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Old 06-10-2000, 06:56 AM   #1
Ar Pharazon
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Ring Isildur's armor....

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I'm currently working on a painting of Isildur cutting the ring from Sauron's finger and I have counsel to ask of you all....

Would Isildur's shield bear the Rising Moon of his own Minas Ithil, or would it bear the White Tree and Seven Stars of Elendil and his heirs? I tend to believe that it would be the Rising Moon, being that only the king wore the latter, and Isildur although an heir, was Lord of Ithilien, not King of Gondor/Arnor at the time.

Any input would be greatly appreciated....

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The Barrow-Wight
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Re: Isildur's armor....

I'm no expert at this type of thing, but by the time of the final battle against Sauron, Minas Ithil was occupied by the enemy and Isildur was based out of Arnor from where he returned with the army of the Last Alliance.

It would seem appropriate that he would wear the emblem of Ithil since had originally been stationed there and was striving to retake it, but I think he might likely have been under the banner of Gondor.

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Re: Isildur's armor....

It's too late now but it would have been the seven stars, the tree of Gondor, since Ithilien was part of Gondor. Maybe his standard would have the moon, but I doubt it. After all, the standard of Minas Tirith did not have the sun on it, it was plain black, the standard without the crown, tree etc. Mind you it was Minas Anor as the sun, Minas Tirith as the tower of the guard.

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Old 04-24-2003, 06:23 PM   #4
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In most artworks, it is depictaded as the White Tree. Though, I have seen some with the moon on it.
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