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Old 01-08-2005, 07:55 PM   #81
Evisse the Blue
Brightness of a Blade
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: wherever I may roam
Posts: 2,740
Evisse the Blue has just left Hobbiton.
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Name (that you go by): Evisse is good enough
Age: 23 very soon
Occupation: teacher, school counsellor
Future Aspirations: loads. I'll just say the Tolkien-related ones: I want to read all the books (including HoME, of which I don't have all the volumes), I want to learn Elvish, I want to visit Oxford, and the place where Tolkien spent his childhood, I want to place a flower and a little gift at his grave, and finally I want sometime in my life to be able to write a piece of poetry or prose that is written in his style.
Goal in life: No specific goal, just to make the most of all opportunities that present themselves to me.
Short term goals: To get a new job
Passion: See hobbies.
Hobbies: reading, surfing (the net), hiking, ice skating, music, games
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Everyone who knows me well tells me I'm the most weird person they know, so this could be something...
Fave book: LOTR, and others
Fave movie: LOTR, Harry Potter, X Files the Movie, Matrix 1, Tarkovski's movies (though one must find the right disposition for those, but once you're in...'there's no going out'), Casablanca, South Park, Seinfeld, Home Alone, Finding Nemo, Disney's Snow White, The Aristocats
Fave sport: ice skating
Fave store: Like a have so many choices...
Fave music: loads! But the band of the moment - of the year, that is, even better said of the past few years, is Nightwish.
What you can't stand: too many things, unfortunately.
What you plain dislike: Isn't it the same as above? For me it is.
Who you admire: Tolkien. Chris Carter. After I saw extended ROTK, Peter Jackson and company. ; D
What you most love to do: see hobbies.
Your self-confessed flaws: I'm the most undecided and whimsical person ever (though I realize there are some serious competitors out there ). Plus I guess I'm pretty shallow at times, and too obstinate at other times.
What intrigues/fascinates you: life, death, religion, Tolkien's world, X Files, Nightwish lyrics lately, the weird coincidences of life (ever had one of those?) Apparently I'm easily intrigued/fascinated.
What scares you: violence
Quotation to live by: "I'll think of it tomorrow"
And no one was ill, and everyone was pleased, except those who had to mow the grass.
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Old 01-10-2005, 11:27 AM   #82
Mad Baggins
Shade of Carn Dűm
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: A place where after thunder golden showers come falling like a rain of flowers.
Posts: 374
Mad Baggins has just left Hobbiton.
Name (that you go by): Becka, Cherry to my camp buddies

Age: 16

Occupation: High school student looking for an occupation

Future Aspirations: Become a veterinarian and invent edible earmuffs

Goal in life: Save a lot of animals

Short-term goals: Get a job at the Motor Inn, pass my exams, graduate from high school, get into Brandon University

Hobbies: Reading, dancing, listening to music, watching the tube, going on the computer

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Unwrapping a Starburst in my mouth and that magic trick with the pencil

Fave books: Tolkien's works, Chronicles of Narnia, Count Karlstein, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (see sig), Among the Hidden, The Rum Diary

Fave movies: LotR, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Meaning of Life (MP), Mean Girls, Edward Scissorhands, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fave sports: Hockey as a spectator, pocket protector softball as a player

Fave stores: The Crypt is good, and I love thrift stores

Fave music: Some rock, Great Big Sea, any good dancing stuff

What you can't stand: The feeling of wet wool, stupid people

What you plain dislike: Racists and blueberries

Who you admire: My mom, lots of others

What you most love to do: Hobbies, go walking

Your self-confessed flaws: Biting my fingernails, fidgeting, ruining books

What intrigues/fascinates you: Paranormal events

What scares you: Tornadoes

Quotation to live by: "Reality has its limits, but imagination is endless."

Additional comment: Run for your lives! It's the Pillsbury Doughboy!
I like buying snacks from a vending machine because food is better when it falls. Sometimes at the grocery, I'll drop a candy bar so that it will achieve its maximum flavor potential.
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Old 01-10-2005, 03:38 PM   #83
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: In Lotholorien, looking in the mirror that shows that there is still hope for life...
Posts: 104
Finwe-89 has just left Hobbiton.
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Occupation: Student
Future Aspirations: Going to university
Goal in life: Enjoy life
Short term goals: Enjoy life even more when it gets hard
Passion: Dunno
Hobbies:Nature, Soccer, LOTR, animals, video games
Famous for: Being one of the best in HALO PC

Fave book:The Return of The King
Fave movie:The Return of The King
Fave sport: Soccer
Fave store:Gameshop
Fave music:Everything

What you can't stand: People who think that they can take on the world
What you plain dislike: Dunno
Who you admire: People who give their lives for others
What you most love to do: Reading
Your self-confessed flaws: No idea
What intrigues/fascinates you: Tolkien
What scares you: That people won't enjoy life
Quotation to live by: Don't know, but ENJOY LIVE :P
Ash nazg durbatulűk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulűk agh burzum- ishi krimpatul...

Beware: Don't speak this loud when you're alone in the dark... Unless you really want it... But don't say I didn't warn you...
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Old 01-13-2005, 08:46 PM   #84
Posts: n/a
Name (that you go by): Ryan Buckley
Age: 16
Occupation: Working on it . (No seriously, I just handed in an application.)
Future Aspirations: Live a succesful life, marry a beautiful woman and have children.
Goal in life: Basically the same as my future aspirations, but also I would like to publish book.
Short term goals: Finish my book, get 200 on flat bench.
Passion: Reading, watching movies, gaming.
Hobbies: Reading, gaming, writing, web-design, all things computer related, and weight lifting.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): I guess you could say I'm famous because my dad published a book, but I'm mainly popular around my school due to the fact I'm the "guy with the long hair."

Fave book: Lord of the Rings, Shannara Series,
Fave movie: The whole LoTR Trilogy, Saving Private Ryan, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Road to Perdition, Band of Brothers, Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump, True Grit, Pulp Fiction, Starship Troopers, Napolean Dynamite, The Village, The Falcon and the Snowman, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Rudy
Fave sport: Baseball, Football
Fave store: EB Games, Best Buy, Any book store
Fave music: The Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin

What you can't stand: People who are ignorant or are hypocritacal.
What you plain dislike: Bad music.
Who you admire: J.R.R. Tolkien, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Winters, Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Paige.
What you most love to do: Same as my hobbies or passion.
Your self-confessed flaws: Absolutely eccentric.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Life, space, etc...
What scares you: Just thinking of the uncomprehensible vastness of space.
Quotation to live by: Anything in Tolkien's works is really an inspiration.

Additional comments:

I just thought I'd throw in a few pictures of me so everyone knows who they're dealing with.

Karaoke on New Year's Eve

Blow-drying the hair.

Added this for the humor, you have to admit it's funny.

Also, here is a website I designed for my father's book.
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Animated Skeleton
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Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: The Gama Quadrant
Posts: 39
ElementFire has just left Hobbiton.

Name: Rachel
Age: 17
Future Plan: Pianist (I'm not that bad) XD
Occupation: student
Short term goals: Get a purple belt!
Passion: I love karate, piano, and drawing anime
Hobbies: role playing, karate, and computer :P
Famous for: um... nothing? well I was on tv once, for a swimming program...
Fave Book: Talking to Dragons
Fave movie: RotK
Fave music: heck, I like em' all
Fave store: Target (it has everything)
Fave Sport: Karate
Can't stand: snobs
Plain dislike: preppy giggly girls
Who I admire: my P.E. coach and my sensei (not that you know who they are....)
Flaws: anger, >.<
What intrigues you: Lab chemistry and human science
What scares you: spiders
Additional comments: I don't have any pictures the right pixel amount, so no pics of drying my hair.... XD
He who stands on toilet is high on pot. XP

I don't do kung fu, I do kung lamb!!!
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Old 04-12-2005, 12:06 AM   #86
Hookbill the Goomba
Alive without breath
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Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: On A Cold Wind To Valhalla
Posts: 6,153
Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
Thumbs up

Here goes nothing...

Name (that you go by):
Joel Kristofer Cornah. (Or J.K.Cornah as I write on all written peaces of work)

Age: 17

Student / Part time Author.
Future Aspirations:
Ministry, and to be an Author.

Goal in life:
to be an Author, mainly of Children fantasy.

Short-term goals:
To finish College and then University.


Reading, writing, going to the Downs

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself):
Writing a Book. Tis true you know. It's going to be (hopefully) published some time in the next two years. 'I know a guy who knows a guy' if you know what I mean.

Fave book:
Duh! The Lord of the Rings!

Fave Film:
Not sure... probably The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. (Mind you, I'm not much of a Movie Gower.)

Fave sport:

Fave store:
Hum... Probably Waterstones Book store. For obvious reasons.

Fave music:
Jethro Tull

What you can't stand:
Arrogance and being patronised.

What you plain dislike:
Down right arrogant people really.

Who you admire:
The Proff! (Tolkien that is!)

