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  1. Short end of the stick, so to speak...
  2. The Fellowship in Valinor
  3. Elven/Mortal marriages...
  4. Oldest Living Thing?
  5. The Witch-King and the Barrow-Downs
  6. The strategy that brought victory in the War of the Ring... who to thank for it?
  7. Among the Children of Illuvatar, who is the greatest magician?
  8. The Old Forest
  9. Slaying of the Witch king
  10. Enw the Clumsy
  11. bombadil being a dwarf
  12. I must get Sauron's PR person
  13. Sting
  14. Celebrimbor and Sauron: how did he notice?
  15. David Day: Literary Burglar?
  16. maps of beleriand
  17. Strider the Ranger is back
  18. Finrod, Andreth, and the coming of Eru
  19. SPice for the Balrog-Wings Soup...(not seen this anywhere before)
  20. Elvish dictionary
  21. Ulmo
  22. going to Mordor
  23. Who is Queen Berthiel?
  24. Concerning Maeglin
  25. Warg Riders
  26. Is it true?
  27. Another Power...
  28. Gandalf's Staff
  29. 2nd in command to sauron
  30. Sauruman's fate
  31. The Three on Sauron's hand
  32. separation of Shadowfax and Gandalf
  33. Fa and Free-Will; The Battleground of E?
  34. Fear of Lorien
  35. How do you kill Wyatt Earp?
  36. Foreshadowing and Fear
  37. Sauron's knowledge of the Istari
  38. 'The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy'
  39. A Worm with Wings?
  40. Don't be too hasty...
  41. Sarumon of Many Colours
  42. Speculations and another 'what if' scenario
  43. Finwans That Never Were
  44. Dumbing down the Books
  45. Theres one thing I dont understand?
  46. Valinor and the Grey Havens
  47. Did Gandalf die?
  48. Speaking people
  49. the nine together
  50. saurons fall
  51. Need help for my studies
  52. Sauron relying on Saruman
  53. Linguistic divergence in Elvish
  54. "Lost Tales" and Trilogy discrepancy
  55. Amusing thought
  56. Dwarves in Heaven?
  57. Why did Iluvatar/Eru give Men mortality?
  58. When did they learn to read?
  59. A Disturbing Development
  60. Democracy in ME?
  61. Nazgul At Pelennor
  62. Faithfulness in Middle Earth
  63. elf-dwarf wars
  64. Why did he throw that?
  65. Powers above Rauros???
  66. Faerie??
  67. A Question about Beleriand
  68. Will Turin become a Valar?
  69. Psychological depth in Tolkien's characters
  70. What if they made it?
  71. Tolkien & the Great War
  72. The River Mother???
  73. Sauron's Right Arm (a southpaw, I presume)
  74. What power did Sauron really have?
  75. I lost my lovie-dovie...(no! this is not mushy!)
  76. Did Eru have physical form?
  77. help from valar
  78. curseing middle earth!
  79. Concerning Isildur and Sauruman
  80. Did Miriel see what was coming?
  81. Contradictions in the Hobbit
  82. Thorondor as a Maia???
  83. How did Galadriel knew that Gandalf was back?
  84. Is Immortality really that bad?
  85. Numenore vs Valinor
  86. Powers of Isildur
  87. paths of the dead...
  88. Why did Frodo feel he had to leave Middle Earth at the of ROTK?
  89. A question regarding Elves...
  90. The children of Elrond and their choice?
  91. Is there a connection between frodo and sauron?
  92. Was the One Ring destroyed?
  93. Uhg- A terrible thought
  94. The Mortality of Elros
  95. Why did Sauron attack in the North as well?
  96. The Ring of Sauron
  97. Notions that dispel a lot of the romantic ideas in Middle-Earth
  98. Rangers: Where'd they come from, how did they live, who were they?
  99. I need a translation for this.
  100. isildur and the ring
  101. Sauron returning?
  102. A Potentially Meaningful 'What if'
  103. Curses!
  104. When did Deagol find the Ring?
  105. Let's Play Dr. Phil!
  106. Sauron should have won!
  107. Can elves die by being poisined???
  108. The Grey Havens
  109. Continuity errors in Tolkien
  110. Belladonna Took
  111. LotR in medieval europe
  112. Why do we read this stuff?
  113. The Dwarves
  114. references
  115. Middle-earth for Dummies
  116. Where did Saruman go?
  117. Elven Cities
  118. Sauron vs. Saruman
  119. Similarities between the roles of the Valar and the Eldar
  120. FLY, you fools!
  121. 'This task is appointed to you'
