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Huinesoron is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Huinesoron is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Daily Hobbit Hole Generator

Daily Hobbit Hole Generator

All coding, images, and research by me; it took me about a week. It'll generate a Hobbit Hole (& associated Hobbit name) every day, or you can input a name to get the associated smial:

Since Hobbit names are under discussion right now, a bit more detail on the name generator: I've manually divided all known Hobbit surnames (plus a few of my own) up by type. For convenience I've called them Westfarthing (middle class), Northfarthing (common as muck Harfeet), Southfarthing (fancy Fallohides), Eastfarthing (weird Stoors), and Westmarch (Fairbairns and Gardners). Each type generates names in a different way:
  • Westfarthing lads get one of the 'nonsense names', like Bilbo, Frodo, Bungo etc. These are generated by letter/consonant cluster, so it will occasionally spit out things like Drordo, or indeed Disco and Ditto. WF lasses get common flower names, or the feminine form of the nonsense name.
  • Northfarthing lads get Old English type names, a la Samwise, Hamfast. These are made of random combinations of the attested first and second halves of their names. Lasses are named like WF lasses.
  • Southfarthing lads get Frankish-type names, like most of Pippin's family tree - your Isengrims and Fortinbrases. Again, these are put together from a first and second half. Latin/French names, like Paladin and Peregrin, can't be generated (they'd have to be coded as complete words, and there's so few of them I didn't bother.) SF lasses can be named either for flowers - there's a set of fancy flower names, and another set of Latin-type flower names - or for jewels. Again, there's both normal jewels, and French/Spanish jewel names (see Esmeralda Took). (And yes, I know Tookborough is in the Westfarthing! These are just coding names.)
  • "Eastfarthing" covers Buckland and Bree names as well as actual Eastfarthing ones. The lads have Celtic-inspired names, cobbled together from two or three syllables - eg Mar+mad+oc. I'm afraid Sadsadoc is a possible name, but it's so funny I left it. EF lasses draw from the classy flowers and generic jewels, as well as a pair of Celtic flower names.
  • Westmarch lads get NF names, but the lasses can take either the fancy flowers and jewels, or a special set of Elvish flower and jewel names. The only Elvish jewel name is Miriel, but it's the thought that counts. ^_^

It's not perfect - you'll see occasional very silly names - but I think it's pretty good, and the picture is the main point anyway.

Oh, and yes: I've checked, and the house of Bilbo Baggins does have an appropriately green door:

Not sure where those eaves came from, though... there ain't no eaves at Bag End, and that's a fact.

Have you burned the ships that could bear you back again? ~Finrod: The Rock Opera
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