What you most love to do:
Write fiction.

Your self-confessed flaws:
Probably my inability to stop rambling when I get onto certain subjects.

What intrigues/fascinates you:
Space, and Dragons.

What scares you:
Erm... the end of the world...?

Quotation to live by:
I saw some one on the Downs use it, "When you are speaking, no one can tell if you're spelling the words rite."

Additional comments:

I am Dyslexic, which means I spend most of my wiring time correcting errors..., which is annoying.
I think that if you want facts, then The Downer Newspaper is probably the place to go. I know! I read it once.
THE PHANTOM AND ALIEN: The Legend of the Golden Bus Ticket...
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Ghost Prince of Cardolan
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Snowdog has just left Hobbiton.
Since this was on page one and was a couple years old, I deleted that post and copied it here and updated...

Name: Rich
Age: 47
Occupation: Medical Electronics
Future Aspirations: Retire
Goal in life: Climb Mt Rainier (but I will settle for Mt Adams)
Short term goals: Have enough money to retire
Passion: Hiking, Mountain climbing, Middle Earth
Hobbies: Hiking, Posting on messageboards. Writing Middle-Earth fantasy stories.
Famous for: um... getting banned from Tolkienonline?

Favorite books: The Black Company (ten books), Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favorite movie: Kelly's Heroes
Favorite sport: Auto racing, Hockey
Favorite store: Used record stores, used book stores, garage sales, etc.
Favorite music: Classic rock, blues, classical, jazz

What you most love to do: Hike, fish, listen to music, write stories
Who you admire: My high school auto shop teacher

Additional comments: Reading the ages in this thread explains alot to me. I'm hanging out on a messageboard where it seems most folk are the same age as my kids.
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Old 04-12-2005, 05:52 PM   #88
Tinuviel of Denton
Ghost Prince of Cardolan
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Location: Amid the hills and dales of the Shire... or not.
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Tinuviel of Denton has just left Hobbiton.
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Well... Since I haven't been here in over a year--I think I stopped getting on sometime the summer before last. o.O--I figure it's about time I reupdate this thing. I can't even remember if I did one on the original.

Name (that you go by): Depends on where I am. Kiki, Aki, and Sammie are the most common.
Age: 18
Occupation: College student. w00t!
Future Aspirations: To graduate, not lose my mind, and I'm debating between law and a career in theatre. Yes. I know.
Goal in life: To live.
Short term goals: To pass my American Heritage class. Where I am hanging by a thread. (Probably a bad time to renew my interest in the Downs, but what can ya do?)
Passion: *ponderponder* Probably my boyfriend, my best friend, and the rest of my dear friends. Also fantasy. And writing.
Hobbies: Roleplaying, admin on Citrine, writing, drawing, reading, and being alternately philosophical and silly.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Teasing my English professor... and getting away with it. Also for Alexander. (If you're really curious about that, feel free to ask.)

Fave book: Anything by Tolkien, Lawhead, Hans Bemman, C.S. Lewis, Diana Gabaldon (all right, so I like well-written romance, so what?), um... more authors who I cannot think of at the moment, butyeah. I think Hans Bemman probably tops the list, so The Stone and the Flute.
Fave movie: The Lord of the Rings, the original Star Wars trilogies, Dark Crystal, the Phantom of the Opera, and a few classic Disney movies I'm embarrassed to name.
Fave sport: Unless ballet counts, none.
Fave store: Either Recycled Books at home, or World Market, or some hobby store. I like crafts.
Fave music: At the moment, anime soundtracks, Voltaire (*hums The Headless Waltz*), Hayley Westenra, Maire Brennan, and assorted movie/musical soundtracks.

What you can't stand: Certain people. Who are traitors. But, ahem. Also, I can't stand Mary-Sues, people who are stupid, and people who can't take hints when bashed over the head with them.
What you plain dislike: Spelling/grammar errors (but watch me make at least one in this post and miss it entirely), bureaucracy, and getting up early for my eight o clock class.
Who you admire: Um... Cluu, Jackamy, Reist, Cat, Seth, Twiet... (Yes, I am aware that none of you know these people.)
What you most love to do: Read, write, and roleplay. Also other things, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear about those.
Your self-confessed flaws: I'm lazy, I procrastinate, and I have a mean sense of humor.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Human nature. And that just covers everything, doesn't it?
What scares you: Dark, men, dying/not dying, not living, and my GPA.
Quotation to live by: "What went before was only a faint dream of the beginning.
not all,
very far from all."

Additional comments: Well, I'm back.

We'll see if I stick around this time.
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World's Tallest Hobbit
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Lindolirian has just left Hobbiton.
Name: Benjamin Goller
Age: 18 at the moment... Apr. 1987
Occupation: Student... soon at college
Future Aspirations: Become a teacher of either history, or literature, etc.
Goal in life: Enjoy my work, get (and stay) married, and end up being that old guy all the kids love to play with.
Short term goals: Stave off senioritis as long as possible (okay okay, so I've failed already) Get my leg healed so I can walk again... Rar
Passions: Jesus, Tolkien, History (primarily WWII)
Hobbies: Hmm see above and include bicycling and card-playing
Famous for: Marching in the Fiesta Bowl with the most devastating flu and a temp of 106.
Favorite books: the Bible, naturally anything by Tolkien, anything by Ernie Pyle, true WWII stories (Great Escape, Band of Brothers), and historical fiction
Favorite movie: Dead Poets Society and/or Lawrence of Arabia
Favorite sport: Bicycling and frisbee
Favorite store: Good q... No idea
Favorite music: Contemporary Christian, 70s and 80s rock, random spatterings of modern alternative

What you can't stand: Grudges, people who aren't in control of themselves. And bad teachers
Your self-confessed flaws: Procrastinator, liar, actually a really good liar.
What intrigues/fascinates you: Somebody said it well: "Whatever I don't already know." Yeah...
What you most love to do: Talk with friends, especially when in extreme moods whether it's delirously happy or ponderously serious.
What scares you: Spiders when they leave my sight. If I can see them, they die: if I know they're there and I can't see them... You'd better watch out, cause I'm flippin' out. EDIT: I just noticed this, but it's really odd how this fits in with my quote below.
Quotation to live by: Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
Who you admire: Jesus, my grandfather, my favorite teachers, the infantry (thanks to Ernie Pyle), and all those crazy-awesome people with more green boxes than me.

Additional comments: I can't believe I haven't seen or posted in this thread until now. I mean it's been around long enough... sheesh.
'They say that the One will himself enter into Arda, and heal Men and all the Marring from the beginning to the end."

Last edited by Lindolirian; 04-12-2005 at 07:10 PM.
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Dead Serious
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Posts: 3,275
Formendacil is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Formendacil is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Formendacil is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Formendacil is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
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Name: Michael. Or, to some, Mike.
Age: 18
Occupation: Student/Library Page
Future Aspirations: Depends on the month, but the most constant of my goals is to become a Priest. If not, then a Dad. Dunno about the day job...
Goal in life: Write and publish a book.
Short term goals: Finish Grade 12
Passion: LEGO, Tolkien, Church
Hobbies: Reading, writing, posting online, playing with LEGO...
Famous for (okay, this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being the smart kid. I've always been known as the smart, or mature kid. The sooner I shed that image, the better. Also known about town as "the boy who wants to become a priest". Great way to avoid matchmaking old ladies, I might add....

Favorite books: The Lord of the Rings, obviously. Anything by Tolkien, for that matter (excepting maybe his "real" scholarly works). Actually like the Harry Potter series as well. Anything well-written and historical tends to fascinate me.
Favorite movie: Don't really have a permanent one. Loved the new Peter Pan!
Favorite sport: Bunnock That's right, you've never heard of it before...
Favorite store: Toys 'r Us, or possibly any Mens' Wear store.
Favorite music: Classical, Country

What you most love to do: Hanging out with friends, go to church, acting, reading, writing, vegetating, sleeping...
Who you admire: John Paul II, J.R.R. Tolkien, Alec Guiness, and a plethora of others...
I prefer history, true or feigned.
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Psyche of Prince Immortal
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Location: Above a Parapet Obvious exits are: North, South, and Dennis
Posts: 5,036
Gil-Galad is a guest of Tom Bombadil.
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Name (that you go by):Gil-Galad, Glen, The Glenster, Glennard(perferred) GlenGlen, Vilad, Professor Tor Coolguy and many more
Future Aspirations:vivid love of history...hope to travel europe
Goal in life:be successful
Short term goals:get 80 average in school
Passion:history, books, lego
Hobbies:games i guess...
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself):

Fave book:LOTR, history books
Fave movie:Spaceballs and Monty Python and the search for the Holy Grail
Fave sport:Hockey
Fave store:
Fave music:U2(once and awhile0

What you can't stand:teachers that don't care
What you plain dislike: people who shut you down trying to make themselves look better
Who you admire:nobody really comes too mind...
What you most love to do:make people laugh(on and off the downs)
Your self-confessed flaws:i care too much
What intrigues/fascinates you:
What scares you:nothing cause i am the mighting Gil-Galadster!hey another name to go by!
Quotation to live by: "One day a man has everything, the next day he blows up a 400-billion dollar space station, and the next day nothing, it makes you think"

Additional comments: a personal thanks to all downers, this is quite literally like my second home...


