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  1. The LR illustrations Tolkien almost approved
  2. An original review of the Fellowship...
  3. The Limitations of the Istari
  4. Unseen JRRT Hobbit Pic
  5. What did boromir do in rivendell?
  6. Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo?
  7. How did Frodo get his Mithril Coat back?
  8. Tolkien'a "Fall of Arthur" to be published: confirmed
  9. The Mightier hröa ?
  10. Tom Bombadil
  11. If Sauron had won?
  12. Werewolves, Vampires and other creatures?
  13. Cirdan the Shipwright...the most significant 'bit parter' in Middle Earth?
  14. Couldn't Sauron resurface in the future?
  15. Do you consider The Silmarillion to be fully "canon"?
  16. Geographical equivalent of the West Indies/Caribbean in ME?
  17. Weapons in Vallinor?
  18. The Maiar
  19. Glorfindel reincarnated
  20. Full length stories
  21. Galadriel and Feanor equal?!!?
  22. Does Eru care?
  23. Worship (in the time of the LOTR)
  24. Magic
  25. Christianity and Tolkien
  26. LOTR Or The Hobbit II?
  27. How the films caused a Tolkien family rift...
  28. Real owner(s) of Orcrist and Glamdring
  29. Nazgul and their fading/death
  30. Hobbit Article by Michael Drout
  31. Each Istari had a different mission?
  32. Review of Elizabeth M. Stephen's 'Hobbit to Hero'
  33. Wizard Gone Missing
  34. Guardian article on Tolkien the Artist
  35. Making the Uruk-hai
  36. The Istari and Arnor's fall
  37. Which Vala tripped Gollum?
  38. Would the Half-Elven vanish if they wore an elven ring?
  39. Head of the family? Earendil or Luthien? Dark or Golden?
  40. Rare Lord of the Rings books set signed by Tolkien up for auction
  41. A question about advancements of weaponry
  42. Entwives crossing Anduin
  43. Gandalf goes to Dol Guldur
  44. Fourth Age Date Conversion
  45. Gollum the Hero
  46. Bismarck Statue = The Argonauts.
  47. Balrog vs 200 000 dwarves ?
  48. Did Sauron only want Middle Earth?
  49. Parts we read without reading the whole book
  50. Unknown beings!?
  51. Dwarven Demographics
  52. Fun coincidence
  53. Physical Form Of The VALAR
  54. Native american indians?
  55. Barrow-downs - Tom Bombadil
  56. Dagor Dagorath/Turin returning?
  57. Need a Dragon-Slayer? Just Ask the Edain!
  58. Saruman's ring
  59. The History of Galadriel and Celeborn
  60. An ideal western army
  61. Túrin Afflicts the Afflicted
  62. The International Relations of Middle Earth
  63. Tragic flaw of the Hurin family
  64. Another one bites the dust....
  65. Sauron <3
  66. Who were these wicked dwarves?
  67. Do most fantasy novel nowadays have traceable elements of Tolkienism in them?
  68. Morgoth, Sauron and the Tale of Adanel
  69. The greatest Craftsman/Smith of Arda
  70. Boromir's Death
  71. Amandil
  72. The One Ring and split personalities
  73. A possible origin for hobbit holes and the One Ring?
  74. Origins of the Great Goblin
  75. Humour in and around the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien
  76. Did the Ring Need a Label?
  77. Is a Song of Ice and Fire better than Lord of the Rings?
  78. The Fall of Arthur
  79. Tolkien Parody: Insulting or Flattering??
  80. No Married Persons
  81. Of Hobbits and Boots
  82. Luthien weilding Vilya
  83. Frodo’s other friend
  84. Of Domination and Tools
  85. Elven "Magic" Abilties?
  86. Elves visiting Numenor.
  87. Could Eru change the very laws of nature if he wanted to?
  88. Resurrection of Numenor and Tar-Miriel
  89. Gollum and Pleasure
  90. Saruman's Words to Gandalf and Galadriel
  91. Saving Gollum
  92. Did Tolkien even plan to fill in the other sections of Middle-earth?
  93. I Hate Feanor
  94. The Nine and the Three
  95. Westron translations?
  96. Sauron's Super Army?
  97. Ronald and Sprague
  98. The Fates of Elros' and Elronds' Heirs
  99. The Seven and the Nine
  100. What do you fight for?
  101. The Dangers of Arnor
  102. Elrond's speech
  103. "A shadow and a thought" interpretation?
