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  1. Sauron the Unnamed... really?
  2. The most lied about book....
  3. How many Huorns ?
  4. Treebeard's fate
  5. Common cold beyond the Ring?
  6. In this House of Elrond.....
  7. Breaking of the World
  8. Where did all the goblins go?
  9. The Great Eye In Dol Guldur?
  10. Details on the Inscription of the Western Gate of Moria
  11. The White Council assaults Dol Guldur?
  12. As the Balrog flies
  13. 'He called her by her Elvish name'
  14. Favourite Part of Unfinished Tales?
  15. Flaws in the Middle Earth map
  16. Wolfram von Tolkienbach
  17. Beards
  18. Morgoth's curse
  19. Who was in the Host of the 'Valar'?
  20. Inconsistencies in the book
  21. Dwarf women debate solved?
  22. A Query On Lothlorien
  23. It's the end of an era (but how did they know?)
  24. Barad-dur
  25. Enemies
  26. What if Bilbo (or Frodo) had TRIED to use the full power of the Ring?
  27. Professional Treasure-seekers?
  28. Legolas and Gimli...fiddling around the City?
  29. On Numernorean Appearance
  30. The Wild Men
  31. Character Charisma
  32. Why is northern Eriador (Lake Evendim, Fornost) deserted at the end of the 3rd Age?
  33. Map of Arda...
  34. Sam and the Ring
  35. Fair Fight
  36. Hobbit age?
  37. Sauron vs. Your Mama - A Discussion of Power in Middle-earth
  38. Aliens?
  39. Who were the Nazgul?
  40. Words and Names in Tolkien's Work
  41. History of Middle-earth Index
  42. Shock! Horror! Feanor does what a Vala says...
  43. Finarfin is a Nandor
  44. soldiers available in ME
  45. LoTR version with new index
  46. How many people touched the One Ring ?
  47. Time in Middle-earth
  48. A 'darker' Hobbit
  49. Did Gollum deserve death?
  50. 'Run off into the Blue'
  51. Medemocracy
  52. Mordor makes me thirsty! The power of Tolkien!
  53. What happens if...
  54. Damned if you do, kablammed if you don't
  55. The Wizards of Middle-Earth...
  56. A word by any other name ...
  57. Morgul Blades
  58. Black Book of Arda
  59. More than meets the Eye
  60. Verlyn Flieger
  61. What language did the Firbeards and Broadbeams for there names?
  62. Lord Melkor Rightful Master of the Fates of Arda
  63. Does it count as survival?
  64. Sign of the Shadow
  65. Watch this Clip NOW
  66. Seven: Four From Five or One?
  67. Turin the Hopeless?
  68. Quotes/References in the Children of Hurin
  69. **Official B D B D Newspaper Annoucement!**
  70. Splendid but Unhappy
  71. Aragorn in Moria?
  72. History Of Middle Earth
  73. Did JRRT encourage new ME stories?
  74. Big Mystery: The Nine Rings of Power
  75. Where did Hobbits come from?
  76. Please help.
  77. Oath of Feanor
  78. Newbie help please
  79. How Did Gollum Lose the Ring?
  80. Elves in modern times
  81. The One Ring: A Thing of Beauty?
  82. Pirated books
  83. "Weel done, Cutty-sark!" -Mithril, Moria and Valinorean ship-building
  84. The Dark Side of Tom Bombadil
  85. ***spoiler Warning***
  86. Worst Thing to Fight in but best to discuss (from a distance)
  87. Virtues in Middle-Earth
  88. Gandalf the Distracted?
  89. Maps of Middle-Earth
  90. A Swedish king's ring it was then?
  91. "Mr. Baggins" - The Hobbit Reinterpreted...
  92. THIS exists in M-E?
  93. Sauron Greater than Morgoth...
  94. Bet you haven't seen this topic coming...
  95. How were the Three and the rest made?
  96. How old did Faramir live to be?
  97. They Shall Not Pass!
  98. How does one...
  99. Locations of certain places
  100. The Scouring of the Shire
  101. Northern Air
  102. Elvish realms of the 1st and 2nd age vs 3rd age
  103. The Children of Hurin Review
  104. The fairest?
  105. The Moon! What Moon?!
  106. Other authors?
  107. how would Tolkien feel about fanfic or RPGs?
  108. few questions about the reliablility of M-E guides
  109. They'll lower the house prices!!!
  110. Is THIS how you imagined the vampires?
  111. Morgoth and Doriath
  112. Iceland in Tolkien's Work?
  113. Would YOU recommend it?
  114. Faith and Choices
  115. The plants of middle earth
  116. Good and evil
  117. High Elves and the Balrogs
  118. Luthien's resurrection
  119. Ironic Characters in Tolkien
  120. Numenor
  121. Tolkien A or B?
  122. Morgoth's Curse: Self-sustaining or inescapeable?
  123. 'Bottom, thou art translated.'