G.G.Meister(another name!)
Love doesn't blow up and get killed.
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Haunting Spirit
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Location: Tengiz, Kazahstan for 6 wks, then home for 2 wks. Blimey
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Bywaters has just left Hobbiton.
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Name (that you go by): Denis
Age: 26
Occupation: Piping Engineer (paper pusher)
Future Aspirations: Buy a house/To be truly happy and fulfilled
Goal in life: To not have to get up at 05:20 in the morning
Short term goals: Give up the cigs, run another 10K, get a better job, play another gig
Passion: Wycombe Wanderers FC
Hobbies: Playing guitar bass guitar in a band (I also play six-string), playing 5-a-side football
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): I have played two gigs at the Cavern Club Liverpool with my old band the Valla. NB: I played lead in that band

Fave book: It has to be The fellowship of ring
Fave movie: Probably the above or The Holy Grail or Goldmember
Fave sport: I play football as mention above, I also play some tennis (both very badly). I also try to go running and mountain biking regularly (though there are no mountains near by).
Fave store:
Fave music: Tricky one! I've got quite a diverse taste, the bands I have made an effort to go and see are Bootleg Beatles, Fear Factory, Oasis/The Verve, The Who, 21st Centuary Doors and a band called the Hamsters who gig all around the country and play Jimi Hendrix/ZZ Top stuff amongst others. I also went to Classic FM live once a couple of years ago when going though my classical stage. Currently listening to Jefferson Airplane.

What you can't stand: People who are always late
What you plain dislike: Fruit salad and chav culture (not necessarily together)
What you most love to do: Play full time in a band and live the rock n roll lifestyle.
Your self-confessed flaws: Lack of confidence, motivation and ambition. Too much time spent in the local tavern
What intrigues/fascinates you: Other people, Tolkien, British history (esp AD 400 – AD 1603)
What scares you: The ghost in the library at the beginning of Ghostbusters
Quotation to live by: Don’t have one but I like to do as much as I can with my time

Additional Comments: Comments Comments Comments… oh dear
...I mean good manners don't cost nothing do they, eh?
insuperably wasted
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Garen LiLorian
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Name (that you go by): Garen, generally, but when I hand in papers it says Brendan
Occupation:Student / Monk. No, really
Future Aspirations: Make money, be happy, enjoy life
Goal in life: Enlightenment. And kids
Short term goals: A degree. To learn Japanese
Passion: Reading, writing, chivalry
Hobbies: See above and add Karate and meditation
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Singing, theater, thinking chivalry isn't dead, traveling everywhere at the drop of a hat, being a huge dork

Fave book: Don Quixote, LotR (go figure, right?) Three Musketeers, etc. You see the theme
Fave movie: Princess Bride is the greatest movie of all time! Secondarily, Moulin Rouge, Man of La Mancha
Fave sport: Football! (american) Karate, fencing, kendo. And Baseball.
Fave store: Any bookstore that has armchairs and stays open long hours. If it has a fireplace, that's just lovely
Fave music:Man of La Mancha, Les Miserables, pretty much anything I can sing along to. And DMB

What you can't stand: Self-righteousness
What you plain dislike: Snakes. *shivers*
Who you admire: Don Quixote
What you most love to do: be chivalrous. Be nice to people when they aren't expecting it. Play sports. Meditate.
Your self-confessed flaws: Self-righteousness (sometimes) difficulty sticking with something that's difficult
What intrigues/fascinates you: Foreign languages and cultures, the mystic
What scares you: Snakes.
Quotation to live by: Everyone sucks, and it's just dumb. Not bad, just dumb.
Also, see my sig

Additional comments:
This is my quest, to follow that star; no matter how hopeless, no matter how far. To fight for the right, without question or pause. To be willing to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause! -Man of La Mancha
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Shade of Carn Dűm
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Shelob has just left Hobbiton.
Name (that you go by): Kristin, though online I'm often Caladre
Age: 17
Occupation: Highschool Student
Future Aspirations: To go to college, to study the brain, to travel
Goal in life: To travel and see as much of the world as possible
Short term goals: To live in a cave (I'm doing that this summer) To return to England (I'm doing that this summer) To go to Africa (I could have done that this summer)
Passion: Reading (Poetry, Mythology, Science Fiction, 'Classics'), Travel, Brain sciences, Genetics/DNA, Seeing Plays/Musicals, Trying to prove some unprovable Math problem my mom gave me.
Hobbies: Fencing, Pottery, Reading, Kayaking, Listening to Music, Teaching myself how to use Photoshop
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being unable to brag about myself.

Fave book: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Hobbit, The Princess Bride, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Macbeth (I can't narrow it down to one, but those five usually compete for the top of the list)
Fave movie: The Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, October Sky, Much Ado About Nothing, Lord of the Rings (Same Condition as with the Books)
Fave sport: Fencing, Kayaking/Canoeing, Backpacking
Fave store: Any Book store with a decent Selection.
Fave music: Show Tunes, Celtic/Folksongs, Classical and the band Moxy Fruvous

What you can't stand: Rude People (which is unfortunatly many people at my school)
What you plain dislike: Donuts, Being treated unfairly, Star Wars
Who you admire: No one really, I admire aspects of people but no specific people.
What you most love to do: Read, Listen to Music, Spend Time with my friends, Travel/see new Places
Your self-confessed flaws: I'm shy, I usually won't do something unless I know I have support, I'm a horrible terrible rotten speller who likes to use words I can't spell (the upside to this being that I'm kinda like a thesaurus)
What intrigues/fascinates you: The Mind within this I often ask myself questions like "what makes us who we are?" "Why do we do what we do?" "How do I see the world?" "How do others see the world?"
What scares you: Spiders (They remain the only thing that can get me into a state of screaming helplessness), Snakes (But I've mostly overcome this fear), Hights (But I've mostly overcome this fear)
Quotation to live by: "They called me mad, and I called them mad, and d**n them they outvoted me." Nathan Lee (1653-92)
"If you build your life on dreams it's prudent to recall a man with moonlight in his hand has nothing there at all"

Additional comments:
Sometimes we wish for things gone past,
For things we've lost, for things to last,
But lasting means we can't recall,
With fondness, anything at all.
A signature always reveals a man's character - and sometimes even his name ~Evan Esar.
Pan for Everyone!

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Name (that you go by): Beck
Future Aspirations: more self-sufficient, live off land
Goal in life:most famous extra in movies
Short term goals:be on 'Survivor' T.V. show
Passion:Chocolate, reading
Hobbies:reading, photography, scrapbooking, sewing
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself):making babies, climbing trees bare-foot

Fave book:LotR, Little house series
Fave movie:Lotr, Titanic, Sleepy Hollow
Fave sport:baseball (to play)
Fave store:Wal-mart
Fave music:Led Zeppelin, Dave Mathews

What you can't stand:ketchup on peas
What you plain dislike, people who put family people down
Who you admire, Duggar family of Arkansas (they have 15 children!)
What you most love to do:read, swim, walk in woods
Your self-confessed flaws:major nail-biter
What intrigues/fascinates you:tall people (they are just so tall)
What scares you:Portugese-man-of-war (it's a real nasty kind of jellyfish)
Quotation to live by:'No other success can compensate for failure in the home'-S.W.K.

Additional comments: I'm a simple kind of person with some huge pipe dreams!!
Holby is an actual flesh-and-blood person, right? Not, say a sock-puppet of Nilp’s, by any chance? ~Nerwen, WWCIII

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Name (that you go by): Celuien, Nichole, "you, over there with the laptop."
Age: 21
Occupation: Med student (third year as of yesterday!)
Future Aspirations: Graduate, figure out what I want to be when I grow up (I like too many specialties).
Goal in life: What, just one???
Short term goals: I want to do well on Step 1 of the USMLE.
Passion: The Three "M"s: Medicine, Middle Earth, and Music.
Hobbies: Playing music, reading, nature walks, programming web sites.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being the youngest person in my class, being inseparable from my computer, bringing 20-gallon buckets and Super Soakers to the end-of-the-year picnic.
Fave book: Pride and Prejudice, anything by Thomas Hardy, LOTR (obviously), The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat.
Fave movie: Casablanca, Bringing up Baby
Fave sport: Bowling.
Fave store: Boscov's
Fave music: Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert

What you can't stand: Hypocrisy
What you plain dislike: Red tape, overly long student council meetings.
Who you admire: People who stand by their convictions.
What you most love to do: Solve puzzles, play music.
Your self-confessed flaws: Procrastination, tendency to over-react to things.
What intrigues/fascinates you: The human mind.
What scares you: Crazy drivers in the city.
Quotation to live by: "Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb." - Winston Churchill
People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect. But actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff.

