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Iarhen has just left Hobbiton.
Sting When Galadriel was greatly tempted by the One Ring... why didn't Sauron notice?

Sauron was able to see when the power of His Ring affected someone. Not only when they put it on, but also when it was near someone and that someone was affected by it (that's how he knew about Frodo and the One Ring going to Rivendell on Arwen's/Glorfindel's horse... that's why he sent the Nazgul behind it).

So, when in Lothlorien Frodo offered Galadriel the ring, and Galadriel was so greatly changed... physically taller, a lot mightier, etc... Why didn't Sauron knew that the One Ring was the one that was affecting Galadriel so much, changing her that way?
"In place of a Dark Lord you will have a Queen! Not dark but beatiful and terrible as the Dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love me and despair!"
--- Galadriel when tempted by the One Ring.
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Michel Delving
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Sauron could sense the ring only, not the reaction a person was having to it. The Nazgul were drawn to the ring and the ring would sense them also. But they did not cause Frodo to want to put the ring on, the ring itself was to blame.

Sauron sent the Nazgul because he had to use utter speed and abandon secrecy at that point. The Nazgul followed the trail from Morodor from the info they got from Gollum, not because he had sensed that Fordo was fighting a battle of wills with the ring.(read UT the hunt for the ring)
They had begun to catch up with Frodo when GLORFINDEL (Arwen was not on the hunt for the ring.) Came to the rescue.

When Frodo tempted Galadriel with the ring, her response would not have tipped off Sauron in any way.

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lathspell has just left Hobbiton.

Sauron did not send the Nazgul to Frodo. He sent them out to find out what 'Shire' was and who 'Baggins' was. Those were the words Gollum said when he was tortured by Sauron in Barad-dur. The Nazgul found out Frodo had the Ring and where the Shire was. From their it was easy for them to follow the Ring because they sensed the Ring and the Ring 'called' to them.
For further details: Unfinished Tales - The Hunt for the Ring (as Michel Delving said before)

I also don't believe that Galadriel was mightier at the time Frodo offered her the Ring. She showed him how she would become, but not with the powers of the Ring, but with her own powers. That's probably also why Frodo saw something glitter as a star on her finger (Nenya, the Elven Ring).

'You?' cried Frodo.
'Yes, I, Gandalf the Grey,' said the wizard solemnly. 'There are many powers in the world, for good or for evil. Some are greater than I am. Against some I have not yet been measured. But my time is coming.'
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