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Silmaril Concerning Gandalf, Saruman, and the Shire

This is the first draft of the chapter Concerning Gandalf, Saruman, and the Shire.

This chapter uses two sources: the next of the same name from UT and the various notes that follow, as well as Of the Rings of Power. I note when any addition is made for convenience.

The markings are:
FY-HL-xx for all the headlines for the Fading Years.
GS-SL-xx for all expansions and changes to the narrative.

Some conventions of my writing:

Bold Text = source information, comments and remarks
{example} = text that should be deleted
[example] = normalized text, normally only used for general changes, as well as changes which are a part of replacement that is not grammatical.
Underlined Text = text changed for grammatical reasons in the process of combining and inserting and removing.
<source example> = additions with source information
...... = This section of the paragraph is unchanged from the source.


GS-SL-01 <ORP Now the Shadow grew ever greater, and the hearts of Elrond and Mithrandir darkened. Therefore on a time ..... And returning to Elrond he said:
‘True, alas, is our guess. This is not .... if they live still on earth.’
And Elrond answered: ‘In the hour ..... that Sauron should return.’
‘Yet the One was lost,' said Mithrandir, .... strength and tarry not too long.’
Then the White Council was summoned; .... to wait yet and to watch.
‘For I believe not,’ said he, ..... broken and the deeps are removed.’
Therefore naught was done .... and he said to Mithrandir:
‘Nonetheless I forebode that ..... deliver us that my eyes cannot see.’
‘Many are the strange chances ..... hands of the weak when the Wise falter.’
Thus the Wise were troubled, but none ..... when the Ring should appear.
He set a watch upon the Gladden Fields; ..... this was but part of the watch upon the Enemy.>
Saruman soon became jealous of Gandalf, and this rivalry turned at last to a hatred, ..... setting a watch, so far as he was able, upon all his movements.
It was in this way that Saruman came to give thought ..... but he took heed nonetheless.
Seeing then that Gandalf thought the Shire worth visiting, ..... So when long after he learned something of the finding of GS-SL-03 {Gollum's}the One Ring by the Halfling, he could ..... That Gandalf's mistrust of him was merited and just in no way lessened his anger.
Yet in truth Saruman's spying and great secrecy ..... had mistaken him for Gandalf.
After that Saruman went no more to the Shire, ..... victory to within a nail's breadth of his grasp.>
Now because of his dislike and fear, in the later days Saruman avoided Gandalf, ..... your toys of fire and smoke, while others are in earnest speech.’
But Gandalf laughed, and replied: ..... perhaps, in your high policies.’
Saruman was little appeased by this answer ..... and I have no time for the simples of peasants.’
Gandalf did not laugh again; and he did not answer, ..... and his face was dark with doubt and displeasure.>
{This story appears in half a dozen different manuscripts, and in one of them it is said that} Saruman was suspicious, doubting whether he read .... people as the Halflings for their own sake merely.>
It was a strange chance, that being angered ..... Saruman would conceive: to gain possession and to forestall him.>
FY-HL-14: This headline fits best for what we are discussing in this chapter. Originally, there was a great deal more unrealted information used at the end of this chapter, but when you split The Legend of Amroth and Nimrodel into two chapters, I realized that the same should be done here. Therefore,the next chapter will be composed of all the information unrelated to this subject that had formerly been included at the end.

GS-SL-01: We start our chapter off with Of the Rings of Power, with the information about Gandalf's discovery of the identity of the Necromancer. This sets up the White Council and Saruman's treachery, and leads in perfectly to the UT narrative.

GS-SL-02: Here we begin the narrative with the same name as this chapter given in UT at the back of The Hunt for the Ring. It details the tensions between Saruman and Gandalf, as well as their interest in the Shire.

GS-SL-03: Personally, I think to say 'Gollum's Ring' is not the best term, so I would say we should change it. Also, I know that this chapter jumps forward a bit in the future, but I think it is ok, since it is doing so in order to examine the relationship between Saruman and Gandalf.

GS-SL-04: This story about the pipeweed is given separately, but I think it fits best here.

GS-SL-05: This additional note contains more information.

GS-SL-06: This note also contains more information.
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