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Kitanna is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kitanna is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

Name (that you go by): Katie or KT
Age: 18
Occupation: Full time student, part time roller rink employee
Future Aspirations: Become a world history teacher
Goal in life: After becoming a teacher I want to become Master of the Universe
Short term goals: Learn to play tenor sax and switch back to playing baritone
Passion: Music and biking
Hobbies: Playing tuba and bassoon
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Nothing really, I'm kind of a wallflower in all the clubs and stuff I'm in

Fave book: LOTR (clearly), Black Beauty
Fave movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, LOTR, Star Wars
Fave sport: Well, I was in track and field, but I don't really like it, I'm a fan of baseball
Fave store: Hot Topic and Suncoast
Fave music: Classical, John Williams, Weird Al, and Paul Simon

What you can't stand: Michael Moore, annoying and close-minded people
What you plain dislike: celery...
Who you admire: Intelligent and funny people
What you most love to do: My dog, my family, and a good book
Your self-confessed flaws: I can be pretty arrogant and stupid sometimes
What intrigues/fascinates you: Everything
What scares you: snakes, more then anything else!
Quotation to live by: "There’s only one thing that I know how to do well
And I’ve often been told that you only can do
What you know how to do well
And that’s be you,
Be what you’re like,
Be like yourself,
And so I’m having a wonderful time
But I’d rather be whistling in the dark"~They Might be Giants
"Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry." - Mark Twain
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Name (that you go by): Rachel
Age: 18 (as of today!)
Occupation: student - going to Wellesley College next year
Future Aspirations: Oh...gee...yeah...that's the question isn't it? Well, I'm interested in either being a diplomat/ambassador, something along those lines, working for the UN or the government and with other nations...or acting.
Goal in life: To make at least one person's life a little better than it currently is.
Short term goals: To make it through the summer and get to college
Passion: dreams - okay, I'm sorry, but it's true...and not just sleeping dreams, but the ideas in your head - the thoughts and stories that just pass through 24/7 that make you just run to your computer, open Microsoft Word and just type. I love those - they make me feel serene.
Hobbies: horseback riding, reading, writing, art, piano, singing, the TV show Deadwood, learning
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): being "cute" according to my friends...that's the word I've heard the most lately; and for wearing short skirts in the winter

Fave book: Gotta say Unfinished Tales and The Lord of the Rings...also like The Princess Bride (better than the movie, though the movie's a favorite too)...don't hit me for this one...if you look, the Harry Potter books are beautifully written - I'm a complete sucker for those books and the language JK employs: she has a humor behind them that's as sharp as a hunting knife.
Fave movie: Always up for watching anything remotely connected with Quentin Tarantino, Sideways, Fight Club, Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, couldn't watch it to many times, but House of Sand and Fog was beautiful, Breakfast at Tiffany's (anything Audrey Hepburn), Finding Neverland, Life of David Gale, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, History of the World Part I, Whale Rider...I could go on and on...
Fave sport: baseball to watch, horseback riding and softball to participate in
Fave store: any spiritist/new age store
Fave music: The Killers, JET, Seven Nations, Green Day (at times)

What you can't stand: intolerance...that's pretty hypocritical, isn't it? No, I can "stand" it, I just feel stronger than "dislike" in regards intolerance
What you plain dislike: the stress this society has on youthfulness - the fact that it's not "en vogue" to age, the stress it puts on "perfection," not just physical, mind you
Who you admire: Hill, though a lot of people don't like her (going to her Alma Mater); a lot of people in my personal life...qualities I admire would be disregard to other people's opinions, trueness to oneself, strength to go against the mold, individuality, creativity, inner strength - the strength to lead but follow if need be
What you most love to do: sit at my computer and write for hours
Your self-confessed flaws: I can be a bit of a narcissist - need to hear that I'm attractive or intelligent, I'm very manipulative at times, I have a great self-worth (asset and flaw at the same time), almost unceasing personal motivation (ditto for that)
What intrigues/fascinates you: language, culture, evolution of societies, words, writing, emotions evoked by words
What scares you: the fact that the world seems to be spiralling down a hole of inevitability - culminating in a horrific I-don't-know-what, helplessness, futility, uselessness...I'm a bit of a control freak
Quotation to live by:
Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
No, just kidding, I have another by Dumbledore...
To the well organised mind, death is but the next great adventure

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. - Henry David Thoreau

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. - Thoreau again

Some keep the Sabbath going to Church,
I keep it staying at Home -
With a bobolink for a Chorister,
And an Orchard, for a Dome.
- Emily Dickinson

The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.
The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference.
The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference.
And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.
- Elie Wiesel

Additional comments:
Ummm...look both ways before you cross the street? I don't know...
"I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each others dreams, we can be together all the time." - Hobbes of Calvin and Hobbes
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Happy birthday, Vanima And hey, it's good to see you 'making a comeback' so to speak, and I apologise if that is a little belated - I have been hiding behind my chemistry books, yay....not.

Wellesley, eh? *golf clap* Good show, old girl, good show indeed...
I am what I was, a harmless little devil
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Originally Posted by Amanaduial the archer
Happy birthday, Vanima And hey, it's good to see you 'making a comeback' so to speak, and I apologise if that is a little belated - I have been hiding behind my chemistry books, yay....not.

Wellesley, eh? *golf clap* Good show, old girl, good show indeed...
Oh, seeing as yesterday was my "comeback" (not to be confused with the horrible new HBO faux reality show with Lisa Kudrow), you haven't really missed a beat.

And thank you! I'm so excited about Wellesley - gorgeous college...and the girls I met at the Open House when I stayed overnight are great.
"I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each others dreams, we can be together all the time." - Hobbes of Calvin and Hobbes
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Eomer of the Rohirrim is a guest at the Prancing Pony.Eomer of the Rohirrim is a guest at the Prancing Pony.
Boots This might be worth an update

Name that you go by: Neil, Nelus, Stelios, Ciro Orlando, King Cynical, King Whatever, etc...
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland.
Age: 21
Future Aspirations: To cause mischief throughout the lands.
Goal in life: To complete my book. And to find the Queen of Elves.
Short term goals: The theft of precious jewels which will fund my further skullduggery.
Passion: It's brilliant, isn't it? Passion rocks.
Hobbies: Jamming with my fellow art-stars.
Famous for: Making a completely unfashionable haircut cool. Also, for inventing the concept of honour and for rebelling against religion.

Fave books: Apart from Tolkers, I'll pick Nineteen Eighty-Four by Orwell, Hitchhikers' trilogy of five by Adams, and His Dark Materials trilogy by Pullman. O, and Descartes' Meditations.......because dualism lives, baby!
Fave movie: Memento
Fave sport: Football; despite the woeful condition of Scotland's team, I cannot help myself but watch. Still, Aberdeen are slowly getting better!
Fave music: Some of my favourites are Sigur Ros, Interpol, The Raveonettes and British Sea Power. And, of course, the Lord of Music Andrew WK.

What you can't stand: Misplaced hatred, I guess.
What you plain dislike: Mobile phones.
Who you admire: Andrew WK, and Nick Malbasa the Rightful King of Belgium.
What intrigues you: Atoms and the cosmos
What scares you: Being trapped in a cage with several ferocious tigers.
Quotation to live by: Don't live by a quotation, it's too narrow and it will fight you and knock you off the edge of the galaxy. (that's not my quotation, it's just a thought)

Additional comments: If I'm ever stranded on an island somewhere, I may need you guys to help me out. So if anyone wants to be a partner-in-honour, I'd love to take an oath with ye. Hark!
Los Ingobernables de Harlond
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Oddwen is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Oddwen is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
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Never have I done this, hmm?

Name (that you go by): Alice, Alice Marie, All-Ice, Lettuce, "Hey, that was mean!" and "Was that your lovely voice I just heard?"

Age: 20 +

Occupation: Working at Burger King, being a lampwright, Barrow-downer, and humor admin over at CoE.

Future Aspirations: I'd like to get married and have lot'sa kids, someday have my own jewelery making business. I'd love to do some voicework, somewhere.

Goal in life: To get off of my behind. Someday.

Short term goals: I'd like to leave Burger King, again.

Passion: Hmm...being lazy, I guess.

Hobbies: Drumming, beading, computer-ing, reading, laughing to myself evilly, and drawing my co-workers in hilarious comic situations.

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): My sense of humor - being deathly quiet. Being crazy - and having a good speaking voice.

Fave book: LotR, the Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, 101 Dalmations, Hitchhiker's Guide (the whole trilogy), the Discworld series, the Narnia series, the Wizard of Earthsea trilogy, the Thesaurus, the Dictionary, and others.

Fave movie: Errrr...LotR, Hitchhiker's Guide, Napoleon Dynamite, original Star Wars trilogy, original Matrix, ehm...for tv series, I like Twilight Zone, Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres, MST3K & what little South Parks I've seen.

Fave sport: None. At all.

