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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Ring Wight Fright: "Fog on the Barrow-Downs" RPG

Bree, 2939 TA

They had first talked about going at night - sneaking out of their beds, climbing out their windows, and sneaking back in an hour or so before dawn...they all had talked that way, but none of them was about to say, "let's go tonight!" They had all heard the stories - who hadn't? It was the last mistake anyone made, to end up in the Barrow-Downs when the light of the world went out.

So it was that a small group started down the East Road in the late morning - they were just keeping to the road for now, of course - toward the East and toward the gloomy mounds on the edge of the Old Forest.

It had been Edwin's suggestion, that morning when they all had nothing better to do than chores (and yeah, sure, they'd be back in time to finish those before supper, he reassured those concerned), that they should enter the Barrow-Downs like they had talked about. They all wanted to know if the stories were true, if the mounds were really even tombs like people said. And how many Breelanders could say they had been that far from town, much less into the Downs themselves?

Well, Edwin was going, and if he went alone, all the better perhaps. He could tell them whatever he liked about the place when he got back, and they would have to believe him.

Needless to say, Edwin did not go alone. He and his friends told their plan to anyone they passed on the way whom they could trust (meaning no adults and no snitches), and soon a few party members became several, and so forth.

Soon they wandered off the road, Edwin leading them - but only ever allowing himself to walk slightly out front of the others - toward the ominous green mounds and lonely stones, and the dark and tangled mass of the Old Forest beyond.

For now the sky was clear and the sun shown comfortably above them...

Join the fun! Anyone may post - just try to follow the basic RPing rules. This is an informal RP just in time for Halloween - see the discussion thread for some details.
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