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  1. Looking For Quotes About Morgoth
  2. Obscure Tolkien Characters
  3. For all who study tolkien's languages!
  4. The Hobbit Play - Authorized by Tolkien
  5. Curse of Túrin
  6. A Tolkien lecture from Carnegie Mellon
  7. The dissolving Morgul blade
  8. Were Dragons inherently "evil"?
  9. How do you perceive Tom Bombadil?
  10. Otherworldly light in Lothlorien
  11. Fatty Bolger
  12. Was Glorfindel's horse one of the Mearas?
  13. Exciting Tolkien find - map lovers alert..
  14. Tom Bombadil – An Intriguing Answer !
  15. Who are the 'wild men'?
  16. Two Tolkien related books on Project Gutenberg website
  17. The doom of the Ring
  18. "Tolkien's Modern Middle Ages"
  19. Beorn(Arda Annual)
  20. The Interactions of the Ring-Bearers
  21. The Timeline of LotR and the Church Calendar
  22. The foundation and transformation of Sméagol's character and the role of the Ring
  23. The Half-Elven Foundation-VII
  24. For Jim Allan
  25. There and Back Again
  26. The strange paths of Elvish dreams
  27. Demonyms
  28. Using Tolkien to Score Some Points
  29. The Fellowship - doomed to fail
  30. The forest of Helm's Deep
  31. Chicken and egg, Ent and tree...
  32. Two poems by Tolkien found in 1936 school magazine
  33. Tolkien's Numerical Fixation
  34. Concerning Mewlips
  35. Where do elves get metal?
  36. Prince Imrahil and his mortality
  37. What Powered The Three?
  38. Faramir's descendants
  39. 'Return of the Ring' proceedings now available
  40. Eldarin kingship and succession
  41. Authorial Control and World Building
  42. Favourite minor character?
  43. The Metaphysics and Ontology of Ëa, Arda, and Middle-earth
  44. Balrog and The One Ring
  45. Treebeard and the One Ring
  46. The Morgoth-element.
  47. The "Well what next?" fox and The One Ring
  48. Tolkien's political views
  49. Aragorn's assertiveness
  50. The New Shadow - Your thoughts?
  51. The Worlds of Miyazaki Hayao and JRR Tolkien
  52. Languages Smaug spoke?
  53. Sauron the Gene-maker
  54. Third Dark Lord, or Melkor's Return?
  55. Smaug Is Not a Bookworm
  56. Facsimile of first edition of 'The Hobbit'
  57. Goldberry: A new reading on the origin of her name
  58. Beren and Lùthien to be published as stand alone volume
  59. Gandalf....fortune teller??
  60. Christopher Tolkien awarded the Bodley Medal
  61. Utopian Intersections in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien
  62. Transmission theory: what the heck was Tolkien thinking?
  63. michio kaku and the ainulindale: discuss (or Eru rejoices in mankind Seeing
  64. Goldberry, Arthur Rackham & Undine
  65. An interesting snippet
  66. Goldberry: A plausible reason behind her many faces?
  67. So he is responsible.......
  68. Sauron's Great Miscalculation
  69. Elementals
  70. Tom Bombadil & Color Symbolism – A New Approach
  71. Interesting article about Variags
  72. Who on middle-earth is Lotho?
  73. Saruman's Pits
  74. Thrain in Dol Guldur
  75. How did Gollum get out of Moria?
  76. Why didn't Morgulduin pollute the lower Anduin?
  77. Why did Aragorn not tell the Fellowship Gollum was following them?
  78. Tom Bombadil & Jack of Beanstalk Fame
  79. Strider Said This Strider Did That
  80. The Hobbit Trolls - A Clever Parody?
  81. Orc intergration after the War?
  82. Bombadil’s Green Girdle
  83. Bombadil & little old men in fairy tales
  84. The Green Light in the Barrow and the god Lugh
  85. Mortal stowaway on elven ships
  86. Childe Rowland elements in the Barrow-downs tale
  87. The full extent of the Reunited Kingdom
  88. Evil men in Mandos