Fave store: Bah...well, book/electronic stores, I guess. Okay, any store as long as it's not exclusively devoted to clothing.

Fave music: Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Queens of the Stone Age, A Perfect Circle, PFR, Enya, 12 Stones, The Beatles, Wings, Moody Blues, 64 The Tribute, lostprophets, Evanescence, Joel Hanson, The Rutles, Rich Mullins, Switchfoot, Steve Camp, Disturbed.
I like very few artists, but name a band/artist and I'll like some work of theirs. Except Weezer. And hair bands.

What you can't stand: People who think that there's no God, thus, no consequences and no meaning or reasons.

What you plain dislike: Burger King. And the customers thereof.

Who you admire: That vision of beauty that I see in the mirror every well as my drum teacher, Rivka and The Barrow Wight.

What you most love to do: Eat junk food, read, sleep, and Barrow-down (if that wasn't a verb before, it is now!)

Your self-confessed flaws: I am devious and lazy.

What intrigues/fascinates you: Shiny things. The orange glow of clear glass that is caused by the flame reflecting within it as it melts. The words "insipid", "spiffy", "incredulous", "devious". I like to watch people play instruments, but not sing. Music videos don't count.
Things that count down seconds, and things that count up the seconds. Those fiber-optical centerpieces. Bumper stickers. Strong Bad. Tetris. The Talking Moose. 733t. Car neons. Baby ducks under two days old.

What scares you: SW Episode II. Truly insipid. *shudder*

Quotation to live by: "Comfort the disturbed, disturb the comfortable"

Also :"Appreciate me now and avoid the rush"
"Excuse me while I change into something more formidable"
"You never cease to mildly amuse me"
"Chaos, panic, and disorder. My work here is done."
"Don't make me angry, I am running out of places to hide bodies."
"I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person!"
"Brain damage? No thanks, already got some."

Additional comments: I like to talk about myself. I also like to mock everything and everyone.

Current favorite songs:
1. Skeptic by Chevelle
2. Better Living Through Chemistry by QotSA
3. Stupify by Disturbed
4. Home by Breaking Benjamin
5. Carribean Blue by Enya
6. 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle
7. Sober by Tool (Also the String Quartet's version)
8. Hysteria by Muse
9. Born Too Slow by The Crystal Method
10. I Stay Away by Alice in Chains
But all the while I sit and think of times there were before
I listen for returning feet and voices at the door

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Name (that you go by):Wilwa, Wil, Willy, Van, Vanes, Ness, and Nessi(my most used)
Age: 14 almost 15
Occupation: student, with a part time job at a movie rental place
Future Aspirations: Math Professor
Goal in life: To get into Waterloo U
Short term goals: pass gym class
Passion: math, reading and music
Hobbies: playing violin and guitar, and coming here, oh and reading of course
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): my unnaturally small ears, and never being heard due to my equally unnaturally small voice(that's not bragging its just what im known for)

Fave book: LotR, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Heartland, Leftbehind and Im scared to say.......harrry potter(please dont hurt me)
Fave movie: LotR, Pirates of the Caribbean, any movies involving the three musketeers, any movies involving Johnny Depp, Princess Bride, Saw(with the dude from PB), and again last answer to the above question
Fave sport: badminton, soccer
Fave store: Smart Set, Chapters
Fave music: John Mayer, Def Leppard, Toto, Journey, Chicago, Newsboys, ZOEgirl, Eagles, Timothy Schmite from the eagles, Matchbox 20, MXPX, Bon Jovi, Brian Adams

What you can't stand: my science teacher
What you plain dislike: my science teacher
Who you admire: my mom
What you most love to do: make music
Your self-confessed flaws: I worry to much
What intrigues/fascinates you: love
What scares you: losing someone I love, not having enough time
Additional Comments: I LOVE you guys!
Comme une étoile amarante Comme un papillon de nuit C'est la lumičre qui m'attire La flamme qui m'éblouit
Fenris Muffin
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In case some stalkers (for example) should be interested, I've edited my post on page two up to date.

ps. what is it with all people stating that LotR is their favourite book? You could think this is some fansite or something...
Fenris Wolf
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Name (that you go by): Well, that is Volo... My real name (in English something like Volodymyr Borisovich Mykhalevych) is waaay too long (and nobody can pronounce it right).

Age: 15,5

Occupation: student, 9th grade

Future Aspirations: Don't know yet... Some boring office work I guess... Who knows. Architect maybe... just maybe.

Goal in life: Get this advertised life™. Be a good person, meaning not to do evil things and die with a good conscience. Have a nice family.

Short term goals: Do well is school, to get into a better high school then.

Passion: Hmm... Music and books! And friends.

Hobbies: Reading all day long while listening to music. Ashtanga yoga. Architect school. Writing things, mostly for myself... stories and something somebody wierd would call poems...

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): For nearly burning down a forest... For trying to be a strange guy. For having really unpopular hair.

Fave book(s): From Tolkien it must be The Silmarillion. Robin Hobb: all books. Philip Pullman: His Dark Materials trilogy. Walter Moers: The 13˝ lives of Captain Bluebear. Jonathan Stroud: Bartimeus trilogy. Mariya Semyonova: Volkodav (something like "Wolfhound" (thanks HerenIstarion, wasn't carefull and wrote bear instead of wolf... anyway wrote wrong) in English...) And others...

Fave movie: Hmmm... From the western world in must be Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I also love nearly every Soviet film that has survived to this day.

Fave sport: I'm not really into sports... But if count ashtanga yoga as a sport... Well, fencing was fun when it was still possible for me.

Fave store: Store? :/ Any store they have good and rare rock and metal music... for cheap.

Fave music: Most of this ????????? is for Russian music like Kino, Aria, Kipelov, Arteria, Alisa, Master and Epidemia (not that you know any of those)...

What you can't stand: Rap, violent people, greedy people, my class... I guess this list could go on and on... Hate I hate!

What you plain dislike: Too much sun (what a gloomy fellow I am...). Most meat. And so on...

Who you admire: The writers I listed there. Some musicians. Nice teachers. People of great self-control, like Mahatma Gandhi. And most of all, my few but great friends!

What you most love to do: This: telling about myself ... Looking into the sky beside a lake listening to music and thinking strange things...

Your self-confessed flaws: I feel really lazy, though I find many even lazier... I'm really thin... but I don't feel weak, no. I sleep badly. My sometimes (often) idiotic humour... My "trying to be stranger than I really am"-attitude. Talking of myself from a third person. Pessimism.

What intrigues/fascinates you: Many things. Human (and not only) mind most of all at this moment.

What scares you: Underwater world, for not being "cleaned" for humans. Evil people. Earth dying... Going to work.

Quotation to live by: If trying to get someone else to do their job is harder than doing it yourself, do it yourself. If you have to do something, do it well.

Additional comments: I moved from Ukraine to Finland at the age of seven with my mother. My mom married a half Finnish half Irish man and now I live here in Helsinki with my mom, her husband, an au pair (however you write that) and my two half-brothers of age two and eight. I think of myself as a really lucky person and wish this "luck" also to every other person on our little planet!
Fenris Wolf
The *EVEN NEWER* Barrow-Downs Photo Page

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Name (that you go by): Katt, or Harry (don't ask )
Future Aspirations:To be a Mom
Goal in life:To always be happy
Short term goals:To get a wicked job
Passion:LOTR, anything to do with art
Hobbies:Artsy stuff and of course LOTR
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself):I Talk and Giggle way too much for others own good... Very people friendly...everyone likes me... :

Fave book:The Mammoth hunters by Jean M. Auel
Fave movie: The fifth element
Fave sport:Baseball
Fave store: Walmart
Fave music:Anything good/stuff I can dance to.

What you can't stand:Spiders
What you plain dislike:Peas
Who you admire: no one
What you most love to do:Eat
Your self-confessed flaws: ugly feet
What intrigues/fascinates you: Accents
What scares you:Spiders and crowded places
Quotation to live by: I live life how I want, not by someone elses words.
grand return?........

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Name (that you go by): Glirdan, Glirdy, Dev, Devin, Crazy (yah...)
Age: 16
Occupation: Babysitter (for now)
Future Aspirations: To do something art related.
Goal in life: To travel the world
Short term goals: To start a WW game again! Oh, and pass my first semester courses
Passion: LotR, anything with Drama and Music
Hobbies: Reading, The Downs ( ), listening to music and playing music.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): A music major at my school and other such things (I actually don't really know but hey...)

Fave book: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Macbeth
Fave movie: PIRATES!!! And Rent and High School Musical and....ahhh too many!
Fave sport: Bowling, Football and Soccer
Fave store: International
Fave music: Almost anything

What you can't stand: People who think they're better than everyone
What you plain dislike:P TOMATOES!
Who you admire: My grandma and my friends
What you most love to do: Listen to music
Your self-confessed flaws: wanting to see the good in everyone and being let down
What intrigues/fascinates you: Other cultures
What scares you: being murdered in the middle of the night and losing my friends
Quotation to live by: Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is the best deffense.
I'm going to buy you a kitty, I'm going to let you fall in love with the kitty, and one cold, winter night, I'm going to steal into your house and punch you in the face!
Fenris Wolf
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Brinniel is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Brinniel is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Brinniel is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.
I have changed in the past three years *gasp* so I thought I should update.

