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Question The "is it" game

ok, I'm going to try to keep this simple but since it's me, I probably end up confusing everyone.

the idea of this game is that someone thinks of a word (ME related of course) and gives the letter it begins with. The others then try to think of a word that begins with the given letter and then ask a question which could be answered with the word the asker has thought up. If the one who thought up the word in the first place can't answer the question he has to give the next letter of his word. Before the person who has set the clue gives the next letter he has to ask for an answer from the asker. after the asker has given the correct answer the setter of the clue can give the next letter. others should not ask questions before the setter of the clue has given the next letter. Confusing, I know but an example should clear this a bit.

I could think about "Herugrim" so I would post:
- It starts with H.
"Hobbit" could spring up to someones mind so he could ask:
-is it a race in ME?
I could answer:
-no, its not the Haradrim
then Mister x, as I am going to call the other guy from now on, could ask the same question again or he could try to narrow down the possible answers and ask:
-is it a race in ME which likes to live in holes.
I would of course answer:
-no, it's not a hobbit.
then mister x could ask:
-does it protect you from harm?
I can't think anything that protects you from harm and begins with 'H' so I have to answer:
-I can't think of anything
mister x then has to say his answer:
- a Helmet
now I would have to give the next letter:
-the next letter is 'e'
mister x could then ask:
-was it used at the battle of the pelennor fields?
I could asnwer:
- no, it's not the Heads that were catapulted into minas tirith.
mister x asks the same question:
-was it used at the battle of the pelennor fields?
I can't think up anything else that was used at the battle so I have to say:
- yes, it is Herugrim.

I hope this cleared things up.

before I completely confuse you all I'll start off: my word begins with 'S'

and my apologies if a similar thread already exists.

EDIT: as there has been some confusion with the rules, I will try to clarify them as saucepan suggested.

the same answer cannot be given more than once to the questions being asked by the guessers. That's why, for example, we can keep on asking "Is it a Dwarf?" and expect a different answer each time. If the person who has set the clue cannot give an answer, then he/she must ask the person who asked the question to give their answer. If their answer is one which has previously been given, the game simply carries on.
the person who has set the clue needs to keep in mind the answers already given and guessers should try to avoid asking a question to which the only answer (or at least the only answer that they can think of) is one which has already been given.
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