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Aule's Grief

Hello Mithadan our hoster, and long term friend to him, Morthoron. I just wanted to thank you both for the Forum. Please never close it down. I understand you are both part of the American legal fraternity, and so imagine you both have dedicated your lives to hard work there. I will contact you one day about our Interdiction effort from Australia, and in relation to a basis for forging an alliance. I'd choose you both first cab off the rank for the project.

Anyhooz, I rant. This Post:

Aule was an Ainu, and of late, pondered a great neglect of us all. I was taken aback to realise that Aule had his hands full, coping with what must have been the head *bleep* of all eternity, and to anyone who works in our world, where there are the collisions of lives in compressions of oppositions, I liken Aule's grief to bringing together a crime lord and distributor of substances with the Chief Magistrate or Head Master, or Chief Psychiatrist, or Maternal Child Health Care Nurse, or Chief Psychologist.

Recall, the Noldor were most aligned to Aule then recall Finwe's death, and recall Miriel and then Indis, (OMG, now we have to fathom the Vanyar's community with the Noldorin renegades) and then, the peak of conflict, Celebrian, Gil Galad, Silmarien, and Galadriel, where the Teleri are wrought as fathoming love for Noldorin Kindred.

Further. what must Aule have gone through as the heart goes, to hear from Galadriel that she and Feanor were "unfriends forever" then she and Celebrimbor never to be betrothed.

Consider then the Dwarves, OMG, wrought by Aule, and for the final conflict, the renegade Maia Sauron, whose origins were of Aule. What must the Ainu have gone through, to hear in the ongoing dissent and minds and hearts of the Eldar, such as Elrond forging ideas about Sauron and the whole conflict of the Third Age. Primarily, Aule at the core of it, with Dwarves, Elves, and then Sauron's end.

Was there any compassion in the Ainur for Sauron's end?
A call to my lost pals. Dine, Orcy_The_Green_Wonder, Droga, Lady Rolindin. Gellion, Thasis, Tenzhi. I was Silmarien Aldalome. Candlekeep. WotC. Can anyone help?
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