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  1. What are your thought on the movies?
  2. Arwen's expanded role..
  3. Where did Tom go?
  4. Death!
  5. Cast......
  6. Sex in the movies????
  7. Peter Jackson post in the' Books'
  8. ORCS or Yrch...
  9. What are you most looking forward to seeing?
  10. Bk1, Ch2, Shadow of the Past -- The Movie
  11. SMOKIN'
  12. Weapons
  13. Merry Brandybuck
  14. Movie Products
  15. Tattoos and a pink boa?
  16. Are the movies a good or bad thing?
  17. Better cast/Disaster cast
  18. Elrond the vampire
  19. Newspaper Article turns sour
  20. I think I figured it out!
  21. Samuri "elf" warriors?
  22. Lothlorien
  23. Re what do you guys think of the actors
  24. Re:Hey does anyone know.....
  25. Lurtz
  26. Our Worst Fears!
  27. Buckland Bridge or Maggot´s visitor?
  28. 3 or 4 feet?
  29. Treebeard in the Movies
  30. Oops! Now THAT doesn't sound quite right!
  31. The Characters
  32. Frodo Of The Nine Fingers Song
  33. The new Games Workshop miniature range - approve?
  34. We all knew it was going to happen
  35. A HUGE problem with Bombadil's removal.
  36. Sir Ian McKellen himself answered my question on his Site.
  37. Is the movie such a good idea?
  38. Give the LOTR team a break.
  39. Tolkein Songs to current melodies
  40. When watching LOTR at home:
  41. What is the worst thing that could go wrong
  42. Which scene?
  43. Of Eagles and, well, eagles...
  44. Young Frodo?
  45. How will the Balrog look?
  46. Preview: FOTR
  47. Movie Merchandise
  48. 'Lord of the Rings' Props Draw Crowds
  49. burger king toys
  50. Still worried about the movies?
  51. Making of the Lord of the Rings
  52. The Original LOTR movie (1978)
  53. What to Wear to the Movie Opening?
  54. Does anybody know....
  55. What WAS That Thing?
  56. Lurtz?
  57. Eowyn's role changed, too
  58. Arwen?
  59. Tom Bombadil
  60. Fear that so many fear wont see the hroa
  61. And as movie time rolls around, Ionia huddles in fear, sobbing.
  62. Hobbit sex symbols?
  63. Elfish?
  64. Arwen
  65. Movie comments - don't read if you haven't seen the movie yet!
  66. Friendship of Gandalf and Aragorn
  67. My views on the Film (It wouldn't let me post on the other topic like this)
  68. Has anybody thought what I have thought?
  69. People who thought the movie stunk!
  70. Galadriel and Bilbo
  71. Problems with the movie...
  72. When did you laugh or cry?
  73. To those with....
  74. Do I dare? Do I dare?
  75. Minor Changes Wishlist
  76. FOTR - sh*te
  77. A short review, a little perspective, and a few gripes.
  78. favorite parts of FoTR
  79. How Many Times Have You Seen The Movie?
  80. Narsil
  81. Agent Elrond
  82. What did you think of the LotR movie. Newcomers invieted.
  83. LotR Movie Mistakes?
  84. Anyone else have a sister as stupid as this?
  85. The Nazgul: do you feel they made them look weak?
  86. Characters/Cast
  87. Alternate ending to LotR...
  88. The Insect that flew to Gandalf in the movie..??
  89. The Two Towers and Return of the King
  90. Lament of Gandalf
  91. Bilbo
  92. Aragorn's changed character
  93. The Prancing Pony: from cheery inn to cut-throat's cellar
  94. birth of uruk-hai in fire pits...
  95. Does anyone else have...?
  96. Which actors do you think ...?
  97. Merry and Pippin
  98. Purists unrealistic...
  99. What does the TWO TOWERS symbolize??
  100. whats with that??
  101. On a second viewing
  102. Art nouveau - Elves' Architecture and Design
  103. Smeagol
  104. Gollum - no Smeagol?
  105. Which movie are you looking forward to the most?
  106. How it should have been...Purist universe.
  107. Boromir's end
  108. Second-guessing Peter Jackson
  109. Did anyone else notice...
  110. Dressing up for TTT??........
  111. LOTR Cartoon
  112. friendship challenges
  113. Funniest lines and scenes!
  114. Movie...Galadriel
  115. LOTR vs Harry Potter
  116. Oscar Nominations-Congrats!!
  117. How did you find LOTR?? The movie first or the book.
  118. Making Tolkien Politically Correct?
  119. Christopher Lee
  120. Frodo of the Nine Fingers
  121. LotR: The Two Towers Thread
  122. boromir's more sinister appearance than was true?
