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Old 08-01-2022, 03:56 PM   #12161
Pervinca Took
Ghost Prince of Cardolan
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: The Treetops, C/O Great Smials
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Pervinca Took is a guest of Tom Bombadil.
ANCALIME: Minor Shakespearean lass loses her head twice to join a citrus fruit for her.
PELENDUR: Swingy bit of clock loses hesitation, gains direction and note, and moves about a bit to reveal him.
A Tolkien exclaims, elvishly, and creates him from a muddle?
NUNETH: She’s found in an unethical situation.
OHTAR: Oh, thanks, we hear for him!
N He sounds a bit like a sort of weedkiller, but exclusively for banana plants!
ARAGORN: Giant spider – mutilated, then nursed? Now see him: whole, and regal.
RAGNOR: That toerag Norman is hiding him, I swear!
"Sit by the firelight's glow; tell us an old tale we know. Tell of adventures strange and rare; never to change, ever to share! Stories we tell will cast their spell, now and for always."
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