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Aylwen Dreamsong
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Wrapping up Cartil's loose threads...

Cartil and Laurel went off, seeking rest. The silence was slightly awkward, for Cartil's mind and thoughts were amiss and inconsistant with the loss of his sister and the sudden end of battle. Laurel was exhausted, and Cartil could see it in her eyes though she tried to hide it.

"Where will you go, now that everything has ended?" Laurel asked quietly as the two stopped and took a rest on one of the stone benches in the courtyard. The plants were ruined, blood had been spilt on some, and dirt was caked all over the stepping stones.

"If it does not bother you, Laurel," Cartil began, thinking as he went along. "I think I shall stay here. I've seen enough bloodshed to last me a few years at least," he paused and chuckled at this. "And I do not think I could go home for long without feeling strange. It would be strange living in a place where I had not been for so long, and being near all the things Jesslyn once loved and lived."

"So you will stay here, with me?" Laurel asked to clarifly.

"Yes, I think I will stay here with you."
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The dark Elves and Annanodolwen were going to leave in two days and there was work to be done.

The first thing that Laurel and Cartil did was put Jesslyn in a coffin for transport back to her home town. All the villagers had put in small flowers that had started to sprout around the forest edge.

The people had to get back to their village and start rebuilding. They needed food and material. While the able bodied village men did most of the lifting and work at their settlement, Lanaey, Galain, Rudhchamion and a select few villagers, including two young boys that Lanaey had started training as hunters, went out to find game. They found enough to keep the settlement good for several days and then it was time for the four Elves to leave.

Annanodolwen frowned at them. "I still think that Gorath needs some more healing time."

Rudhchamion glanced over from packing his horse. This was a now old conversation. "It'll be a simple ride. Besides, he has you to tend if he needs anything."

Lanaey laughed and put a placating hand on the scholarly Elf's shoulder. "Do not worry, they won't let him fall."

Laurel came up and gave Annanodolwen a huge hug while Taralphiel went to give Rudhchamion a hug. The two spoke quietly while Laurel went to the brothers and gave them hugs as well, Galain a strong one and Gorath a gentle one.

"Thank you so much for helping and sacrificing so much for us," her voice sounded a little wavy, but her eyes showed no signs of tears.

Gorath spoke first. "It was an honor. I will remember this town for always."

Galain nodded and Annanodolwen patted Laurel on the arm. "Lead them well, so all we gave continues to mean something."

Laurel giggled and nodded. Cartil went around and shook all their hands as Taralphiel followed with her own double handshakes.

Before Lanaey could stop to think Annanodolwen had her in a hug. The warrior Elf quickly embraced her back. As the broke apart Lanaey's eyes were too moist for her comfort and she blinked furiously. Moving toward the dark brothers she said, "Now, don't you forget. In forty years exactly," and she gave them hugs as well. When she pulled away from Galain she wiped at her eyes.

"We won't forget," Galain promised again.

Lanaey and Rudhchamion simply exchanged nods, but they didn't know each other as well as the others.

Then they were all mounted and Rudhchamion started off with Gorath and Annanodolwen following. Galain moved over to Lanaey and handed her down a small pouch. "For your wounds. Mix a pinch of the powder with a goblet of water and apply every night before you go to bed." He squeezed her hand and then galloped to catch up with his departing companions.

Lanaey looked in the pouch and saw a small ring at the top of the powder. It looked to be made by an amature and she guessed that Galain had made it himself sometime back. She gently blew the powder off of the dark silver. It was much too dark to be normal silver, but Lanaey had never seen the material before and couldn't name it. It was beautiful though, and etched around the band were ancient Elven words that she preferred to keep to herself.

Lanaey, Laurel, Cartil and Taralphiel waited until the four were out of sight.

"So," Taralphiel spoke, "I hear you plan on staying among us for some time Lady Lanaey."

Lanaey turned and looked at the three. Laurel was leaning into Cartil's embrace a bit and all three were looking at her. She nodded and was about to speak when Laurel started.

"Good. Would you like to be in charge of our security?"

Lanaey laughed. "Sure. I'd also like to continue teaching hunting if you don't mind," she winked at the young maiden.

"Naturally. Well, what were you planning on doing these next few weeks specifically?" Laurel continued.

Lanaey considered. "I'm going to get a volunteer group to go with me for scavenging from the camp and then destroying the rest of it."

Taralphiel nodded. "A very sound plan of action," she glanced at her granddaughter. "Laurel and Cartil are going to take Jesslyn back to her home. They'll also have to make a detour for Cartil to give news of Leena and Thagon's death. I was wondering if you'd help me run the place while they're gone."

Lanaey walked over and hugged the two soon to be travelers. "Of course I will, and when you get back we can plan a joining ceremony."

Laurel blushed furiously and sputtered a bit, which made Taralphiel and Lanaey both laugh heartily.

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Embracing Rudchamion slowly, she smiled.

"It seems we have survived another adventure. I am glad, very glad"

Rudchamion nodded, and didnt change his expression

"I will return some day perhaps. I will not forget what happened here. It will live long in the memories of many people."

"Less so in mine, my friend. I shall not be around much longer you know" Taralphiel grinned. Rudhchamion nodded a little before saying:

"Farewell Lady Taralphiel. I will meet you again" and he spurred his horse on.



Standing in the garden, though there was still a buzz of excitement, he could see the calm begin to rise. The slim white heastones still glowed in the afternoon sun, and he looked upon the resting places of Thagon and Leena

"I will be loath to break this news, but I will do it for thee" he murmured.

"And you shall accompany my granddaughter to see Cartil's family?' Taralphiel spoke as she made her way to his side

"Of course. I heard Lanaey teasing Laurel again after you returned. I wish to see that joining ceremony, and then I ride back to my home"

Taralphiel moved a little further off, and placed a worn hand upon one of the oldest of the stones in the garden

" He will wish you to take his place, to hand his daugher away as if she was yours. It will make her very happy"

"Aye, Im sure it will. It will ease my old sould very much"

"Then it is so" smiled Taralphiel

They both stood silently watching the sun change the colour of the leaves and the sea breeze move in, thinking of the great days to come and the happiness they could now afford.



Laurel could not stop the peace and quiet from making her smile. While nurses still bustled around, taking care of her grandfather Havlor, she still could not help but want to sing for joy.

She stood leaning against the pillars at the back of the hose, looking at the waves over the great ocean. Cartil stood beside her and they said nothing to each other, only grasping stray glances. Laurel watched him stare at the gulls flying by, and the stray whisps of black hair fly around his eyes. Turning away she heard a familiar voice:

"I saw that missy! I never knew you could stare at someone so adoringly! My, what a change!"

Laurel almost jumped out of her clothes when she saw Havlor slowly move towards her, leaning heavily on a staff.

"Grandfather!" she cried and embraced him

"Indeed! Did ye think me bedridden even in victory! Nay, I wanted to walk and talk with the men who fought so hard. Especially you young fellow!" he said, nodding towards at flabberghasted Cartil.

Laurel laughed until she ached and watched her grandfather question Cartil. She was glad he took this all very well, and turned to see her grandmother Rivwyn just behind the curtains, watching with tears in her eyes.

Looking back at the sky, she said out loud:

"I wish many people who are not here could see this all. I do wish that very much. But they can see it. And I will live every day with that. I will be happy. It is the least I can do..."

~The End~
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