  89. Banditry in middle earth and the third age
  90. If Sauron prevailed...
  91. The Void
  92. The Archangel Michael in Middle-earth
  93. New Lands Settled?
  94. Parma Eldalamberon - Where is it?
  95. Celtic Roots and Infrastucture in Book I
  96. Tension between Rohan and Gondor in the fourth age
  97. Frodo in the Tower of Cirith Ungol
  98. Thirty silver pennies in a fundamentally religious and Catholic work
  99. Valarin Names
  100. Mercenaries in the third age(and middle earth more generally)
  101. What type of forces did Sauron had in the second age?
  102. Morgot's servants more terrifying than Sauron's?
  103. Questions about the host of Valinor
  104. A Deeper Embedment of Biblical Material in the Bombadil Chapters
  105. Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age
  106. The Role of Stealth in the Lord of the Rings
  107. Gandalf's First Dol Guldur Visit + Sauron in the East
  108. The Root of the Boot - A Philological Parody?
  109. Was Gil-galad born in Middle-earth or Eldamar?
  110. Does the Silmarillion Contradict Third age History? How Powerful Were Those First age
  111. The True Origin of the Name 'Bilbo' and the source of The Hobbit ?
  112. Early Hints at Bombadil?
  113. Tom Bombadil and Luthien Tinuviel
  114. Searching for a lore Accurate Size of Mumakil
  115. "The Fall of Gondolin" Due Out August 30th, 2018
  116. Size of third age Armies
  117. Gondorian or Numenorian settlements/ports at Tolfalas
  118. Dunedain colonization of the new lands
  119. The Origin of a Pygmy Hobbit
  120. Could Durins Bane have become more powerful over time
  121. The Army of the Dead- Movie vs Books
  122. More of Hobbits in the History of Middle Earth?
  123. The Shape of Bombadil's House
  124. Goldberry and an Estonian Fairytale
  125. Nonsense Rhyme
  126. History of Middle Earth What is Needed?
  127. Numbering the Maiar of Middle-Earth by the Ages
  128. Siege Towers, Ladders, Catapults etc
  129. Questions About Arda Reconstructed
  130. Tolkien & English Renaissance Drama
  131. Tolkien's World - The Theater Analogy
  132. Did the Eldar eat Dwarves?
  133. On Elvish Weddings
  134. Bombadil & Goldberry - A Case of Applicability
  135. Tharbad
  136. Sauron vs Morgoth who did More to Counter the Free Peoples?
  137. What is the Chance of the Valar Fighting for the Free People During the Third age?
  138. Pro Morgoth version of the Dagor Dagorath
  139. The Power of Galadriel in the Third age- That of a Maiar?
  140. Transmission theory - what if it's ALL true?
  141. Narmer the Numenorean
  142. Was Gandalf a Valar?
  143. Did Farmer Maggot get home OK?
  144. How Powerful was Gandalf the Grey?
  145. What do we Know About Radagast?
  146. Contradictions between the hobbit and LOTR?
  147. Aule's Grief
  148. What If: The Noldor never leave
  149. The First Lord of the Rings Map - new discoveries in the East
  150. Please Help me Understand Gondor Stewardship and Kingship
  151. The conspiracy just doesn't work!
  152. Oropher - brother of Celeborn?
  153. What was the dominant writing system in Middle-earth?
  154. A moving moment, in hindsight.
  155. Fall of Gondolin
  156. Why Imrazor the Numenorean?
  157. The economy of Arnor (as seen in The Hobbit)
  158. Character redemption
  159. Stone-giants – Finally a Credible Source
  160. The Lament for Boromir
  161. Jail-Crow of Mandos
  162. Amon Sul: A Tolkien Podcast
  163. Rainbows in Valinor
  164. You think you've read drivel? You haven't read drivel until you've read this
  165. Announcement
  166. The Clerk’s Forgotten Tale: Tolkien’s Lost Chaucer
  167. Songs for the Philologists
  168. Death of Christopher Tolkien
