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  1. Eowyn and Aragorn
  2. The spoilers are coming! The spoilers are coming!
  3. Suicide Orc
  4. Does it bother anyone else...
  5. TTT- the poll
  6. Burning pile of Uruk-hai
  7. Favorite Quotes from TTT
  8. Call me cynical, but...
  9. obsession
  10. When Did Aragorn Give the Pendant Back?
  11. Laughter vs. Seriousness
  12. I need help with
  13. Haldir's Death
  14. Trailer scenes that didn't make it
  15. Ways TTT Could've been worse
  16. Yet another Spoiler...Merry/Pippin
  17. Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson
  18. That Song
  19. Arwen And Aragorn, A Once In A Lifetime Love Or Just A Summer Time Adventure?
  20. Sam's speech
  21. Question bout FotR
  22. confused...
  23. take a closer look at....
  24. Silmarillion Screams
  25. PJ's tongue-in-cheek moments
  26. A Nervous Premonition
  27. All I can say is... Wow!(ROTK)
  28. Holding on to the little good in this world!
  29. Phantom Horse
  30. Question about Galadriel and the elves at Helm's Deep
  31. Movie improvements on the book?!
  32. Music in extended FOTR
  33. Picture Of Smeagol?
  34. Jar-Jaromir.
  35. If you were to get an LotR-related tattoo, what would you choose?
  36. Major ROTK Spoliers
  37. Ghan-Buri-Ghan
  38. Will he or won't he?
  39. Character line delivery changes
  40. Things you did not understand from book or movie
  41. MeetUp With Other Local LOTR fans
  42. Gollum giving Gondor info on the Ring
  43. Crests
  44. Annoying?
  45. 6 movies or just 3?
  46. Has anybody gone to see the films on their own?
  47. If u had the chance to be Peter Jackson
  48. Two Tower Script
  49. Which of the three journey's did you prefer in the TTT?
  50. One Flew Over the Crebain's Nest
  51. A couple mistakes I caught
  52. The Portrayal of Faramir
  53. FotR question
  54. Why all the anger?
  55. One Word
  56. The return of the king
  57. strange RotK cast list?
  58. PJ needs more credit
  59. Best scene in FOTR AND TTT
  60. QUESTION: aragorn and arwen(elf chick)
  61. Costume Thread.... OF DOOOMM!!!!
  62. Paying homage to other movies
  63. Music
  64. saddest part
  65. Sauron
  66. Strange but true LotR facts...
  67. LOTR.com fanclub?
  68. Redeeming Faramir
  69. News of aragorn
  70. How should the dunedain be portrayed?
  71. Ouch! And it hurts even more than it looks like!
  72. Two Towers Video/DVD release date
  73. Message in a Bottle
  74. Wild men
  75. *Doing!* And the "Perfect Idiot Award" goes to...
  76. The erudite perspective on The Two Towers
  77. Eowyn and the Witch king
  78. The Exorcist
  79. I Sing a Song of Return of the King
  80. Arwen is Going Where?!
  81. If you could direct The Silmarillion...
  82. Planning on bringing your tissues to RotK?
  83. Is everyone happy with...
  84. Is it just me or.....
  85. Bilbo and Aragorn
  86. Faces everywhere
  87. Frodo's mithril coat
  88. Two Towers Time Line
  89. The Disappearing Elf Returns
  90. The Golden Satellite Awards
  91. The Flying Legolas
  92. How Jackson sold out...
  93. Hobbit Ages
  94. TTT spoilers
  95. why don't people like arwen in the movie?
  96. The Love of Legolas and Linniel, Usurped Princess and Daughter of Elrond - ON ICE!
  97. Weak-willed Aragorn of the Wandering Eye
  98. Legolas vs. Aragorn
  99. Music from the Movies...
  100. A small ray of hope...
  101. Pictures of Elvish Armour?
  102. The Temple of Khazad Doom
  103. Gimli's combat scenes
  104. The films shown in non English speaking countries
  105. The Golden Globes
  106. The Man Behind the Translations
  107. Did Arwen become a horse?
  108. Aragorn's TT fall..
  109. Any Extended Edition News?
  110. Screw ups in TTT
  111. How'd they make the hobbits and the dwarf shorter?
  112. What would u all think of...
  113. Elven Dog Tags
  114. Viggo's Book?
  115. Were there any famous actors who wanted to be in the film and didn't get a look in?
  116. Lord of the Rings and Toy Story
  117. If PJ asked you to choose another great literary work.....
  118. in TTT- legolas jumping over that horse!?!?
