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Sting The Quenta Silmarillion -- A Story Gist

The other night, a few of our regular chatters started telling the Quenta Silmarillion to those who knew it not yet, so that all could participate in discussion. We decided to crop the chat logs (not for spelling, though), and post them here.

So, all of you who have not yet read the Silmarillion, or who want to refresh their memory, might enjoy this gist of it; even though we cannot naturally compare to JRRT. If you don't want the story to be spoiled, read the books first and solely, of course.

(Mhoram) Of Feanor, The Greatest of the Deep Elves. Of the Silmarils and the poisioning of The Two Trees. Of the beginnings of the War of Wrath.
(Kate) I'll condense it from the Sil, you guys ask questions as I go and hoppefully someone can answer. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
(Kate) Oh good, Mho will!
(Kate) I'll help you out, Mho. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

(Mhoram) Feanor was an Elven Lord, one of the greatest, along with Galadriel and Gil-Galad.
(Mhoram) During the First Age the elves lived in Valinor along with the Valar and Maiar.
(LegoIas) Considered *the* greatest of the Noldor...son of FinwŽ, the First High King of the Noldor.
(Mhoram) The greatest work of Feanor was the forming of the Silmarils. They were three great jewels filled with the light of the Two Trees, and the glory of the Blessed Realm.
(Ronin_Fox) His mom died shortly after giving birth to him...
(Isildur) They filled Morgoth with greed
(Isildur) he had to have them
(Mhoram) This was the time of Melkor/Morgoth, in the First Age, when Sauron was but a servant.
(LegoIas) Sauron was but a pitiful sidekick, at this time.
(Isildur) And Balrogs were used as troops in warfare
(Mhoram) You may have heard of the creation of the world, the music of the Valar that formed it. Melkor was one of the Valar, the most powerful.
(Isildur) music of the ainur
(Mhoram) Sadly, Melkor held evil in his heart and caused much ill in the creation of the world through his singing.
(Kate) Yes, Melkor created his own melody.
(Gwindor) out of harmony with the rest
(Mhoram) For a time Melkor was sent to the Void, where he could do no harm, but eventually the Valar released him and he convinced Manwe, the greatest of the other Valar that he had changed his ways and would help undo the evil he had done.
(Kate) Some of the others joined in with him, and there was a great discord.
(Mhoram) Manwe, knowing not evil in his heart was decieved and believed Melkor, though secretly Melkor envyed the jewels and other precious things of the Valar, and hoped to have them for himself.
(Mhoram) For a time Melkor lived again among the Valar, doing good works and biding his time.
(Isildur) Iluvatar created the Ainur to help him in his divine song
(Isildur) that song became existance as we know it
(Mhoram) When Feanor made the Simrils and showed them to the Valar, they were all amazed and felt great joy at them.
(Isildur) The Ainur that descended to the world became Valar, Maiar, and...Melkor.
(LegoIas) Melkor was originally of the Valar, and equal to Manwe in power.
(Mhoram) Melkor however, lusted to have the silimarils for himself, he lusted for them such that from that time forth, he sought ever more eagerly how he should destroy feanor and end the friendship of the Valar.
(Isildur) Iluvatar made Melkor with the abilities of all the others
(Mhoram) Secretly he made plans for these ends and continued to hide his true plans from the other Valar, and Feanor.
(Mhoram) In subtle ways Melkor began seeding mistrust between the Valar and the Elves.
(Mhoram) Eventually Melkor's deception was revealed and he vanished from Valinor to his old stronghold, Angband in Middle-Earth.
(Mhoram) Melkor sought out Ungoliant in here secret abode in Avathar. Ungoliant was like a great spider of monstrous form.
(Mhoram) Melkor had a plan to act his revenge and hatred against the Valar, with Ungoliant they would kill the Two Trees of Valinor, the light of the world.
(Mhoram) There was a great festival to be held among the Valar, a perfect time for his plan. With Ungoliant they snuck into Valinor and came to the Two Trees.
(Mhoram) Ungoliant was a creature who devoured light, an odd concept I know, but it is so. She ever hungered for more, and no greater source was there than the Two Trees.
(Mhoram) Melkor sprang upton the mound where the Two Trees grew and struck them deeply with his spear and their sap poured forth as it were their blood.
(Mhoram) Ungoliant sucked it up, going tree to tree, until both trees were withered, root, branch, and leaf, and they died. And it was dark.
(Mhoram) The Light failed; but the Darkness that followed was more than loss of light. In that hour was made a Darkness that seemed not lack but a thing with being of its own: for it was indeed made by malice.
(Mhoram) The Valar realized what had been done and were dismaded. They gathered about the Ring of Doom and sat in shadow, in woe.
(LegoIas) All the spiders of Mirkwood were offspring of Ungoliant.
(Mhoram) The Light of the Trees had passed away and lived now only in the Simrails of Feanor.
(Mhoram) Yavanna had brought the light of the trees into being and some of that light had been saved in the Silmarils of Feanor.
(Mhoram) Silmarilion, Kitinka
(Mhoram) Yavanna asked Feanor for the Silmarils, for with them she could recall life to the Trees and their hurt could be healed.
(Mhoram) Feanor was long in silence, thinking, atlast he replied: 'It may be that I can unlock my jewels; but never again shall I make their like; and if I must break them, I shall break my heart, and I shall be slain; firt of all the Eldar in Aman.'
(Mhoram) Such was his love for the Silmarils, even to save the trees he could not give them up.
(Mhoram) A moment later messengers arrived from Feanor's home telling of how a blind Darkness came northward, and in the midst walked some power for which there was no name, and the Darkness issued from it.
(Mhoram) This was Ungoliant, and with her still was Melkor. They came and slew Finwe King of the Noldor, father of Feanor.
(Mhoram) After slaying Feanor's father, Melkor took the jewels of the Noldor that were hoarded in that place; and the Silmarils were gone.
(Mhoram) AT this news Feanor rose, and lifting up his hand before Manwe he cursed Melkor, naming him Morgoth, the Black Foe of the World.
(Mhoram) Then Feanor ran from the Ring of Doom and fled into the night; for his father was dearer to him than the Light of Valinor.
(Mhoram) Morgoth and Ungoliant escaped from Valinor and returned to Middle-Earth with the Silmarils.
(Isildur) but it hurt Melkor to carry the silmarils, but still he refused to yeild them to anyone...
(Mhoram) Ungoliant was hungry yet, even after consuming all the light of the trees, and she asked Morgoth for the Silmarils, that she might consume them as well.
(Isildur) The silmarils burned the hands of the impure who would attempt to hold them
(Isildur) but he refused!
(Mhoram) But Ungoliant had grown great with the power of the trees and she rose against him and emeshed him in a web of clinging throngs to strangle him.
(Mhoram) Morgoth let out a terrible scream that was heardthroughout the northern world; the mountains shoook and the earth trembled.
(Mhoram) In Angband the Balrogs lurked, awaiting the return of their lord and hearing the scream they rused to his aim.
(Mhoram) With their whips of flame they smote the webs of Ungoliant and she quailed and turned to flight.
(Mhoram) Morgoth returned to Angband and forged for himself a great crown of iron, and he called himself King of the World
(Mhoram) In his crown he set the Silmarils and his hands were burned black by those hallowed jewels and black theey remaiuned ever after, and he was never free from the pain of the burning.
(Mhoram) Ok, we'll stop there.

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