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  1. Zombies of Melkor, Arise!
  2. When the Dwarves really existed.
  3. Sauron with the Seven (three recovered) & the Nine
  4. Last names in Middle-earth
  5. Climate of Rhovanion
  6. Could Númenor Have Been Redeemed?
  7. Galadriel's
  8. Who is Tom Bombadil?
  9. Ungoliant
  10. Thrice shall pay for... what?
  11. The Rohirrim, why horses?
  12. How many Rangers of the North were there ?
  13. Is that a text by Tolkien?
  14. Into Hithlum
  15. Battles in the North
  16. What happened to Ted Sandyman ?
  17. Did the Old Forest go all the way to the East Road ?
  18. Imagine no religion
  19. Did Strider go into the West with Frodo ?
  20. Lost in some mountains
  21. Why Did Isildur Cross the River?
  22. Why did Aragorn not tell the Company about Gollum following them ?
  23. The Names of Sauron
  24. sauron winning?
  25. Despots, old and new
  26. Del Rey cover of Book of Lost Tales 2
  27. Who in Gondor had "dealings with the Elves" ?
  28. Three Elven Kings
  29. Departure of the Galadhrim
  30. If Orcs were derived from Elves were they immortal too ?
  31. Of the Three and the Fading of the elves
  32. Waste
  33. If Denethor hadn't committed suicide
  34. The Gest of Beren and Lúthien
  35. Sauron's lack of Death...
  36. Tolkien and Negative Capability
  37. Cursing In the Books
  38. Of the Lady's Star-glass...
  39. New Harper Collins Tolkien site
  40. What if Aragorn had chosen differently at Parth Galen ?
  41. Nicol Williamson's Hobbit
  42. Did Morgulduin pollute the lower Anduin ?
  43. Why didn't Gandalf or Galadriel warn Aragorn about Boromir ?
  44. Couldn't Niniel and Turin work this out?
  45. Should Saruman have accompanied Mauhur and his "lads" ?
  46. ecthelion vs glorfindel
  47. Melian among the maia
  48. the last alliance or the union of maedhros
  49. Cirdan's appearance
  50. Did Finwe have daughters?
  51. So Sauron was the Necromancer?
  52. Few questions to elrond
  53. Rohan
  54. Into the west (song)
  55. The Few, the Proud, the Elf-Friends!
  56. Powers and power levels of Arda beings
  57. Beorn
  58. How did Celeborn, Glorfindel and Beregond get their information ?
  59. Gandalf at Zirak-zigil
  60. dagor dagorath
  61. Boromir's search for Imladris
  62. The Power of Tolkien's Prose
  63. Did Rohan annex Enedwaith in the Fourth Age ?
  64. Who would be the rightul king in aman?
  65. Goblins of the Grey Mts./Northern Misty Mts. during WotR?
  66. Umbar
  67. Beren and the One That Got Away
  68. Pet Theory about who Tom Bombadil is
  69. Boromir I
  70. Did Buckland resist the ruffians like Tookland ?
  71. Did Gandalf have a Plan "B"?
  72. betraying Gondolin
  73. Elves
  74. The gods must be... blind?
  75. Galadriel and the Necromancer
  76. The size of Morgoth and Sauron
  77. Crack of Doom: Magic or very, VERY HOT?
  78. Betraying Gondolin
  79. How would you know?
  80. the elessar
  81. BBC Tolkien in Oxford
  82. Palantiri
  83. Elronds parents
  84. Gandalf=Manwe???
  85. Lord of.... Moria?
  86. Did Lobelia wear a Ruff?
  87. Firiel...
  88. Oxford English Dictionary 'will not be printed again'
  89. horncall of buckland
  90. does Frodo truely find the peace he deserved in the grey havens?
  91. Mieville's thoughts...
  92. "And apparently his notes are just vitriolic.