Name (that you go by): Erin, Brinniel, Brinn, Rin
Age: 18
Occupation: an employee at the local movie theatre- not really an occupation, but just a summer job
Future Aspirations: to go into film production (editor, sound...something like that)
Goal in life: to not only be successful in my career, but to be happy
Short term goals: to finish packing in time, fly to Boston without any problems, and to survive my first year of college
Passion: dance and writing
Hobbies: painting, reading, BD, blogging, watching and appreciating movies
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): umm....I guess being on my high school dance team for three years.

Fave book: LotR, The DaVinci Code, The Shannara Series, The Chronicles of Narnia
Fave movie: LotR, Kill Bill (Pt 1&2), V for Vendetta, Poseidon, Everything is Illuminated, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Chronicles of Narnia, Rent, Sin City, Pirates of the Caribbean (Pt 1&2).....the list goes on (ok I'm a movie buff- that's why I'm majoring in film production)
Fave sport: I don't really watch sports, except for when the Olympics are on (then I'm glued to the TV)
Fave store: Barnes and Noble, Best Buy
Fave music: a variety of stuff- Black Eyed Peas, Evanescence, Medieval Baebes, Green Day, Damien Rice.....there's more

What you can't stand: right now, this country (US) and the people running it (sorry, but you did ask)
What you plain dislike: smell of cigarette smoke (which I'm learning to tolerate since most of my co-workers are smokers), waking up early
Who you admire: dog
What you most love to do: sleep
Your self-confessed flaws: procrastinator, perfectionist (and those two don't exactly mix too well)
What intrigues/fascinates you: stars
What scares you: spiders (my house is filled with them)
Quotation to live by: umm...I don't exactly live by quotes, but here's one:

"To learn is to live, to live is to love, and to love is to have lost."

Additional comments: Twelve more days until I fly across the country to college! *squeal*
Nolite te bastardes carborundorum
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Feanor of the Peredhil is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Feanor of the Peredhil is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Feanor of the Peredhil is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.
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Who could have expected things to change so much in two years?


Name (that you go by): Laura.

Age: 19

Occupation: over-achieving student/waitress/librarian/free-lance photographer. Plus whatever else comes up. If I don't keep busy, I get myself into trouble.

Future Aspirations: Let's stick with the foreseeable future, eh? I've got three, maybe four more years before I get my first degree. Those will be spent in NY and maybe in Ontario. Then I plan to acquire a city apartment with a few friends, all of us teachers-in-progress, and get my master's while working whatever job seems like a good idea at the time. I will struggle to pay rent, utilities, and college loans in the same month. I will sit in a window with a notebook and pen and write and wonder if life this way is worth it. I will sleep hours as odd as those I keep currently. I may have a cat.

Goal in life: become a college professor. Write the sort of novel that can be read over and over again. Become one with everything.

Short term goals: Get the financial end of yet another school year sorted out; pack for school; buy new flipflops; get my room clean. Figure out if I can handle a lab science this semester; check out classes with which to maybe replace it.

Passion: telling stories through whichever medium is handed to me.

Hobbies: writing; photography; discussion.

Famous for: Nobody ever believing me when I tell them that I'm shy. Hanging out with professors outside of class. Having friends of all ages from a lot of different places. Taking chances.

Fave books: The Return of the King; A Child Called It; Silence; Night; The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down; Tuck Everlasting; Macbeth; All-American Girl; Matilda; Jane Eyre; White Oleander

Fave movies: LotR; Donnie Darko; The Boondock Saints; V for Vendetta; Stepmom; White Oleander; Mulan; Ladder 49; History of the World, Part I; The Great Escape

Fave sport: curling

Fave store: Powell's City of Books

Fave music: Bright Eyes; Blind Guardian; The Decemberists; Florida Sessions; The Fray; Green Day; Jack Johnson; Lacuna Coil; Theatre of Tragedy; Metallica; Matchbook Romance; Modest Mouse; The Pax Cecelia; Phantom Planet; Ben Folds; Eisley; Rilo Kiley

What you can't stand: malicious dishonesty

What you plain dislike: lima beans

Who you admire: His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

What you most love to do: exist

Your self-confessed flaws: I don't trust people.

What intrigues/fascinates you: the question "Why?".

What scares you: snakes.

Quotation to live by: Wheresoever you go, go with all of your heart. -Confucious
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Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.
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Name (that you go by): Nogrod, Noggy, Nog, Noggins... Ukri (in RL)
Age: 38
Occupation: Teacher (senior secondary high school - occasional lecturer in the University).
Future Aspirations: To not lose the grasp of life and turn to conformism (so easy at this age).
Goal in life: That my life has had some influence for the better in this world, to even one person; being a decent human being.
Short term goals: Getting back to the rhythm of the school year.
Passion: My children, philosophy, music, slow-food.
Hobbies: Thinking too much, following world affairs on several channels, making & listening to music; esp. singing in a choir, cooking.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being the talk-machine to whom anything human or non-human is a familiar subject followed by a more or less weighed opinion, being the over positive person who never loses his temper.

Fave book: Some weird books by Scandinavian authors probably no one of you knows (Sandemose, Vesaas, Kyrklund etc.). Most of the things Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann, Nikolai Gogol, Samuel Beckett, Eugčne Ionesco or T.S. Eliot have written. Iain (M.) Banks has not written so many bad books either. And the Professor has made some good ones too...
Fave movie: Just to spell out a few (the names probably aren't correct everytime as I have had to come up with an English name for most of them by myself). Lawsuit (the original book is Der Prozess by F. Kafka, dir. by O. Wells), Starlighted night (Taviani brothers), Dr. Strangelove & Clockwork Orange (Kubrick) No-man's land (Tanovic), Songs from the second floor (Andersson), Happiness (Solondz), surely Casablanca is sweet and both the Life of Brian and The Holy Grail by Monty Python are hilarious time after time... The world is full of good movies.
Fave sport: Ssoccer, icehockey, basketball...
Fave store: The Market Hall in Hakaniemi, Helsinki (you can occasionally get fresh rabbit or wild-boar from there...).
Fave music: Just a few; this is really challenging as music from almost any genre can be good when it's made with passion and skill. Bach, Beethoven, Mahler, Shostakovits, Satie, Fauré, Debussy... Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, the Beatles... Massive Attack, Radiohead, Björk, Suede... Radio Tarifa, Camaron, Fairuz, Anouar Brahem... and Kate Bush is the Goddess! (And lots of Finnish stuff is good as well...)

What you can't stand: Conformism or spinelessness of any sort in general, stupidity when it acquires a mass-form (political populism including nazism and facism and some trends of neo-conservatism, intellectual laziness of any sort that bans people of making a difference in the world)
What you plain dislike: Everything fashionable (movies, music, clothes, celebrities...)
Who you admire: People who do believe in good and are ready to do something for it.
What you most love to do: Spending time with my children, cooking, making music, listening to "speaking-programs" from the radio, thinking, sitting down with friends, writing to the Barrow-Downs rpg's...
Your self-confessed flaws: When I'm not interested in something I can be more than lazy and never get the things done. Too ready to open my mouth before I think what I'm going to say (thinking out loud: a requirement for a teacher but not necessarily so good in private life... )
What intrigues/fascinates you: All things or actions that reveal love and caring, all things beautiful, all things that are not self-evident.
What scares you: That something bad happens to my children, that the world goes crazy (it's that already, but unfortunately it can go crazier)
Quotation to live by: "Peace, flowers, freedom, happiness" or "Make love, not war" - and old hippie can't change his fur.
Additional Comments: Reducing one's life and values in these kind of questionnaires is painful and everytime twists the reality. But as it's so nice to read what you others have written, I thought I needed to write my own to claim my right to read yours...
Upon the hearth the fire is red
Beneath the roof there is a bed;
But not yet weary are our feet...

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Macalaure is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Macalaure is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Macalaure is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.
Name (that you go by): Christian
Age: 27
Occupation: PhD student
Future Aspirations: yup...
Goal in life: exactly! sigh...
Short term goals: Finishing my degree, finally ( ) find out what to do with my life, post more in Books, get my most recent fanfiction done, get more exercise
Passion: Middle-earth, old history
Hobbies: Middle-earth, writing, devising stories I never get to write down
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Making laziness an art

Fave book: Fave book not by Tolkien: Fight Club
Fave movie: LotR, Seven, Leon, Alien, Interview with the Vampire, American Beauty, Dead Poets Society, many others
Fave sport: Football (not American Football), Basketball (both more watching than actually playing)
Fave store: None, I hate shopping
Fave music: Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, Björk, Marilyn Manson, Placebo, Auf der Maur, Portishead, the LotR Soundtrack, many others

What you can't stand: Hectic people, people who drive slowly - figure out how that fits together...
What you plain dislike: Brussels sprouts and carrots
Who you admire: Many people, for various things
What you most love to do: Daydreaming
Your self-confessed flaws: Procrastinating
What intrigues/fascinates you: Truth, because it's very rare
What scares you: Moths! Wasps are predictable, moths are just mad. And don't tell me they don't hurt you! They do! I'm sure!!
Quotation to live by: "It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations." ~ Winston Churchill *ducks*

Additional comments: I think it's incredibly difficult to characterise yourself. I feel if I did this questionnaire again in one week it will read like it's from a complete different human being.

