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Tol-in-Gaurhoth CXV: On the Borders of Mirkwood - Game Thread


It was the year 1065 of the Third Age. A small group of folk had grown weary of the years of warring in the south, traveled northwards, and finally settled on the southern borders of Greenwood.

Lately, rumors were spreading among the village that what first looked like a promising spot to build a home, turned out to not be so. It wasn't just the recent illness and tragic death of their village founder and leader. There were also rumors that foul and dark things were inhabiting the Greenwood. Boro heard whispers amongst the townsfolk calling it Mirkwood.

Tomorrow morning the entire village elders would gather in Boro's residence to decide on a new leader. As was laid out by their original founder, one would be chosen from the group of 17. The meeting would likely take all day as all 17 were expected to speak their mind about the future and on who would lead them.

Boro favored staying and laying down stronger roots here. He was becoming quite settled and comfortable, even with rumors of the woods growing darker. Nothing was going to force him from this land. He decided.

There was a knock on his door. When Boro opened it there were 4 villagers who Boro knew were going to be at tomorrow's counsel.

"Folks" he said "Hello. I was going to try to get some sleep for tomorrow, but I don't think I'll have much success. Would you all like some tea?" The four villagers walked in. Two stopped in front of him, two behind and they began slowly circling. Boro decided this was quite unusual, even from these four. "Can I help you?"

"That remains to be seen," said the first. "You see, we were a little restless and went deeper into the forest than any one here has gone. You would be amazed at what is happening inside those woods. I'm amazed we all made it back in one piece!"

"Well, I'm glad you all made it back in time for tomorrow's counsel" Boro said trying to remain polite.

"Are you?" sneered the second. "What exactly are your intentions tomorrow? By that I mean, what do you hope to accomplish?"

Boro now had quite decided, fellow townspeople or not, he did not like these people being here and wanted them gone. "I suggest you all just head back to your home. There will be plenty of time tomorrow to decide on all of this. Good evening!"

"Aw, now you don't have to be so tense" said the third softly, and the tone disarmed him. "You are a prominent person, in fact important to us, and really want to know your mind."

"Well. if you insist." said Boro, this time a little calmer, but still wary of what these villagers were doing here at this time. "As you imply, I realize the forest might be growing dark. I have even heard some villagers calling it Mirkwood now. I get folks are scared and worried, but I don't see a reason to uproot ourselves. At least, it will take a lot more than whispers and rumors of evil things deep in the woods to move me."

"Ahh! See we quite agree with you!" smiled the fourth.

"Good. Well, I'm glad that's settled then" said Boro. "Now, good evening."

"Not for you!" laughed all four.


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