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Hilde Bracegirdle
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A low murmur ran through the crowd gathered beyond the circle of elders, the various members the eagle clan commenting to one another, weighing Ráma’s stance. So impassioned and sincere was her speech, but many argued that the meeting was laden with conjecture and an overwhelming pessimism. It was high time that they returned to their quiet existence after the upheaval of the past week. It was not the proper time to stir up a hornet’s nest. Let the new leaders find their feet, before considering whether to rally their people to fight.

“I’ve not seen Wyrma forcing me to change my life,” a man shouted from the depths of the crowd. “It sounds more like Narika and Thorn are the one’s who would have us change,” another chimed in. A ripple of laughter erupted, dying down almost as quickly as it had begun.

The elders, who had remained quiet throughout, glanced toward Thorn and Narika to see how they might answer the accusation leveled at them. Thorn looked long at Ráma before standing up once more. He turned to address the crowd behind him as well as those in front. “Ayer’s daughter is right. And you are also right, Amalik,” he said addressing the ill kept man who had spoken his mind so freely. “We are asking you to change. But we have not come to this choice easily. Gone are the days when maenwaith leaders could bring before the Great Wyrm grave matters without fear of endangering their kin, or we might have taken our concerns along that old established route. But more importantly, gone also are the days when we could sit back and let the world look to it’s own troubles. Our Wyrm has stolen both these things from us, just as she has taken our leader. Trouble is perched now outside our camp, watching for a time to ravage us. And it wears a face we recognize, a maenwaith face. Shall we pretend then that we do not see it?”

“But we have no proof,” Amalik said crossing his arms over his chest. “It is only rumor that Wyrma has caused the Meldakhar’s death, or that she would force the maenwaith to live in her city.” He cocked his head awaiting Thorn’s answer. Thorn glanced down at Narika before continuing.

“I know of a witness that will tell you the Wyrm sought the death of Ayar, and heard her agent contracting the very assassin who poisoned our leader,” he announced. “It is not our suspicions that has led us to this moment. The Meldakhar herself had laid out this new route for us to travel, even before her death.”

Amalik stood in silent thought. “It is said that an eagle’s sight is very keen, Amalik, and it can see very far ahead, ” Narika added gently, as she rose beside Thorn. “We owe it to our fellow maenwaith to alert them, and to join with them. For we all stand a much better chance of victory if we do not wait for this new city to be further fortified and manned. Maybe then we all will find our old paths again, but if we do not fight, many of us will lose our way forever.” As Amalik nodded his understanding, Narika and Thorn settled down on their mats once more.

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