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Grading Season 1 Rings of Power

Season 1 is in the books, what grades would you give Rings of Power? In the following categories: Visuals/Special effects, Costumes/Make-up, Acting, Plot, Writing/Dialogue, Music, Themes/Motifs, and Overall.

Overall: C+. I think Visuals and Themes/Motifs are the best part of the show from Season 1. My overall enjoyment gets dragged down by the cringy dialogue and incomplete plot lines. Once the stunning visuals sort of wear off in the first couple episodes it became harder to overlook the major problems I had with the writing. Overall, I thought the acting was pretty good. There were a few duds (especially actors changing accents), but I think some of performances suffer from a poor script, or a character being portrayed differently than what I imagined. Like Gil-galad and Celebrimbor, I think are portrayed quite differently than what I imagined, but I think the actors (Benjamin Walker and Charles Edwards) give convincing performances in their roles.

Discuss any or all of them and any other categories I may have missed. I'll go into details later.

I think that's what I would have given the first Hobbit film, which I basically had the same reaction. I like it for what it is, but it didn't "wow" me like The Fellowship of the Ring. I think I like Rings of Power a smidge more because the visuals were better than that weird fast frame rate Jackson did for The Hobbit. The script was better than the Rings of Power script, but it wasn't anything to hang your hat on. It was just as forgettable as the RoP script, in my opinion.
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