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Silmaril There And Back Again Journal

I have a question for any of you who have any information about the There And Back Again Journal (pictured here )

You see, a few years back, well, about 4 years ago, I was browsing around in Barnes and Noble when I saw this journal on the shelf. I thought it was extraordinary, but being only in the 9th grade at the time, I had to get my mom's approval for her to buy it for me. I looked at the price, and saw it was near $30 and realized that she would never give in, so I found another journal that was only like $6 and I got her to buy me it instead, thinking that one day I would come back to buy it when I had my own money.

Well, weeks later I returned with my own money to buy it, and to my surprise, I could not find it anywhere. It had disappeared from the shelves. I searched and searched around at bookstore for the next few months and still could not find a thing. So I decided to look online for it. (Still, this is about 4 years ago.) I looked on Amazon and all those sites and found it now selling at around $100.00 online. It seems that Barnes and Noble did not know what they were selling at the time that they had priced it for $30 and I'm guessing that is why they took it off their shelves. Anyway, I was crushed, for I definitly did not want to pay $100 for a journal.

Now, four years later, to my most utter dismay, I decided I would go searching for it again online, which I did tonight. I started out looking on ebay, but I found nothing. Then I went to Amazon, and there it was!.....only one copy of it selling at a collectors price of $400.00!!

So tell me this, any who might know about this book, is it really that rare that it is now selling at $400 or is this guy trying to rip people off? And did I really make that big of a mistake four years ago when I did not try desperately hard to try and convince my mother to buy it for me? Cause I almost fainted when I saw it that expensive when I could have bought it so many times in the past for less money. Please help!
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