  124. The Witch King versus . . . Elrond?
  125. Lord of Gravity
  126. Sam's Debate and the Voice of Despair
  127. Do Balrogs have... Horns?
  128. Second Prophecy of Mandos and Dagor Dagorath
  129. Evolution of a Reader
  130. New preface to the Silmarillion? *For those who keep track of new reissues*
  131. Maps of Middle Earth
  132. An Elf with shapeshifting ability? Why?
  133. David Brin's criticisms
  134. Galadriel's Hair.
  135. The completed Tale of Gondolin was published 13 years ago?!
  136. Fantasy: Pre and Post Tolkien
  137. Osse -Psycho of the Seven Seas
  138. Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die
  139. Healing in the House of Elrond
  140. A 10th Nazgul?
  141. Valar reproduction
  142. Musical instruments in Middle-earth
  143. On the elven ring stones
  144. The Wise in Middle Earth
  145. Exactly what power did the Ring of Fire give to Gandalf?
  146. Sauron's battle strategy
  147. Gandalf and Odin?
  148. Appendix where Gandalf and the hobbits discuss their adventure
  149. In which countries?/To which languages?
  150. The population in Middle Earth
  151. The Wayward Moon of SR 1341
  152. The Balrog vs The Witch King
  153. Aragorn as the Archetypal Hero
  154. Balrogs DO Have Wings!
  155. Dwalin the Dwarf
  156. The Ring & the Curse
  157. Half-orcs? Redeemable?
  158. The flight from the Nazgul: did the High Elves care?
  159. Carn Dum, the Witchking, Angmar and more
  160. The Ring's corruption forms
  161. Aragorn the Ranger
  162. The Winged beasts vs The Eagles
  163. Are the Elves Foolish?
  164. A Time to Kill?
  165. What happened to Mordor?
  166. The fall of the Dark Tower : how did you feel?
  167. The Route of the Ring
  168. Where did Radagast dwell?
  169. On elf children
  170. What Next To Read . . .?
  171. Who is Gandalf's and Radagast's common ancestor?
  172. Super Deluxe COH announced
  173. Yes, Tolkien is Wonderful, but...
  174. The Silmarils
  175. Gandalf's powers
  176. Hroa and Fea?
  177. Pullman rips on LOTR, others
  178. Hey Ho!
  179. Nice cave trolls?
  180. Finduilas and the Doom of Turin
  181. Happy Birthday Christopher Tolkien!
  182. Grond and the face of Carcharoth
  183. Quenya form of "Morgoth"
  184. Archaisms in the published Children of Húrin
  185. Children Of Hurin - Special Edition - Signed
  186. Who, in The Lord of the Rings, was the most effective liar?
  187. Awaken or born by Cuiviénen?
  188. The One Ring and invisibility
  189. Beorhtnoth at Maldon ~ Gandalf at Khazaddûm
  190. Do Hobbits get Lung Cancer?
  191. The effect of the Ring
  192. The fall of the Tower of Cirith Ungol
  193. Sam or Frodo
  194. Reversed places
  195. Eöl and Denethor
  196. Fellowship or Company?
  197. What do you wish Tolkien....
  198. Tolkien the freemason/ Priory of Sionist/Gnostic?
  199. Tolkien's Heavenly Old World
  200. Angmar at the end of the Third Age
  201. Tolkien's Understanding of Eru
  202. Other Palantiri?
  203. Letters of JRRT E-book?
  204. Backup-bearer
  205. Causality, fatalism or pure chance? LotR and Matrix revisited
  206. The Adventures of Tolkien and Lewis?
  207. That's not even one of Uglúk's faults
  208. There is now no ship...
  209. Fantasy
  210. Plagiarism? Or Simple Coincidence?
  211. What of the West-Dwarves?
  212. What do your Elven eyes see?
  213. What happened to Cirdan
  214. Tolkien the naturalist
  215. Balrog Armor?
  216. Astronomy and astrology in Middle-Earth?
  217. How many Wizards?
  218. Missing verse; help me here
  219. Tolkien transaltion of Beowulf?
  220. Foolish Sauron...
  221. Different systems of scripture in M-E
  222. Join the new Chapter-by-Chapter discussion!
  223. What of Curumo?
  224. What was Shelob, and more importantly, what was Ungoliant?
  225. Warrior Hobbits?
  226. Warrior Hobbits?
  227. Buy Children of Hurin?
  228. 'Good' uses of technology?
  229. The Witch King....shall rise again!?!
  230. Books on Tolkien linguistics?
  231. About Tol Eressea
  232. Frodo Brandybuck?!
  233. Small hands do them because they must...
  234. M-e objects - explained my science
  235. Dragon's Flame, Magical?
  236. Should we think of ME as a real place?
  237. The First LOTR Fans
  238. Speculation on Smaug and the One Ring
  239. Gollum..
  240. Dragons - How did they come to be?
  241. Silmarils
  242. Was Sauron a Balrog?
  243. Which volumes of HoME would you recommend?
  244. The Middle of What?
  245. Concerning the way into Moria...
  246. Was Círdan...
  247. Elrond and Sauron, a personal vendetta?
  248. The curse of Morgoth in CoH.
  249. Dol Guldur
  250. The Undead of Middle-earth