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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
The one thing I did flag is that Curufin's music starts very quietly. Is that deliberate, to put the emphasis on the vocals? The silent beat (is it an entire bar?) I can use to fade him ominously in, so no quibble there.

The pause is an arbitrary length between the end of one recording and the start of another. We can make it as long or short as is pleasing and/or makes sense with the visuals.

Part of why Cur's part sounds quiet is that it's a transition from a multi-instrument fff to a mere couple-instrument f. I clearly did not spend enough time listening to these in sequence, it sounded moderately loud without the comparison. If you like it, I'll leave it as is, or give the first downbeat a little more strength. I did deliberately take out some jazzy details I had initially, going for a simpler start to allow the vocals to stand out more (this is also what a bunch of the performances do), but the volume was not really thought out. Let me know what you prefer there for singing to it, or for the feel in general.
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