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Originally Posted by Urwen View Post
Celegorm, Curufin and Orodreth came to mind. They were all ruling Nargothrond at the same time
But all from the same side of the Narog, so that doesn't work.

I realise I'm being quite cagey here, but, like... the entire riddle hangs together. If I over-hint at one line, it'll make the others redundant. It's tricky to balance.


EDIT: Riddle & notes for the new page:

"Okay, so let's go this way:

Take four coins, add another one or two,
A ruler born, a ruler made, a ruler over stream,
Visit York, Lancaster, take a horse and you
Will find in the end a helper's hopeful dream.

Here are some questions that might run through my head if I was seeing this riddle for the first time:

-What coin would you have four of? Why would you add one or two? One or two what?
-What's a ruler? How do you make a ruler? Why would you have three? Is the third one 'over stream' from the other two?
-What do York and Lancaster have in common? What's the connection to a horse?
-Who is the helper? Who or what did they hope for? Is the dream literal?
-Are there any elements in my answers to the above that string together to point at one person, place, or thing in Middle-earth?"
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Is this some sort of triumvirate, where three people shared power?

Is it perchance Phary/Zimraphel/Sauron trio? The former two were rulers in name, but it was Sauron who really had the power; and you could argue that Sauron's realms were located on the other side of a body of water.
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