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TIG CXVII: Admin Thread

Welcome to the 117th game of Werewolf! Technically the 116th, Rikae's game, hasn't happened yet, but I have faith that one day it will. This is the place to discuss rules, roles, and other game details. I am putting up a tentative outline, subject to discussion and feedback and finetuning. Please chip in to help make this game as balanced as we can.

Set Up
Barahir's band of 13 (or 11 or 10, however many we get) men could not be put down by strength alone, so Sauron decides to conquer them by sorcery. Unbeknownst to the rest, 2 (or 3) of the men have been replaced by Sauron's puppets, intent on wiping out the rest one by one. By his sorcery, they were made identical in shape to the men well known to Barahir and his loyal followers, impossible to distinguish by appearance. Will Barahir's band survive, or will Sauron triumph?

Wolves - Sauron's puppets / spies
Ranger - Beren
Seer - Barahir
Ghost - Gorlim (note: this is not one single person)

The Goodies: win when all the wolves are gone
Ordinary villagers, aka ordos - the bulk of the village. No special powers, no Nightly activities.
Ranger - during the Day, acts like an ordinary villager. But at Night, selects a villager to protect by sending the mod a PM with the identity of their chosen target. If the wolves and the Ranger target the same person, there is no kill that Night. The Ranger may NOT protect himself. He may NOT protect the same person for 2 Nights in a row.
Seer - at Night can dream the identity of other players. Sends one name via PM to find out their role each Night, starting on Night 1.

Ghost - a "traveling" role. Players on the DT may be elected to become the Ghost for 1 Day and haunt the GT. See the DT section for details.

The baddies: win when the number of wolves is equal to the number of innocents
Wolves - 3 in quantity. Pretend to be innocent during the Day. At night, plot and choose a villager to kill. The identity of the kill is communicated to the mod at Night by PM.

** All PMing roles, please send your picks at least 15 minutes before DL.**

Game starts with Night 1. Wolves may PM and plot but not kill, Seer may dream. The rest of the game rules and Nightly activities kick in starting on Day 1. The first Night just allows the wolves to say hello to each other, and gives the Seer a head start.

Game Thread, aka Living Thread, aka GT
The realm of the Living, and the Ghost. Players may only post during the Day. Before the end of the Day, they must cast a vote to select a player to be lynched. That player joins the Dead Thread at DL.
During the Night, only the wolves and gifteds are active via PMs. Players killed during the Night join the Dead Thread the following Day, at the announcement of their death.

Dead Thread, aka DT, aka The Cuties
The realm of the Dead. They may post in both Day and Night phases. During the Day, they participate in the living lynch by casting a collective vote. The person with the most votes will receive a vote on the GT; in the event of ties on the DT the first person to reach the max number of votes is selected. During they Night, they vote on whether or not they want to send a Ghost for the following Day, and who the Ghost should be.
  • During the Day, the Dead cast their votes for a Living player. Whoever gets the most votes at DL gets an extra vote, by the same principles of voting as the Game Thread works. The Dead-deadline is identical to the main DL.
  • At the start of the Night, the DT gets a snippet of information from me, not too revealing but giving some info about the previous Day, including wolf and gifted activities. Once a wolf joins the DT, the release of this info will be delayed by 6h. The wolf/wolves will be given an option of 2-3 sentences by PM; the one they choose for publication will be posted. They have 6h after DL to make this choice. If an answer is not received by then, one of the sentences will be posted at random.
  • During the Night, the dead get to mull over this info. They also vote for a Ghost or No Ghost. Person with most votes will be selected as the Ghost on the break of Day, and the name announced on both threads. If the majority of votes say ++No Ghost, then no Ghost will appear.
  • If a Ghost is chosen, for the duration of the next Day he haunts the Game Thread. During this time he cannot look at the DT or participate in the DT vote. In the GT, he can only speak in Tolkien quotes which must be in full sentences and at least 5 words long. References are appreciated but not required. He is not allowed to quote players, link, emphasize text (eg bold/italics). There is no limit to how many posts he can make that Day, or how many Tolkien quotes he can put in a single post. He does not vote on the GT.
  • The Living cannot give specific instructions to the Ghost, under punishment of Isildur's Curse: they shall be banned from both the Living and the Dead threads. They are allowed to ask the Ghost questions, and of course allowed to discuss the Ghost's statements.
  • A Ghost may only be sent 3 times in the game.

  • Living players MUST cast a vote every Day while alive. Failure to vote for 2 Days in a row without extenuating circumstances will result in being sent to the Dead Thread prematurely.
  • Players in the DT are strongly encouraged to keep participating, because they can still influence the outcome of the game. However, they are not obligated to do so, and will receive no punishment for not voting.
  • Votes must be cast before the DL. Votes at DL:00 will be counted, but DL:01 is considered late and therefore the vote will not be counted in the tally.
  • Votes should be on a separate line and highlighted for easy visibility, thus:


    To make them red, use [highlight!] and [/highlight!] without the exclamation marks (they are there to prevent the code from disappearing).
  • Tied votes: still open to proposals. Some possibilities: First to reach tie is lynched. Last to tie is lynched. Neither is lynched. If DT vote is involved in the tie, that vote carries more weight than a Living vote and breaks the tie.
  • 11pm GMT

All players must turn on Invisible Mode (found under your Control Panel).
All players must make sure there is room in their inbox for PMs.


Sign-ups will remain open until 1h before DL before the start of Night 1, ie 10pm GMT on April 19th. Night 1 starts 11pm GMT.
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