lestat is also in) Lestat has a kindof weakness for Louie, who Lestat created himself.
Sorry about getting off the whole LOTR and Tolkien subject thing, but I just had to bring this up when I started reading this thread.
Also I wold just like to say that as I was getting to the end of JRR Tolkiens trilogy, that whole gay, male-bonding, friendship thing went through my head aswell.
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