  123. Glitches in the first film
  124. Harry Potter
  125. NOOO!!!
  126. Who was the best actor in the movie?
  127. The Hobbit: The Movie?
  128. What is your favourite set/scene?
  129. Funniest Cast Ever!
  130. Can the Film ever improve on the book?
  131. Shelobe not in TTT!!
  132. Fav One-Shot
  133. The Begining of the Two Towers? PLEASE POST!
  134. Bitter Bakshi
  135. arwen
  136. What did CHRISTOPHER Tolkien think of the movie?
  137. Oh my Gosh!!!
  138. the "Galadriel" bit
  139. Note the swordplay - !
  140. nit picking & non-tolkien fans
  141. Saruman plays with crayons?
  142. "The Directors'" Cuts
  143. The Secret diaries of The Lord of the Rings
  144. The Lost Diaries of LOTR
  145. Disney's Lord Of The Rings...??!!
  146. Weepy Bits
  147. Invisibility and the Eye of Sauron
  148. Tossing a dwarf - the real story!
  149. 'Seeing' the book
  150. Oscars
  151. About the accents...
  152. Official Oscar thread
  153. The Subplot Vanishes!
  154. Annoying lines
  155. I Wanna Hold Your Ring!
  156. Why I love a Movie.
  157. I Met Him!!!!!!!!!!
  158. "Nobody tosses a dwarf!"
  159. The Cartoons
  160. really that good?
  161. Was the cast of characters perfect?
  162. do hobbits have hobbit-sized pets?
  164. bad audience
  165. Elrond... What Happened?
  166. We NEED to see TTT!!! NOW!!!
  167. My Aragorn action figure
  168. Elijah Wood Interview I promised
  169. movie weapons
  170. The beginning of TTT
  171. Enya's "May It Be" from the LotR soundtrack
  172. If there was one scene you could add?
  173. The END of TTT...
  174. If You Could have one scene from the Silmarillion?
  175. 1978 animated
  176. Music related to LotR (Howard Shore's score, Johann DeMeij, etc.)
  177. The Official Gollum Swooning Thread: Honk if you love slimy skin and bony fingers!
  178. How many now?
  179. Crap burrahobbit doesn't like...
  180. What burrahobbit would have done
  181. Boromir's Back!
  182. Bilbo's song
  184. Soundtrack instruments???
  185. Boromir...the Best Character
  186. Boromirs death-skill acting
  187. If the Movie had been Directed by Someone Else
  188. What do u think of Frodo??
  189. Gil-galad
  190. Two Towers / Twin Towers
  191. What about Samwise?
  192. new title for film #3???
  193. Lessons on Swordsmanship
  194. Ending of RotK
  195. The Blessed Realm
  196. Apples
  197. Soundtrack Favorites
  198. the "devilry" at helms deep ?
  199. Movie leaves opposing feelings.
  200. Out of all of the characters (movie) who do you think showed the best qualities?
  201. pippin is smarter than hes portrayed
  202. No offense but...
  203. Obi-Wan And Gandalf
  204. Challenge of Actors/Movies
  205. Movie eucatastrophe: tears of joy
  206. LOTR Actors in other movies?
  207. What's with the cave troll?
  208. How does Gandalf...
  209. He Ain't Heavy. He's a Hobbit.
  210. Boromir
  211. What do you think is the worst part of the movie?
  212. Casa Loma Exhibit
  213. Where is Gandalf's staff!
  214. Silmarillion the movie??
  215. The sound of Helm's Deep
  216. I love that scene(s)
  217. PJ's "Galadriel the Wraith"
  218. FOTR Best Of Awards...
  219. Boromir's Sword (with pic)
  220. TTT: "the one purists will rail against most?"
  221. Question about the Two Towers Poster...
  222. subtle references to the book
  223. What's their best line? What's their worst line?
  224. without a barrow blade???
  225. Lighting a match???
  226. Evil ones
  227. Who thinks Celeborn should have had a bigger role?
  228. Upcoming TTT releases
  229. Bumps and Bruises
  230. Poems and Songs
  231. boromir with merry, and pippin
  232. The portrayal of Bree
  233. Something Missing?
  234. If you were to replace...
  235. The Other Movies
  236. The Powers of a Wizard
  237. "13th Warrior" Vs. "Lord of the Rings"
  238. A Look Back
  239. Talking Orks ?
  240. OK, I was justv watching the movie...
  241. Merry and Pippin captured
  242. The Hobbit the movie
  243. What do you think of the Bakshi cartoon?
  244. Skater Elf
  245. Curious: Who is buying the games?
  246. "I want them alive, and unspoiled."
  247. Consequences of no Barrow-Downs
  248. The Ruins of Hollin
  249. 2 TTT soundtracks???
  250. Malaise