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Tales from Tol Eressëa: Conversations in Avallónë - Part 1

It has now been nearly two years since I posted the first resurrected fan fiction in this forum. I hoped to re-post stories from our old fan fiction forums with greater frequency. I thought that folks hunkering down due to the pandemic might appreciate some topical reading material. Unfortunately, real life did not give up its demands on my time, notwithstanding the interruptions of COVID, and I retrieved fewer stories than I intended.

I re-posted Tales from Tol Eressëa, my own first fan fiction, here:, likely about 20 years after it was first unveiled here on the Downs. I do not recall the source of my inspiration, if any, but my first goal was to pick subjects from Tolkien's mythos that were either sketched out in brief or only mentioned in passing and to fill in the blanks and expand upon what JRRT did not set out in full. This is not surprising, considering my own relationship with Middle Earth. I have spent many years bemoaning Tolkien's failure to publish more and devouring HoME to satisfy my desire for more details about Middle Earth, large or small. So eventually I set out on my own to fulfill my desire. As a result, my second goal was to be as faithful to Tolkien as I could be, both is style and in detail.

The sequel to Tales from Tol Eressëa was the three part series, Conversations in Avallónë. Part 1 of this series has been added to the Tales from Tol Eressëa thread. For those of you who are fans of The Nature of Middle Earth ("NoME"), and consider it in any way to be "canon," Tales from Tol Eressëa departs from some (or many) of the details found in NoME. But keep in mind that my stories predate NoME by some 20 years (even though I had read Osanwe-kenta by the time I wrote my Tales).

At any rate, I hope that you enjoy Conversations in Avallónë, Part 1. I will follow it up with its two sequels soon, as well as with other works retrieved from our archives.
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