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Squatter, I posted a link to a newspaper which printed a small excerpt of Tolkien's translation of Beowulf on the thread "New Tolkien book found."

I find now that the link is outdated. I wonder, Bill Ferny, since we posted there briefly, if you happened to have saved a copy of Tolkien's translation? If not, I will contact the newspaper for a back issue/archival copy.


EDIT. Here are Tolkien's and Heaney's translations, as printed in the following:

Tolkien's monster resurfaces: The Beowulf manuscript
National Post
Monday, January 13, 2003
Page: A16
Section: Discovery
Byline: Joseph Brean
Column: Literature
Source: National Post

Tolkien's translation of Beowulf and his men setting sail:

On went the hours: on
ocean afloat
under cliff was their craft.
Now climb blithely
brave man aboard; breakers
ground the shingle. Gleaming
they hove to the bosom of the
bark, armour
with cunning forged then cast
her forth
to voyage triumphant,
fleet foam twisted.

The same passage by Heaney:

Time went by, the boat was
on water,
in close under the cliffs.
Men climbed eagerly up the
sand churned in surf, warriors
a cargo of weapons, shining
in the vessel's hold, then
heaved out,
away with a will in their
wood-wreathed ship.

(Copyright) From Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney, faber and faber, 1999

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