  169. Relics in Middel-Earth
  170. Your Pledge Papwerwork
  171. The Common Tongue and Latin
  172. Why not use Sting's light?
  173. Did Tolkien Ever Draw an Ent or Huron?
  174. A military historian on the Siege of Gondor
  175. Beorn
  176. Sam as Frodo's Garner
  177. Invitation to an Unexpected Party
  178. Recommendations for a reading copy?
  179. Whence dwimmerlaik?
  180. The Fate of.....
  181. The brave people of Ithilien
  182. Beorn and Aragorn meeting
  183. More on round-world vs flat-world
  184. New Tolkien book coming!
  185. The riddle of the hidden images in the West Gate.
  186. Was Numenor different than Middle-Earth?
  187. Question about Sauron's army during the War of the Elves
  188. Details in HOME about inventing Arwen?
  189. Combined armies of the west vs Mordor
  190. Utumno, the strongest fortress every built?
  191. Tolkien's System and Secret Grammar. Prediction #1.
  192. Ost-In-Edhil and the lands of Eregion
  193. Last Prince(ss) of Cardolan
  194. Oversight, or changing conceptions?
  195. Were the Edain stronger than Gondorian men in the T.A?
  196. The Balrog as the Loathly Lady from medieval literature.
  197. The Ordinary People of Bree-land
  198. Morgoth once had a army of corrupted maiar?
  199. Father-names among the Noldor
  200. Re-imagining the Ringwraiths
  201. The palantiri= one of the main reason for Gondor's success against Mordor?
  202. Reality Theory
  203. Could Sauron have resisted against Ar-Pharazon?
  204. Why didn't Sauron unleash the Nine on the Last Alliance?
  205. If the dunedain found Meneltarma
  206. The Pits of Utumno
  207. Could the Edain have a Gondor kingdom during the First Age?
  208. New evidence found for the riddle of the West Gate.
  209. A proto-Angmar in the Second Age
  210. Who is Your Favorite Hobbit?
  211. 3 Falls of 3,7,9 and Christ on the Via Dolorosa.
  212. Why was Sauron so powerful during his war against the Celebrimbor and the elves?
  213. Etymology: Isengard and Helms Deep
  214. “There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”
  215. Broseliand (Beleriand) in the Primary World
  216. Invading Valinor impossible?
  217. Question about the Grey Company
  218. Project Northmoor
  219. Merry Rivendell Departure!
  220. Battle of Five Armies
  221. Fourth, Fifth, Sixth (and Seventh?) Ages
  222. Tolkien Quote “Touching your cap to the squire may be damn bad for the squire but it’
  223. Where did beorn and Radagast meet?
  224. Who cleared the Redhorn Pass?
  225. Unlucky Thirteen
  226. Spiders in Mirkwood
  227. Ford of Bruinen = Red Sea/Book of Exodus
  228. The Elvish languages of the First Age
  229. The Dead and The Undead
  230. So what do you all think of the new book on Tolkien?
  231. Professor Verlyn Flieger presents "Waiting for Earendel" for The Tolkien Society
  232. When did Gandalf Choose Bilbo?
  233. Protecting One's Self
  234. "Canonicity II": Has Yours Changed?
  235. Upcoming New CbC Discussions of Tolkien's Minor Works
  236. Invitation to a Birthday Party
  237. Characters paying attention
  238. New Tolkien coming!
  239. Are there any pre-1977 readers here?
  240. Tolkien the Postmodernist
  241. Keys of Middle-earth
  242. Galadriel: with what was each member tempted?
  243. What was Tolkien's view of the Eastern Orthodoxy and Cathodoxy in general?
  244. Wrongly remembered. The blurry lines between film and book headcanon.
  245. Tolkien's final First Age timeline
  246. My Manuscript was Accepted by a Book Publisher
  247. 'Time and Ageing' Sequence of Composition
  248. Tolkien and Isolationism
  249. Orcs and Elves (and Men and Animals)
  250. Letter # 214