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Sting Rog?

As I read more and more of the revised Silm project, I quickly have come across the name Rog. An elf no doubt but who is he, and if he does kill a balrog, I think that eliminates the three balrogs concept, but to stay on subject-who is Rog?
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Rog was an Elf of Gondolin. Many Balrogs were slain in the The Fall of Gondolin. Dating back to 1919, it was (if I'm not mistaken) one of the very first tales set in Middle-earth. You can read it in The History of Middle-earth Vol. II - Book of Lost Tales II. Its obsolescence really prevents it from shedding any light on the Balrog debate. There are several things in it that no longer exist in Tolkien's cosmos. Mechanical dragons, for example.

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