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Sting Can the 'power' or 'being' of Elves increase over the years?

In the course of the "Galadriel aided by Nenya... as powerful as Melian?" thread the above question came up. I have always assumed that Elves like humans can grow not just in wisdom, but also in 'power' or 'being'. And by that I mean, greater psycho-phsical unity and strength due to accumulation of energy, skill [but not just skill alone], and knowledge [actually not an essential ingredient I would say, but certainly useful for making use of 'power']

I posted the following from the above mentioned thread:

Adanedhel - as regards Elves growing in power, it is something of an assumption on my part, I agree, but I surmise that since Elves and Men are two branches of One race, and as Men can certainly can grow in power and being over time, and I do not just mean maturing into what is naturally their's [in our world at least] I assume the Eldar can also, if the elves 'fea' consumes their bodies over the ages [the fading of the Elves] then is not their fea growing? or is it just 'eating'their bodies ?

A good question for which I as yet hasve not seen JRRT's answer.

And I agree we can not assume that because Galadriel 'studied ' with Melian she was needs be bore powerful than say Glorfindel. Although it is [within M-E at least]an exceptional occurance.

My attribution of her growing in power was due to the earlier argument about Elf/Human nature in general, not reliant upon training.

Also it would help to clarify the differnce [ or my understanding] between skill and power, clearly Galadriel's skill increased over the ages, one is hard pressed to imagine her abilities with Osanwe coming full blore upon her at birth. But is it necessarily tied to an increase of power?

In the case of those living in Lorien during the time of the usage of the ring to hold back time, this seems to have had an extremely rejuvenating effect, so that being the case could/would that not increase one's 'power' over the years?

It is such an intriguing question I will start a new topic on it.

Hopefully others will have comeacross something I have forgotten or overlooked.
The dwindling Men of the West would often sit up late into the night exchanging lore & wisdom such as they still possessed that they should not fall back into the mean estate of those who never knew or indeed rebelled against the Light.
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