Oh, and Nilp: 8/32/97
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Silmaril It's a long, long time since I've been around...

Name (that you go by): Lindsay
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Future Aspirations: Teaching, maybe
Goal in life: To know who I am
Short term goals: Get through 3rd year of my degree, keep doing well at work, etc etc
Passion: The student that I am, hobbies are mostly drinking and going out
Hobbies: Writing, my diary, Tolkien is still one of my favourite authors, sadly on the back burner though since I’ve read so much for my degree (Eng Lit & History)
Famous for not much.
Fave book: Any Jasper Fforde book, and Tolkien
Fave movie: LotR (all 3), Moulin Rouge, Shrek, Requiem for a Dream, many others
Fave sport: Rugby
Fave store: H&M
Fave music: Blondie, Snow Patrol, Belle & Sebastian, Isobel Campbell, Rogue Traders, Pink, Beth Orton, The Feeling, many others.

What you can't stand: People who have no patience or tolerance.
What you plain dislike: Intolerant (esp. homophobic or racist people)
Who you admire: My grandad, for building such a good life despite leaving school at 14 because of WW2
What you most love to do: Daydreaming
Your self-confessed flaws: Procrastinating
What intrigues/fascinates you: History, stories, and knowledge
What scares you: spiders, death
Quotation to live by: My sig: 'It must often be so, Sam, when things are in danger: someone has to give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them' ~Frodo
"Life is hard. After all, it kills you." - Katharine Hepburn

Additional comments: I’ve definitely changed since I last filled this out (over a year ago, at least)
'It must often be so, Sam, when things are in danger: someone has to give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them' ~Frodo
"Life is hard. After all, it kills you." - Katharine Hepburn
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Name (that you go by): not telling

Age: i dun want to tell you.....i'm a teenager, though.

Occupation: Student. yeah..... :P

Future Aspirations: MASTER OF know....i want to get married (and stay married) and raise a family.

Goal in life: I want to help people more.....lead people to Christ. And friends.....

Short term goals: do whatever i'm supposed to do and do it well.

Passion: God, the Bible, others, writing know i have lots of things....helping others is a biggie

Hobbies: Reading my Bible for fun. LOTR. I love LOTR. And reading, writing letters, debating on discussion forums. I make jewelry and i occasionally design stationery. I write a lot of notebooks....journals...

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Being my youth pastor's tormentor. He deserves it. (haha)

Fave book: Bible, LOTR, Chronicles of Narnia, sci fi/fantasy is cool, too.

Fave movie: Chronicles of Narnia, it's the only one i've ever watched.

Fave sport: Is running a sport? hehe

Fave store: Barnes and Nobles, Wal mart....

Fave music: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christian rock. Classical music, too.

What you can't stand: People who need help but are too proud to accept it. They just throw their lives away and they couldn't care less. I wish i could help them but they don't want any. The least i could help is offer them friendship.

What you plain dislike: Eggplant and spinach.....

Who you admire: God, the pastors of my church. my parents.....

What you most love to do: Read and chat with people

Your self-confessed flaws: Procrastinating. Sadly.

What intrigues/fascinates you: Truth, cuz it's a beautiful thing.....and it's fascinating that the Bible is soooo interesting and still applies to today.

What scares you: Skeletons jumping out at you. They're annoying......
I'm not afraid of death.

Quotation to live by: I don't know. I have a lot, actually. Get back later on that.

comments: i love this forum, so far.
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Thinlómien is wading through the Dead Marshes.Thinlómien is wading through the Dead Marshes.Thinlómien is wading through the Dead Marshes.Thinlómien is wading through the Dead Marshes.Thinlómien is wading through the Dead Marshes.Thinlómien is wading through the Dead Marshes.
Name (that you go by): Thinlómien, Lommy, Thin, Thinlo and that boring RL one, Hanni.

Age: 16

Occupation: student

Future Aspirations: To write a book. To see more of the world. And hopefully, to become wiser. (And no, I don't belong to a hobbit family called the Bagginses...)

Goal in life: To survive through it.

Short term goals: To find out why my ear hurts. To eat breakfast. To read and comment through what has happened in the BD in past five days. To answer to a pm and to an e-mail that have waited for too long. To hug Noggie when he next comes to stalk what I am doing. To change to normal day clothing. To drink something. To make Noggie bring me painkillers from the apothecary. To write a Mead Hall post.

Passion: Penguins. Arda and the books that tell its tale.

Hobbies: Reading, BD, drawing, "art club", roleplaying...

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Reading the Lord of The Rings on second grade (8 year old) while other people read children's books of about 20 pages...

Fave book: The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. The Farseer, Liveship Traders and The Golden Fool -series by Robin Hobb. Tigana, Lions of Al-Rassan and A Song for Arbonne by Guy Gavriel Kay. Earthsea books by Ursula Le Guin.

Fave movie: Hair, Edward Scissorhands, Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Fave sport: Sport? Never! Well, if having long walks in parks, swimming in the sea and in lakes in summer or skating in winter count, then... But I don't count them as "sport". I count them as "having fun"... (Two words very far from each other for me...)

Fave store: Akateeminen kirjakauppa (It's a big bookshop, though there are still too few books in there.)

Fave music: I'm expected to make a list? Though from most of the following artists I really love only a few albums, not all... Here it comes... Kate Bush, Gjallarhorn, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, Dido, Blackmore's Night, Art of Noise, Natacha Atlas, Anouar Brahem, Radio Tarifa... I'm sure I forgot something. Oh, it was Nawal and Fröbelin palikat...

What you can't stand: Cleaning. Maths. Health education. Computer problems. Being in a hurry. Seeing dead animals and eating food that looks living. Religious (and other) fanatics.

What you plain dislike: Greedy humans who are going to destroy the world (and, I might be one of them ).

Who you admire: The Prof. (Who else?)

What you most love to do: Walking the silent city streets by night, after the rain, and smelling wet grass and asphalt. Wading to the sea and letting the waves splash against me and feel the wind in my hair. Sitting inside in a warm and soft place reading a book and listening to the rain (or storm) outside. Going to a park or a forest and climbing to a tree and sitting there (possibly with a book).

Your self-confessed flaws: Being lazy. I could also qualify for the BD procrastination club.

What intrigues/fascinates you: Old languages, plum jam, human evolution, how people lived in history, how the mind of my silly tortoise works, making little songs for different food products (or dictators), Arda.

What scares you: Mankind and what horrible it will next come up with. The future of the world. Having a responsible role in ww. Helplessness.

Quotation to live by: Live and let live.

Additional comments: Err... Penguins are cute.
Like the stars chase the sun, over the glowing hill I will conquer
Blood is running deep, some things never sleep
Double Fenris

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Name (that you go by): Cúchulainn, The Hound of Ulster, Conor (Anglicized), Conchobar (Irish Gaelic).

Age: 17

Occupation: Full Time layabout. (A student)

Future Aspirations: Get rich or die trying! Maybe Journalism.

Goal in life: Family, security and a nice house somewhere in the country to retire to.

Short term goals: Passing my A-Levels and getting a job.

Passion: Irish History and politics as well as reading.

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, surfing the net, drinking, chatting with my muckers and uhmm the odd bit of sport.

Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): My drunken antics on the Walls and my politics.

Fave book: Hard one, my favourite fantasy book (So far) is definitely The Lord of the Rings (Including the hobbit). The Fellowship of the Ring would be my favourite out of that. Non fantasy would be maybe Star of the Sea by Joseph O'Connor or The Year of the French by Thomas Flanaghan, both are works of Historical Fiction, my favourite genre.

Fave movie: Mmm, again very difficult. The LOTR and Star War's trilogys are up there, but I have to say that my favourite movie would probably be....... The Wind that Shakes the Barley, at the moment anyway.

Fave sport: Pool, Football, Gaelic and Hurling (sometimes).

Fave store:

Fave music: Irish traditional, classic rock and abit of everything really EXCEPT rap.

What you can't stand: Rap, chavs, bigots, self-righteous people, snobs, most kinds of vegetables.

What you plain dislike: See above ^^

Who you admire: Humanitarians (Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Bob Geldolf lol, etc etc). Also, the whole pantheon of Irish patriots.

What you most love to do: Travel the world, see new places, achieve change through politics, write a book, have a family and a well paying job.

