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Shield The War of the Rohirrim: Anime Middle-earth

Yes, really.

New Line are working on a new LotR film, in continuity with the Jackson movies. Philippa Boyens, co-writer of the Jackson trilogy, is on as consultant. They've got the writers of Netflix's Dark Crystal series.

Aaaand it's an anime about Helm Hammerhand and that time Rohan got conquered by Dunland and its king turned into an icicle.

I mean... I guess, given that New Line are still running under the old "Hobbit + LotR + Appendices" license (unlike Amazon), Helm isn't a bad choice. His story is one of the more fleshed-out, and takes place over maybe a year or so - so it's easier to make a tidy plot out of than the Fall of Arnor and of the Line of Kings in Gondor, which spans three generations. But it's still kind of a weird choice.

Given the 'continuity with Jackson' claim, should we start a betting pool on which characters will randomly make an appearance? I'm betting on Legolas and Figwit (is he Lindir now?) leading an army from Rivendell. Which will include at least one Hobbit.

(Given the timing, and the 'is on the fast-track' description, I wonder if they're aiming for a release in December for the 20th anniversary of Fellowship...?)

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