  104. The random ‘Questions about Tolkien’s early poetry and Unpublished Writing' thread
  105. Were the Istari already old men...?
  106. Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White
  107. How to simplify the Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion?
  108. Why didn't Grima....
  109. Saruman
  110. The Nature of the Nine
  111. How close is the published The Silmarillion to JRRT's Silmarillion?
  112. Why did Aule want to destroy Dwarves
  113. Sauron and Istari
  114. Tolkien the Metafictionist
  115. Can Hobbits and Men learn Elf/Dwarf art and craft?
  116. Sauron's nature
  117. Is The Children of Hurin better than the Lord of the Rings?
  118. What did Sam see in the Mirrormere/Kheled-zaram ?
  119. Why was Boromir allowed to join the Fellowship?
  120. Gollum questions.
  121. Maladies of Maleficence
  122. Hammond & Scull's Cautionary Tale of Tolkien Studies
  123. Saurons Weapon of Choice?
  124. Thorin and the Dwarves once coal diggers?
  125. Thorin's Heir
  126. Gandalf and the council of White Wizards
  127. Poundage of Legolas' bow
  128. Mightiest of the Maiar?
  129. More than five Istari?
  130. What differentiates the Valar from the Maiar?
  131. Gandalf vs. Sauron (Hobbit Movie Spoilers)
  132. Elves and the Elements
  133. Orcs on both sides
  134. Sauron's name
  135. Bilbo´s treachery
  136. The Inherent Incompatability of Morgoth and Sauron
  137. Yet Another Magic/Subcreativity thread
  138. Boromir - An example of a man?
  139. What if Glorfindel joined the fellowship to Lothlorien?
  140. house of hurin of emyn arnen revisited
  141. What are Tolkien's lasting writings?
  142. the original Foreword
  143. Eregion in Other Languages
  144. Elven Characteristics
  145. Why didn't Saruman kill the Ents himself?
  146. Why did Sauron fear Aragons coronation?
  147. The LOTR Audibooks read by Rob Inglis
  148. Your Take On Eöl & Maeglin
  149. Orcs and healing
  150. What became of Ted Sandyman?
  151. How to Make a Ringwraith versus Extending the Elven Body--an Elven Ring
  152. How to Locate the Lost Palantiri in the Reunited Kingdom
  153. From Tom Bombadil's house to the Road
  154. How did Gildor's messages get to Aragorn and Rivendell so fast?
  155. Why didn't Galadriel warn Aragorn that Boromir wanted the Ring?
  156. Would Saruman have been a reliable ally?
  157. Gondor: dealings with Elves
  158. Manning the Rammas Echor
  159. Mauhur and his lads
  160. Tolkien's Beowulf to be published!
  161. Gimli's forgetfulness?
  162. The dilution of Elven blood and subsequent mortality
  163. Prince of Dol Amroth the descandant of Mithrellas or kin of Elendil?
  164. Do Elves lack Civil Courgae?
  165. Why didn't Morgulduin pollute the lower Anduin?
  166. Defending Rohan during the battle of the Pennor Fields
  167. what would possibly exist in the farthest east?
  168. could any of the kingdoms at middle earth attack the southern continents?
  169. Free Will in Tolkien's World
  170. what happen if numenor didnt rebel against the valar?
  171. Why did Aragorn not tell the Company that Gollum was folling them?
  172. could the easterling breach erebor?
  173. army styles of the kingdoms in middle earth
  174. Arnor- Designed For Failure?
  175. why sauron cant breed werewolves/dragons?
  176. Of Orcs and Elves - Mirror Image Opposites or Not?
  177. how durin founded the longbeards
  178. Tolkien was the Offspring of Eru's Thought! A Thought Experiment
  179. Are Elves vegatarian?
  180. who are the nazgul?
  181. Gollum's sacrifice
  182. Gollum's sacrifice
  183. The Unfair Fate of Saruman
  184. New Unicode runes Tolkien
  185. Hi, i have problem
  186. The Original Plan for the Fellowship?
  187. Why not Ecthelion?
  188. The Great Evils of the Third Age
  189. Saruman Questions
  190. Hobbits
  191. longbottom
  192. Sauron Wins...Then What?
  193. ME Warriors
  194. Fingolfin's Death - Suicide?
  195. What Would You Do As Boromir?
  196. what if.......
  197. Arnorian successor states? 3 or more
  198. What would they do?
  199. Why not Sam as an 'Elf-friend'?
  200. How Saruon could have won the Dwaves to his side; my crackpot theory
  201. Unusual question?
  202. Sentient Animals in LOTR and Silmarillion
  203. What if Gollum had lived?
  204. Tolkien and World War I
  205. Durin's Axe
  206. Tolkien and the origin of Treebeard
  207. Tolkien's Beowulf
  208. What if Gandalf the White killed the Witch King?
  209. Ancalagon the Black
  210. An early Lord of the Rings fan review
  211. Middle-earth What-ifs
  212. Talking animals.
  213. Individual sacrifices at the end of each age
  214. Was the Balrog drawn by the ring?
  215. Why Frodo is so misunderstood and underrated character?
  216. As A Villain - Morgoth or Sauron?
  217. What role did greed play in Tolkien's books?
  218. Ori's writing
  219. "That is the Way for Us" - But Which Way?
  220. The Essence of the Tale
  221. The Book of Lost Tales Part I: A Readthrough
  222. Theoden's sisters' sons?
  223. Gnomes and Fairies
  224. Mayoral elections at Michel Delving
  225. Was Gandalf wrong?
  226. Sauron, Morgoth and the lust for beauty
  227. Who is on the cover of the Silmarillion
  228. Surely the Fellowship took the wrong route?
  229. Surely Elrond would have insisted on Merry and Pippin NOT going?
  230. Question for the Sindarin experts: is Meril still valid?
  231. Tolkien's Secret Hidden Code
  232. Food supplies for elves
  233. Boats travelling up and down Anduin and Lorien's isolation.
  234. New words about Bombadil
  235. Who was older - Treebeard or Bombadil
  236. Tom Bombadil: Evil?
  237. Isengard- Help Wanted!
  238. Scholarly Edition of The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
  239. Why do you read HoME?
  240. The Addictive Ring
  241. Heaven and the ocean
  242. The Longetivity of Hobbits.
  243. The effect of the Great Rings upon Men
  244. Gandalf’s Possible Inaccuracy in the chapter “The Shadow of the Past”
  245. Obscure Topics of the Legendarium
  246. Did Frodo REALLY volunteer to Bear the Ring?
  247. Fantasy Counterpart Culture
  248. The Story of Kullervo
  249. Tolkien's Floral Fixation
  250. The Shadow of the Maker