  119. 'An attrocious movie which is a despicable insult to a wonderful book'
  120. ShadowFax..... Grey or White?
  121. Pictures
  122. Just a few questions...
  123. Like Father like Son?
  124. Trading Card Game
  125. How the elves got to Helm's Deep...?
  126. Two Towers
  127. Inconsistencies-I'm not grouchy, these are just so obvious after you see it 10 times
  128. Aragorn's Hair in RotK
  129. If J.R.R. Tolkien saw the movies....
  130. LOTR vs. Religion
  131. Your fav....
  132. Eowyn and Wormtongue
  133. I'll give you 22 guesses whose birthday it is today (1/28/03)
  134. Book Fans vs. Movie Fans
  135. Did anyone else notice that in FOTR........
  136. Does This Quote Mean Anything To You?
  137. Obsessed with the soundtracks
  138. Hidden Surprise In Special Edition DVD
  139. Arwen at Pelennor Fields?
  140. That's ONE newspaper reviewer that didn't see TTT...
  141. wot did gandalf say??
  142. So Solid Crew Urak-hai and generally other bad accents>>
  143. Where did Gandalf go in FotR?
  144. Watch you don't break a nail on that orc!
  145. Urak's and Berserker's
  146. Short-changed elves
  147. Middle-earth time-machine
  148. Silmarillion?????????
  149. Were they all slaughtered???
  150. a few ques.
  151. Viggo's quick appearance
  152. ROTK preview at TTT {spoilers}
  153. A TON of ROTK spoiler pics
  154. Arwen or Glorfindel???!!!
  155. Bootleged LOTR Subtitles
  156. Dave Barry's Review of TTT
  157. Who is more beutiful Eowyn or Arwen
  158. Wormtongue and Saruman in RotK
  159. Who is more beautiful, Aragorn or Legolas?
  160. The Hobbit
  161. Why do YOU see it over and over again?
  162. Why do so many people think Miranda Otto is NOT attractive?
  163. Vote for LOTR!
  164. Wormtounge
  165. 2 quick questions from TTT.
  166. ELves at Helms Deep
  167. Fire
  168. Sauron speaks?
  169. Warg Attack
  170. Shelob
  172. Guess what guys? More ques/observations!
  173. I did not...
  174. Lyrics and Sheetmusic
  175. Strange shots (what are they thinking)
  176. Prince Imrahil?
  177. Legolas in the prologue?
  178. OH! My Mistake!
  179. LOTR weddings?????
  180. Book Clue for PJackson's Favor, or Still Maddening?
  181. ...And the Cave troll would make a great Obelix....
  182. Uruviel
  183. Return of the king has a lot to cover
  184. A New Elrond
  185. Big Easy MistakeTo Spot
  186. Arwen and Elrond in TTT
  187. If You Could Change The Script
  188. What. Only One??
  189. Bring out the tissues, there will be some tears falling {Spoilers}
  190. This is for all you lucky people who have the TTT soundtrack...
  191. George, I think we should see other movies...
  192. The Two Towers: Deleted Scenes
  193. Eowyn - who has seen the picture?
  194. Hi - Res TTT Pics!
  195. seen this article?
  196. Wolf or Hyena?
  197. Is it a music video, or...wait a minute...isn't that just the trailer?
  198. red-headed elves?
  199. Music and more Music, for Music readers that is
  200. McKellen on Frodo
  201. haldir
  202. My fave line
  203. Return of the King Oscar Predictions (and post-Oscar Comments)
  204. least fave!
  205. What extras do you want to see on the DVD?
  206. Amusing Thought: What if the LOTR cast are Barrowdowns Members?
  207. Lord of the Ring's Awards So Far
  208. RotK poster!
  209. Why didn't Cate Blanchett recieve an Academy Award?
  210. Concerning Figwit
  211. Hobbits....
  212. Eowyn, Aragorn and Arwen - an analysis
  213. Boromir....% Co!!!
  214. ROTK Trailer
  215. Talking Eagles
  216. The importance of intelligent debate
  217. Rocks: The orcs' weakness.
  218. What would you do....
  219. A Elbereth Gilthoniel song...
  220. dumb questions and ideas from people we now i.e. famly, friends
  221. The Hobbit
  222. Where is the horse and the rider?
  223. Boromir's death scene
  224. Faramir
  225. Just a thought: Do you identify wiht any LOTR characters?
  226. For anyone who's ever wanted a "Legolas Braid"
  227. TTT Official Poster
  228. Funniest Lines
  229. Our worst fears have come true: get ready to meet Arwen Warrior Princess!
  230. Anyone know where I can find pictures of Gildor?
  231. Did Gollum remind you of someone?
  232. "The World of Men"
  233. "The White Wizard Approaches"
  234. FotR Extended Version Question
  235. Apperance of Arwen
  236. A Drinking Misconception
  237. The moviescripts
  238. a troll?
  239. Accuracy of the Movies
  240. Cast and Crew Diary
  241. Help me!
  242. retarded amusement
  243. Let's blow off some steam here....
  244. Has anyone else seen the Hobbit trailer?
  245. Trailer fan
  246. Bombadil
  247. TTT - Shadowfax
  248. Here goes
  249. Two Towers DVD "released"
  250. Worst