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Weary as she had never been in a while, Ginna lay on her bed, on her side, barely consciously rubbing an aching arm. She had come out from the kitchen as soon as she heard about the commotion in the stables and offered what little help she could in destroying the stable's walk-through. Thankfully the job had been more than half-done when she joined in, so she had enough strength left to resume her serving duties - water for the thirsty firefighters - when the raging foe had been dealt with. She had not much appetite for her unfinished meal after all the excitement, so she had begged Frodides for an early night. The cook gave it kindly.

With sleep claiming her almost completely, Ginna gave but a fleeting thought of gratefulness for the fact that save one, all horses, including her own, had been saved. She had no thought for what would become of the Hall after this, or for poor Javan, or for the exchange she and Harreld had earlier that day. She promptly fell asleep.

It was still dark when she awoke, but satisfied with rest, she got up and threw on a robe. She went downstairs and walked slowly to the kitchen, where she knew she would be alone...but she was not.

Harreld sat at the table, head buried in his hands. He seemed to be crying. Ginna made to come over and ask him what was wrong, when Garreld stormed into the kitchen.

"Stay away from my brother!" Garreld's face worked in anger. Ginna drew back. He continued to glare at her, standing behind his brother, a protective arm on his shoulders. Ginna shivered.

Frodides, Kara, Modtryth, and Lèoðern then came in, all of them looking reproachfully at Ginna. They, too, walked towards Harreld, but Lèoðern stopped in front of her.

"Why did you do it, Ginna? A princess never acts that way. We can't be friends anymore!"

Ginna reached out to the little girl, a plea on her lips, but Lèoðern had turned away. "No- no-" Ginna could only stammer, her arm still towards the girl as she walked towards the rest of the women. She was silenced when Thornden entered the kitchen, profound disappointment etched on his face. He was followed by Javan, who looked rather relieved. Ginna looked pleadingly at Thornden, but he shook his head and looked away. From the corner of her eye she saw Javan wink at her, gloating. She burst into tears.

Rowenna walked in soon afterwards, laughing cruelly at Ginna's outburst. And then Eodwine burst in...accompanied by a furious Randvér...

When Ginna opened her eyes, she felt tears sticking to her lashes and dropping down her cheeks. She hugged her pillow tightly, hiding herself from the oppressive darkness of her room.
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Former posts from 962 & forward have now been transferred to:

~*~ Scarburg Meadhall ~*~

.....being a new twist in the Eorling Mead Hall's storyline

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Moving to: Elvenhome
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