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Here it goes

A LIST OF SOME ATHANAR'S SOLDIERS (for the time being)


┴FORGLAED - younger (in early 20s after the timejump), somewhat "unlucky fellow" whose main problem is that he cannot foresee the course of his actions and because of his tongue which he just cannot watch well enough he can easily get himself into bad situations. Got himself into a brawl with Matrim, later avoided punishment. Is a buddy with Scyrr. ┴forglaed is a bit of a coward, but also in the sense that if saying "sorry" is the easy way to solve the problem, he does it. And in that, he is honest (i.e. not hypocritically just saying "sorry" to get away with anything, he usually genuinely feels sorry, only in many times apologizing just might not be enough). View of Scarburg: in the beginning somewhat negative, although he has the good chance of adapting himself.

BALDWIC SON OF BALDWIN - young, a bit insecure and unsure of himself. Had "sort of befriended Wilheard on the way to Scarburg" (Lommy) and the two of them had been recently training together. Baldwic seems to be fond of Wilheard, and same the other way around, even though Wilheard thinks Baldwic "still a bit of a baby". View of Scarburg: not specified.

FEARGHALL - possibly a bit older and generally more experienced, a rather balanced person, calmness is his name (this far, in every scene where he was present, his only attribute expressed was being "calm"). View of Scarburg: so far somewhat positive, had been expecting worse.

SCYRR - the type of person who speaks his mind openly, no matter what others think. A bit arrogant and self-centered. He can control himself in front of higher authorities (to an extent), but to his equals or, Valar forbid, to those below him in rank he can be just downright mean if there is even the tiniest thing which might annoy him about them. In other words: if you are being annoying (and you are not being a noble or something like that), you just deserve to be informed about that (in which way might depend on the circumstances. If you are too annoying and seem not to be willing to change your behavior, you may as well be "cured" from your lack of manners by physical punishment). Scyrr feels "on the same boat" with people he has known for a long time, and definitely now, in "hostile environment" he is more likely to stick to his comrades from Athanar's household (even possibly Hilderinc, whom he finds to be an annoying man who does not stick with the collective, but now he is still "closer" than the "foreigners").
His character traits got Scyrr to being almost strangled by Erbrand, when Scyrr, being annoyed by the smell of Erbrand's tanning and after Erbrand dared to gainsay to him, got into a fight with the tanner.
View of Scarburg: definitely negative (but from the objective point of view, Scyrr complains about anything that does not suit him, Scarburg is just not an exception - that, however, does not make any difference on the outside). Where there is but a single thing to criticise, Scyrr goes for it. (He would, however, never dare to criticise - certainly not openly - anybody who is superior to him, which would likely include even the original Scarburgian "nobility" like Saeryn etc.)


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