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Family tree of all characters of middle-earth legendarium


Hello everyone,

Here is the giant family tree of almost all the characters of Tolkien's Middle Earth legendarium. The tree starts with Eru and the Ainur before Time itself, and goes straight down from there to all the characters living at the end of the Third Age.

It is essentially a giant visual Tolkien Gateway page containing:

- The tree. It shows the direct line of royal descendants and all the unions of its members to the outside families,

- Images that show all the different characters, important objects, places, events, cities, and so many more.

- Information boxes on many events, royal bloodlines, several key figures and important sociological events and many historical events.

The source of this work is the content of this entire website and all its related pages.

Keep in mind that I am neither a Tolkien specialist, nor a specialist in English literature, not even an English speaker, and that I do not hold any diplomas which could qualify me as a specialist in anything of what this tree contains. All of this was made possible because I love Tolkien and family trees, and because I have some spare time and the desire to do something out of it.

It is the corrected version 1.1 of my tree, so if you feel that you need to add something, or simply that something should be there or should be removed, feel free to send me a message or to comment this post.

So click the links here to download the:

- Here to get the 445.2Mb pdf FullXL Tree

- Here to get the 22.8Mb pdf Compressed Tree

Visit me on:

- My website MonarchyCharts

- My Reddit

- My Facebook

There you go, I hope you'll enjoy looking at this tree.

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