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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Ring Wight Fright: "Fog on the Barrow-Downs" Discussion Thread

Wight Fright: "Fog on the Barrow-Downs"

Wight Fright: "Fog on the Barrow-Downs" is an informal RP, which takes place in the Barrow-Downs around the year 2939 of the Third Age. A group of kids from Bree (a range of ages, but Edwin I suppose is about 13), have decided to go into the mysterious Downs for the sake of adventure...which they may well find.

Will they keep their wits about them and leave well before the sky begins to darken? Will they even find the Downs to be a safe place during daylight hours? Must they disturb a tomb to awaken the Barrow-wights, or are the spirits aware of their presence as soon as they step near their mounds?

Join the adventure, as a member of the party, or as a worried parent back home (especially as it grows later in the day...). Or, there's another way you can participate: roleplay the environment. What do our adventurers hear, see, or feel that might send chills down their spine? Maybe think of it in the style of a haunted house.*

Since this is an "informal RP," you do not need to post bios for your characters - just come up with a character in your head and post as them. Also, I may use 'Edwin' as my character at other times, but feel free to use him at will!

Anyone may post (regardless of whether or not you are a 'roleplayer' or are of 'Rohan status') - just follow the basic RPing rules for posting found in The Red Book of Westmarch.

Much credit to Bethberry, the originator of the past holiday informal RPs: The Veil Lifted, The Yule Log, and the Snowed Inn.

Just like Bethberry did, I am passing this completely off to the gamers. I'll try to participate as much as I can because I think it shall be fun, but this isn't a game that is run by anyone - all the writers will just work things out with each other as they go, and even if everyone ends up a little lost, it will be fun!

*(But on that note: No Barrow-wights popping out of tombs...yet? This isn't Zombieland, as much fun as that would be...if our adventurers were properly armed at least.)

Happy Halloween!

**EDIT: With the altering of the RP forums, this game falls under the "Character Driven" (or what have you) type game. It is still open to players and is also still open to people posting as the environment as described above.**

This RP will end once the children (Edwin, Jessamy, and whoever else if someone joins us) make it back to Bree-town to their parents.

Current Characters:

Edwin - Boy (Race: Man), about 12 or 13. -Durelin
Jessamy - Girl (Race: Man), a little younger? -Mithalwen
Karl - Man, upper 30s maybe. -Durelin
--Duke - Karl's dog
Willem - Man, mid-50s or so. -Evinyatar
--Jumble, Willem's dog

Current Time and Location:

Somewhere along/near the East Road near the Downs. Evening, about full dark. Perhaps starting to snow.

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