  122. Gandalf as Ring-lord
  123. Was Bilbo Over-rated?
  124. Is Gandalf the only one?
  125. A boy's world?
  126. Aragorn, the Rangers and life spans
  127. Dead Marshes
  128. the mystery of mithril
  129. Half-Elf Afterlife
  130. The Ring vs. Sauron
  131. Elf Deaths
  132. Nazgul, Ringwraiths relationship
  133. Hot Balrog Lovin'
  134. Some long shot guesses
  135. the path of the ring
  136. Eowyn's "disguise" - who was fooled by it?
  137. Orc Mutation
  138. Sauron's ESP
  139. Within a days march...
  140. The Fate and Origin of the Istari
  141. Saruman's loss of power.
  142. Gollum's exile
  143. Why couldn't Merry ride his own horse to Gondor?
  144. Standard of Arnor
  145. Mythological references in Tolkien's works
  146. Legolas' and Gimli's contest at Helm's Deep
  147. What happens after LotR?
  148. Races of men and real world counterparts?
  149. Gimli ringbearer?
  150. Ungoliant and Melko's envy
  151. What of the East?
  152. Children of Faramir?
  153. Named Avar Elves
  154. Concerning the spying missions of Gandalf.
  155. The Barrow-Wight: Servant of Melkor?
  156. "The Downsters And The Critics"
  157. alves at the end of ROTK
  158. when Gandalf died
  159. LOTR and Wheel of Time
  160. Suicide in Middle-earth
  161. why did bilbo age so drastically yet gollum didint
  162. Do you think the Fourth Age really was worse?
  163. Faramir and the Ring
  164. What Became of Maglor?
  165. What spells did Gandalf actually cast?
  166. Why were the Silmarils so important?
  167. Who else could have aided Gondor?
  168. saurons physical form
  169. Did Melkor really mar creation?
  170. To bear the One Ring
  171. historical allegory/similarities between LOTR and human history
  172. Tolkien love stories - sources
  173. Heir of Beren?
  174. Man to Man in Araman!!!!!
  175. Iluvatar and Melkor.
  176. Saruman taking ring from Gandalf..
  177. Major Themes in ME--for a Thesis
  178. Did Saruan's spirt still excist after Mordor was defeated?
  179. How many Glorfindels are there in ME that came from Valinor?
  180. How was Sauron's plan foiled
  181. About orcs.......
  182. What is Merry's history?
  183. Painful beauty
  184. The Lady of Dol Amroth
  185. when was lotr?
  186. The great end?
  187. Arda was never flat
  188. Word Choice in the Lay of Leithian
  189. Could Frodo have stopped Gandalf from turning Sam into anything unnatural?
  190. Old English scholar needed; Eomer and Eowyn's salutes
  191. Destruction of the The Ring...
  192. Ents in the Shire...
  193. Frodo's accpetance of Gollum...
  194. A Truly Proper Opening Text?
  195. where online can we go to get Tolkiens elvish dictionary?
  196. legolas's hair
  197. What would happen to Frodo after he went to the Undying lands?
  198. Foresight? really?
  199. What do the names really mean?
  200. Why didn't Sam have a problem giving The Ring back to Frodo?
  201. Blood of the Westernesse
  202. Two Questions about the Stone Giants.
  203. informations about Ents
  204. Did the Ents help Lothlorien out?
  205. Role specific maia
  206. How much did Gandalf know or guess?
  207. Good thing that Celegorm was there!!
  208. Fellowship going to Valinor
  209. The Ring of Power given to the Dwarves
  210. the Valar vs. Sauron
  211. the scouring of the shire
  212. Herumor
  213. Why didn't Frodo use the eagles to fly over Mt. Doom?
  214. Prosse Edda and Dwarves
  215. Ogres?
  216. Drow?
  217. Would not the Power of the rings be never-ending if...
  218. Tal-Elmar
  219. Westernesse blood
  220. Elven immortality after the demise of ME
  221. The Hobbits
  222. Lighting up...
  223. What did Gandalf tell Thoden?
  224. What is Gandalf Talking about?
  225. Balrog and servants of Sauron
  226. sauron and saurman
  227. The Doom of Mandos
  228. Half-man half-orc men
  229. Tom Bombadil
  230. Palantir
  231. Tied to the ring
  232. Feanor was right.
  233. Mouth of Sauron Story
  234. OK i search and didnt find anything about THe Hunter Soo WHo was he?
  235. Gandalf's beams of light
  236. smaug
  237. Celebrian
  238. Beorn
  239. Gandalf, the servant of Secret fire?
  240. Galadriel's Tempting
  241. Trolls and ents relations
  242. Did Tolkien find the idea of war honourable?
  243. gandalf and witch-king
  244. Tolkien and Tiny But Mature Children
  245. My friend said the Hunter wasnt melkor read on
  246. chilling during the war?
  247. morgoths return?
  248. Both no and yes
  249. Forsight of the Ainur
  250. Copncerning the Ent Moot.....