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Old 12-03-2005, 02:51 AM   #241
Ghost Prince of Cardolan
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Maeggaladiel has just left Hobbiton.
If you're not already a moderator at the Barrowdowns online forum, you've certainly entertained the notion.

Perhaps sometimes your ambitions prevent you from taking a break.

Have your serfs fix you a Shirley Temple, put your feet up, and enjoy a rest from clubbing the unwashed masses over the head, Your Majesty.

The lady Lush speaks truth! I do hope you Admin are reading this. See what you're missing by not having Maeggaladiel as a moderator? For shaaaaame.

That was fun, Lush! Thank you for that one!
"Wide ne bith wel," cwaeth se the geheirde on helle hriman.
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Old 12-03-2005, 11:12 AM   #242
Laconic Loreman
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Boromir88 has passed beneath the Argonath.Boromir88 has passed beneath the Argonath.Boromir88 has passed beneath the Argonath.Boromir88 has passed beneath the Argonath.Boromir88 has passed beneath the Argonath.Boromir88 has passed beneath the Argonath.
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White Tree

Wow, Lush you always manage to come up with the most...interesting ( ) tests.

I guess I'm a Cheeky Brit barrowdowner...though I'm not a Brit.
Normalizing "changing your opinion, when presented with new information" one post at a time.
Fenris Penguin
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Old 12-04-2005, 01:00 AM   #243
Hauntress of the Havens
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Lhunardawen has been trapped in the Barrow!

It seems that part of the attraction of Tolkien for you is that it's all good, clean fun with some serious Biblical thematics.

If you put in a good word with the Almighty for me on Judgment Day, I'd really appreciate it.

Oh, and stay away from temptation please.
Editted quiz, still the same result. *sigh*

I'll try to remember that second thing, Lushie.
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