  93. What is "magic" and what properties can one wield from it?
  94. Tolkien and the Bechdel test
  95. How big was Ancalagon?
  96. Wedding Readings - Help Needed :)
  97. The Black Squirrel of Mirkwood.
  98. Valian Year 1497
  99. Babelfish for Khuzdul in Angerthas/Cirth?
  100. Gandalf - geat or a joke of a wizard?
  101. Were the Valar right to summon the Elves to the West?
  102. Gimli's Route to Rivendell
  103. Aragorn and Arwen Are NOT RELATED
  104. Was Huan a traitor?
  105. Tolkien Estate blocks new Tolkien book
  106. Origins of Hobbits - are they Eruhini?
  107. Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  108. The Mewlips
  109. Of the properties of weapons; magical over normal?
  110. How did the numenorians and dwarves craft items of magical properties?
  111. Istari and their staves
  112. Saruman and the Nazgul
  113. Gimli's prior sight of the Mountains of Moria
  114. Technology in M-E?
  115. The unknowns of middle-earth.
  116. Mouth of Sauron?
  117. Chess in Middle Earth ?
  118. Radagast's ultimate fate
  119. Hairy pottering
  120. An Inklings Book
  121. Hin Hurin
  122. Aragorn's first visit to Moria
  123. Tolkien on the Kindle
  124. Bilbo and the Ring: A Question
  125. Religious Background of Middle Earth
  126. Edith is to Luthien as JRRT is to... Beren?
  127. The Children of Hurin - The Film
  128. Some questions about Elves, the Halls of Mandos, and Valinor
  129. Tolkien's Importance to History
  130. Tolkienian Heroes
  131. Valar's gifts?
  132. A Long Expected Party
  133. Chapter-by-chapter Unifinished Tales?
  134. Editions of the Hobbit
  135. Physiques
  136. Do all character who love golden-haired women die?
  137. A Couple of Articles of Interest
  138. Christopher Tolkien at it again....
  139. A Defense of 'Lord of the Rings' against Modernist criticism
  140. Searches
  141. In Praise of Christopher Tolkien
  142. Fantasy Morality
  143. How did a Balrog get beneath Moria and when?
  144. The Ring and the Cross
  145. Of powers outside our realism?
  146. Ivory in Gondolin
  147. Ballrogs haz wings?
  148. Was Melkor Bipolar?
  149. Merry able to see 100 miles?
  150. Valar and Maia abilities?
  151. One man's Orc is another man's Orocuen...
  152. Nimloth's fruit
  153. Why Does Good Suck So Much?
  154. Using the one ring to defeat Sauron?
  155. Sauron's Hroa and the Missing Finger
  156. Did Gondorians call eachother by their Sindarin name?
  157. Why did Legolas set sail for the Grey Havens only after Aragorn's death?
  158. about ring and Master Samvise
  159. The Third Theme
  160. Tolkien as a Student
  161. Elves and Free Will
  162. Characters of Middle-Earth
  163. Thorin in the Blue Mountains
  164. Tolkien and "The Broken Sword"
  165. The Northern Kingdoms
  166. Hobbit 75th Anniversary books
  167. How did gandalf get his staff back?
  168. Halfwit Hobbit
  169. maiar spirits
  170. The Ring and Its GPS Tracker
  171. The Hobbit - Chapter 2 - An inquiry
  172. “Thee” and “thou” in “The Lord of the Rings”
  173. CbC Reloaded
  174. How was Gondor founded?
  175. Where does this quote come from?
  176. How hard and long was it, Aragorn?
  177. Lembas: Part of a Balanced, Evil-free Diet
  178. Neckless and proofless?
  179. Three riders?
  180. The Building of Barad-dûr
  181. Counting the Sun Years
  182. Resurrection of Haudh-En-Ndengin thread "Rivendell or Lothlorien"
  183. Balrog and the One ring
  184. Should Gondor have given Calenardhon to the Dunlendings?
  185. Technology in middle earth
  186. Vocabulary from The Professor
  187. Are elves bored in Valinor?
  188. The Istari Quest
  189. Húrin knowing everything
  190. Conversation with Smaug
  191. CbC Christmas special!
  192. Follow Up to the Blue Mountains Question - Gundabad
  193. "The Dark Fire Will Not Avail You"
  194. The Grey Havens
  195. The Ring: If Galadriel or Gandalf had taken it?
  196. Bombadil: One of the Blue Wizards?
  197. Of Ents and Immortality
  198. Orcs, will, rings
  199. Vampires, Werewolves, Cats, Ents and other creatures
  200. "The Necromancer"
  201. Will a "definitive" version of The Silmarillion ever be released?
  202. JRR Tolkien's second-rate prose
  203. End of Return of the King
  204. Morte Darwen
  205. Radagast, Alatar and Pallando
  206. I enjoy reading - what are your favourite genres/books?
  207. Into The Woods
  208. Would the Valar have ever driven Morgoth into the void without the Noldor's rebellion
  209. Time relation in Aman
  210. Why Sauron wants the Ring?
  211. The role of the different "authors" of the stories of Arda?
  212. The Ring & Bilbo
  213. Which Names Were Worth "1,000 Mail-Clad Knights?
  214. Hobbit discussions have begun!
  215. Riddles in the Dark 1938
  216. Military strength of Numenor
  217. How many Numenoreans were in the Grand Armanent?
  218. How would one acquire an orc army?
  219. How did the Numenoreans survive in the Cave of the Forgotten?
  220. Tuor the Elf?
  221. Fanzines
  222. A few questions about Gandalf not fighting Sauron
  223. The Lesser Rings
  224. Quick question about Huan
  225. The Transit of Earendil
  226. If the Valar had children...
  227. Does Saruman lose his ability to use magic when his staff is broken?
  228. Smials are practical?
  229. New interview with Christopher Tolkien
  230. A family murder in Great Smials?
  231. New Tolkien book? The Fall of Arthur
  232. Did Denethor see Frodo captured in the Palantir?
  233. Mysterious beings?
  234. Valian year?
  235. Correspondences Between Tolkien's Feigned History & 'Real' History
  236. Gandalf on a white Mumak?
  237. Old man willow...
  238. Runes of Power
  239. Population Explosion in Valinor?
  240. The Afterlife, Reincarnation, and Courtly Love
  241. Gandalf on Tom Bombadil
  242. One Thing That I Think Tolkien Did Wrong and Jackson Did Right
  243. Sauron's loyalty after the First Age
  244. Tolkien in Love documentary BBC Radio 4
  245. Discriminatory in Valinor?
  246. Two Questions about Gandalf in the Undying Lands
  247. Nature/Industry - Tolkien
  248. Rings of Power talk!
  249. Imagine No Redemption
  250. LOTR - A Long-Postponed Re-Read