Your self-confessed flaws: Tempermental when provoked, often stubborn with maybe too much pride, and fairly lazy.

What intrigues/fascinates you: History, morality and the unknown...

What scares you: Blind nationalism, nuclear war.

Quotation to live by: "Life is what happens, while you are busy making plans." - John Lennon
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Name (that you go by): hewhoariiiiiiiifalls asleep while type ridiculously vast name
Age: 18
Occupation: student
Future Aspirations: Maybe move to Australia
Goal in life:earn lots do little
Short term goals: finish this post
Passion: women
Hobbies: women
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): Having a stupid Irish name noone can spell or pronounce

Fave book: Cosa Nostra: history of the Sicilian Mafia and oh I don't know.. maybe a little book containing Elves, Dwarves and the like
Fave movie: Trainspotting
Fave sport: fitba
Fave store: ma wee corner shop
Fave music: Oasis, The Libertines...

What you can't stand: Old firm fans not from Glasgow
What you plain dislike: Scotland's winter
Who you admire: David Brent
What you most love to do: sleep
Your self-confessed flaws: where do I start.. cowardice, inarticulateness, hypocrisy, arrogance...'
What intrigues/fascinates you: women
What scares you: women
Quotation to live by: 'I drink therefore I am'
As Beren looked into her eyes within the shadows of her hair,
The trembling starlight of the skies he saw there mirrored shimmering.

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The Might
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The Might is a guest at the Prancing Pony.The Might is a guest at the Prancing Pony.

Name (that you go by): Sabin
Age: 18 on July 23rd
Occupation: Student in the 11th grade
Future Aspirations: study, not sure very sure what yet
Goal in life: Enjoy it
Short term goals: To finish a paper for which I still have 2 weeks time, on a bit longer term to finish the grade well
Passion: Tolkien, skiing in winter and football
Hobbies: Sports (just about anything), spending quality with my friends, with my fraternity "brothers" as well
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): good marks though I spend little time learning (yes, it is possible), pretty long hair, jokes

Fave book: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Fave movie: LotR - RotK
Fave sport: Football
Fave store: A skateshop in Prague, only been there once and I fell in love with it
Fave music: Hard to say, it depends on the situation, I can't say I have a favourite genre...about anything except too old music and gangsta rap

What you can't stand: people talking bad things behind your back, hypocrisy, stupid jokes
What you plain dislike: Vegetarian food, people without manners
Who you admire: Well, depends...hard to answer
What you most love to do: Travel around the world, meet new people, have fun
Your self-confessed flaws: If I ever move out I'm afraid of eating too much, I sometimes am too straight forward, lazy sometimes
What intrigues/fascinates you: At the time...why some girls still are together with guys who treat them badly...sometimes I think they actually enjoy it
What scares you: The idea of losing my friends
Quotation to live by: Non scholae sed vitae discimus (Don't learn for school, but for life)

Additional comments: Nice thread
“The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.”
Delos B. McKown
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littlemanpoet is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.littlemanpoet is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Name (that you go by): littlemanpoet or LMP or Elempi
Age: 47 (and counting)
Occupation: shipping clerk
Future Aspirations: to be a better paid shipping clerk
Goal in life: to get it all together
Short term goals: to be a better paid shipping clerk
Passion: Tolkien, worldbuilding, writing
Hobbies: Tolkien, worldbuilding, writing
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): nothing. Really. Unless you're talking about here; then maybe I'm famous for starting certain threads like "What do you assign to Mordor", etc.

Fave book: Anything Tolkien
Fave movie: Wow, that's hard; uh.... Dead Poet's Society?
Fave sport: to watch: college football; to play: biking (if that counts)
Fave store: anywhere that serves up Guinness and other such wonderful fare.... oh! you mean NOT restaurants? Sorry, none.
Fave music: Peter Gabriel, old Genesis, U2, Loreena McKennitt, and October Project.

What you can't stand: not being trusted. Just as SPM regarding werewolf.
What you plain dislike: liver. anchovies. twangy country music.
Who you admire: a certain friend who sticks to the truth, no matter what, better than I.
What you most love to do: travel.
Your self-confessed flaws: failing to consistently stand up for what I believe.
What intrigues/fascinates you: how societies, teams, you name it, works.
What scares you: infinity
Quotation to live by: "Don't fret, be still."

Additional comments: I'm hooked on this place.

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Flame of the Ainulindalë
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Location: Wearing rat's coat, crowskin, crossed staves in a field behaving as the wind behaves
Posts: 9,330
Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.Nogrod is wading through the Dead Marshes.
Send a message via MSN to Nogrod
Name (that you go by): Nogrod, or Ukri
Age: 39 (funny how fast the time goes...)
Occupation: Teacher (philosophy for Senior Secondary High School (?) - 16-19 year olds)
Future Aspirations: To learn to appreciate the here and now even better. To find new things to appreciate.
Goal in life: To see my children finding themselves and what they might be - and maybe to find that myself too. Hoping to make my life something that has an effect for good on even some tiny little things in this huge universe we live in.
Short term goals: Better time-management, quitting smoking & losing weight (an impossible equation? )
Passion: Other people, music
Hobbies: Thinking, listening, talking, playing music, singing, listening to the music, all the silly but fun games we do with Lommy & her sis.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): My classes in the school I'm in - some of the most unrelated people seem to know of them... "Motormuzzle" (Finnish idiom) when I get into the feeling. Happily I've learned to be silent too when required.

Fave book: I wouldn't like to point to individual books, but Kafka, Gogol, Banks, Borges, Broch, Mann, Holdstock, Sandemose, Kyrklund, Saramago... and surely Tolkien. Just to name a few writers.
Fave movie: So different movies have moved or entertained me and made their mark in different phases of my life, but at least Hair, The Wall, Clockwork Orange, Erasurehead, Andrei Rublev, Stalker (by Tarkovski the two last ones), Monty Python movies...
Fave sport to watch: Football and Ice Hockey go when the game and the stakes are high. Otherwise I'm not so much of a sports fan. Occasionally I may jam in front of the tv with snooker or curling on Eurosport...
Fave store: My corner Czech-pub Hadanka. The Academic Bookstore in Helsinki (the only real bookstore here).
Fave music: Anything made with a heart and soul present be it classic or punk: from Bach, Beethoven and Satie to Louis Armrstrong, Led Zeppelin, Massive Attack and Radio Tarifa.

What you can't stand: consults, effectivity, bussiness-as-usual, dishonesty and faking in general.
What you plain dislike: open and concealed egoism, going with the flow thinking...
Who you admire: All people with integrity. Thoughtful and autonomous people notwithstanding whether I agree with them or not.
What you most love to do: Spending time with my children, discussing things in earnest with friends or students, listening to thoughtful or entertaining speech (in radio), making music or listening to it. Cooking.
Your self-confessed flaws: Laziness when there are no dead-lines. Many bad habits: smokin, drinking, too much fat in the diet... pleasures are not always good to oneself...
What intrigues/fascinates you: Life, the Universe and Everything.
What scares you: The possible stupidity of us humans: we're not bad by birth but we may end up short-sighted and easily swayed from our common and shared goodness and the things that actually matter.
Quotation to live by: Don't do as I do, but as I say...

Additional comments: How hard it is to fill in these questionnaires...
Let the sunshine in!
Upon the hearth the fire is red
Beneath the roof there is a bed;
But not yet weary are our feet...
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Rikae is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Rikae is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Rikae is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
Name (that you go by): Rikae
Age: Old enough to know better, too immature to act on it.
Occupation: Student - literature major, to be specific.
Future Aspirations: Lots of 'em.
Goal in life: Only having one goal in life sounds depressing.
Short term goals: Finish my degree; see the world (or at least a little more of it.)
Passion: Learning, exploring, adventure.
Hobbies: Writing short stories & poetry, painting, gardening, camping, wasting time and money.
Famous for (okay this is where you get to brag about yourself): I should be famous for writing a paper that was, in theory, about Borges, but took the form of interdimensional epistles about Andy Serkis found on, and getting an A+ on it.

Fave book: Non Tolkien? Pale Fire.
Fave movie: La Strada, Monty Python movies, Fight Club, Brazil, Being There, LOTR, Last Year at Marienbad, Donnie Darko...
Fave sport: Skinny-dipping
Fave store: Ebay
Fave music: Radiohead, Portishead, Muse, Within Temptation, This Mortal Coil...

What you can't stand: The sound of chalk on a blackboard, or the (similar) sound of squeaking styrofoam.
What you plain dislike: Daytime TV.
Who you admire: Intelligent and creative people, people who don't take life too seriously.
What you most love to do: Waste time.
Your self-confessed flaws: Excess in all things (except housework...)
What intrigues/fascinates you: People. Psychology, philosophy, literature, art, religion, history...
What scares you: Butterflies. They just freak me out...
Quotation to live by:
"Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow."

Additional comments:

All your base are belong to Serious Cat.

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