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Sting Friendship of Gandalf and Aragorn

In the movie they tell nothing of gandalf and aragorns friendship(i.e. note in bree, search for gollum). By the way I thought we werent supposed to be seen until two towers?<BR>Well I thought this was wierd. They could have done more in bree too.
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I do have to agree but, after Gandalf slips into the shadow, and the rest of the Fellowship leaves the Mines, Aragorn was the first to recover from the shock. Was this because he wanted to push it out of his mind, or because he had to in order to keep Frodo going?
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You look at the Fellowships faces when Gandalf falls Aragorn looks very upset only second to Frodo. He is the strong one so his resolve causes him to suck it up and push on. If he breaks down there I believe all hope is gone.<p>[ December 20, 2001: Message edited by: GreyIstar ]
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I wish i could be more like Aragorn He is a cool friend. I think he was very brave. We don't see him cry for Gandalf but i have a strong feeling he does.
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